Who’s The Daddy?



I remember when I first met you. It was on a dance-floor and of course I caught your eye, I wanted you to catch my eye. I always draw those needed admiring glances when I move through a crowd but whilst those were required and welcome, I was focussed on ensuring you noticed me. I knew that you would. It was just a question of time. It always is. I was stood near one of the bars.I always chose this bar as it was elevated allowing everyone to see me and allowing me to see everyone and it was from this vantage point that I observed you. I saw you enter the room, your tight as tight could be dress already turning heads and you smiled, winked and blew kisses as you walked down the steps onto the dance floor as if everybody in the club was there for you. You were confident alright but you were over confident and I could see straight through that. I kept watching you as you flirted with the men nearby, irrespective of whether they were with another lady and you seemed oblivious to the hateful stares you received from the handful of girlfriends or wives whose other halfs you flirted with. I was interested in you already. If I had a Spidey sense it would have been tingling.

Your lithe frame entered the dancefloor and you felt that the coloured lights and throaty bass were all there for you as you began to dance. You caught the eye of several men and one by one they tried to dance with you .I could see you smiling to yourself as you turned your back on those you deemed beneath you. Each of them was well-dressed and good-looking but you rejected them. You milled around the dance floor until you neared your target, a handsome chap but he was older than those you had rejected and he was your choice. You pulled the chosen one towards you and you began your dance with him. I could see the way that you were grinding against this man on the dance floor was provocative and suggestive. You maintained eye contact with him, as if letting him out of your sight would cause him to disappear. Your eyes burned with wanton desire and your undulating and writhing was most definitely sexual in nature. The sexual aggression flowed from you and this caught my interest. You appeared as a bright dot on my radar and I knew that I needed to learn more.

It was not long before this dance partner was cast aside and replaced by a tastier and more attractive prospect. Me. You draped your arms about my neck as we danced, ground your crotch into my thigh, turned and pushed your pert posterior into my crotch and it was clear you wanted to seduce me. I played along, reciprocating the movements, letting my hands glide across your body as I eventually steered you across to the bar area and sat beside you on a couch as I ordered us both a drink. This was the first time that I had seen you be still and it allowed me to appraise properly your appearance. Your hair, a dirty blonde colour was not cut but rather chopped short, sticking out in a variety of angles which gave the appearance of not caring but most likely had been carefully pulled and twisted into place before a generous layer of hair spray was applied. I reasoned that you wore your hair short because as a child you were denied the right to have it cut short. You always had to have it long and golden, like the hair of a princess. I bet your father would read you stories about Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Rapunzel as he stroked your hair, telling you how beautiful it was because it was long. I imagined that you wanted to cut it as you got older, the length being difficult to maintain but moreover too symbolic of the safe, suburban and middle-class upbringing you had received when you wanted to rebel. I bet you fought to have that hair cut even just by a few inches but you were forbidden from doing so and now this punkish, chopped and almost butchered hair style was the two-fingered salute you had given to your past. It screamed its story to me since I recognised it from a mile.

Your lipstick was bright red, your eyes framed by black mascara, eye liner and a battleship grey eye shadow. You were thin. Stick-like and I recognised such a frame. You stared at me as you sucked on the straw sliding it in and out of those pursed lips as you tried, without subtlety, to suggest what I might have coming my way. You were much younger than me. I would imagine at least fifteen years between us. Nowhere near illegality of course, that is not my penchant at all, but a sufficient age gap that was noticeable and of course something they would comment on, hewould comment on, if they ever met me. If.

I saw the tattoos on your arms, great sleeves of floral designs and also similar on your thigh as your already short dress rode up as you sat on the sofa. I could see the design was intricate and extensive across your left thigh but it did not mask the line of scars completely. That neat and ordered row of incisions that had been made in your thigh, like notches on a bedpost. They brought you relief, temporary and momentary, but they also shamed you and thus you sought the ink in an attempt to mask those wounds in the same way that I knew this overt  confidence, flirtation and sexual aggression was just a mask as well. That light on my radar shone brighter and I could almost smell the fuel that I knew would flow from you freely and readily, just like the blood had flowed down your thigh. I held your gaze, those flinty eyes trying to burn into my mind but getting nowhere, a slight flicker of confusion and then they shifted into conveying that desire you oozed. You had no idea whose web you had flown into but I knew exactly what you were.

“What time is your daddy picking you up?” I asked my question near shouted to be heard over the music playing.

You coughed, the straw shooting from your mouth as you jerked your glass away.

“What? My dad? He’s not picking me up,” you protested. Your expression was not one of mild amusement but rather disdain and irritation. Just as I thought it would be.

“Of course not. Why would he do that when you are coming home with me?” I added with a wide smile. Your eyes widened and you copied my smile.

“I do love daddy issues,” I said quietly.

“What?” you asked unable to hear.

“I said, I nearly missed you,” I replied in a louder tone, “I was about to go home.”

“Well, it is a good job you didn’t,” you answered as you moved closer to me, pressing that fragile and broken frame against me, seeking the warmth, shield and protection that I offered you. You had found your new daddy. I had found a potent new victim.

53 thoughts on “Who’s The Daddy?

  1. Bubbles🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Growing up …. I was always attracted to the “older” man
    You’re right ….. AGAIN
    Luv Bubbles xx

  2. Dmd says:

    I had to think on this for a bit. I think I get it. So being with a younger girl….. or let’s say young girl being with an older man, would be more fuel for your kind. The disgust and stares from others and so on. So your kind would realize it isn’t admiration such as “wow, that guy has it, he landed some young girl” and your kind realizes it’s more like “that man looks like a fool” but it’s fuel just the same, do I have that right?

    In my mind, it seems any greater of your kind, using someone much younger as a target or as a primary source would be lazy. Correct me if I’m wrong, my thinking isn’t able to switch to that of your kind. Let’s say there’s a greater narcissist whose well established in career/life. Late 40’s. Has a young 20’s primary source. Where’s the challenge in such a thing? Would be easy with someone barely past the threshold of teenage years…… seems to me that would be a lazy move. Perhaps that’s the point?

    1. tigerchelle78 says:


      Not necessarily a woman in her 20’s, but maybe somebody who looks younger than her age? Maybe she sounds younger too?
      I get told I look in range of 28-32, yet I’m 41 and many do not believe me when I tell them. It is annoying! I’ve always looked younger, and still won’t often get served at a bar, or I’ll get stopped by men on the door. Like seriously? You want to see my ID?!

      So a Greater might well pick someone who looks younger but can still engage and stimulate his brain and talk on a variety of subjects. Both of best worlds!

      I swear I’ll wake up one of these days and look like a prune, where age will hit me all at once!

      1. Dmd says:

        No I mean for real, she’s 22. He’s 48. I also look younger than I am, or so I’m told often. With this though, I mean legitimately, by birth year, she’s 22. And seems to me, in my train of thought, that wouldn’t be much of a challenge to a wealthy greater in his late 40’s but what do I know? So I ask, perhaps it’s lazy on the part of the greater.

        1. tigerchelle78 says:

          Oh I do not know. I often get things wrong in here. Maybe I picked the story up wrong too. Only one who knows is HG.
          I do not know if its a made up story, or one that’s actually true.

      2. Dmd says:

        Oh I wasn’t speaking about hg. I was speaking about my own situation lol.

        1. tigerchelle78 says:

          Oh I see. Sorry! Dmd are you male? You never can tell by the names….

      3. Dmd says:

        No. I’m not male. Yes, impossible to know

    2. evoking dahlias says:

      We got a lot of strange states everywhere we went. I was 23/24, he was 54/55 until about 30/61. Im still in contact with him from time to time, after discard but it’s always devaluation now. We have lunch every few months and he never asks any questions how I’m doing.

      1. evoking dahlias says:

        Autocorrect: stares, not states.

      2. mommypino says:

        LOL I was just wondering why the states were strange everywhere you went! But I figured it out after reading the whole thing.

        We get strange stares too. But my favorite part was when I helped my husband buy a necklace for his daughter and the saleslady asked who it is for and he said for his daughter. She was so touched and she faced me and told me how lucky I am to have such a sweet dad and that it would look so beautiful on me. When we told her that I am his girlfriend (at that time) she was apologizing profusely, she felt really bad. We were laughing and my husband said, “Don’t worry we will still buy it.”

        Also when we eat out and the waiter asks if my husband wants the senior meal and asks me if I want the kiddie meal.

        Also when we were horseback riding with my stepdaughters and the younger one was onlg 16 at that time and the guy told us let’s do the youngest daugter first and points to me. The face of my yougest daughter would have been delicious fuel if I was a narc.

  3. Chihuahuamum says:

    Ive mostly been drawn to older men altho i attract younger men probably bc i look much younger than my age. I never attributed my attraction to older men with daddy issues bc my dad has always been there in my life altho were not close. The girl in this story most definitely is a borderline its obvious. The biggest red flag is the fact she cuts herself, her impulsive behaviour and her appearance such as many tattoos. Also shes ver promiscuous. Thats not to say all borderlines have these traits or to the same degree.
    The narcissist here i think is a greater bc he knows exactly what hes doing.

    1. MB says:

      It IS a greater in the story. It’s HG!

      1. Chihuahuamum says:

        This is a personal story of HG,s?

        1. MB says:

          That’s my understanding Chihuahuamum. She is the subject of eventual ‘Spanked’ article.

        2. Twilight says:


          I believe that young lady became his IPPS.

          1. foolme1time says:

            Well HG, did she become your IPPS?

          2. K says:

            Hello foolme1time
            Yes, she did.

          3. foolme1time says:

            Hi K
            I knew that. Just wanted to torment HG. 🤪

          4. K says:

            Ha ha ha…you naughty empath!

          5. foolme1time says:

            Sometimes I like when Daddy scolds me!! 😂🌺

    2. tigerchelle78 says:


      I agree. A borderline. But I don’t know about the type of narc. And I doubt it was or would be HG.
      But then, maybe it was when he was younger and inexperienced.
      We all know what his favourite fuel source is, and its definitely not a borderline.

      I’ve always been attracted to older men too. I’ve dated guys 10 years older than me before. I never equated it to daddy issues, but then I definitely have them that’s for sure!

      1. K says:

        You may find these comments helpful.

        AUGUST 26, 2017 AT 11:49
        HG I’m presuming she never became one of your formal girlfriends?

        HG Tudor
        AUGUST 26, 2017 AT 17:51
        ON this occasion yes. Daddy Issues falls under Special Traits.


        SEPTEMBER 28, 2018 AT 00:44
        Mr. Tudor,
        I’m very curious— is there a specific cadre and/or school of empath you typically prefer as your IPPS?

        Please, do tell 🙂

        HG Tudor
        OCTOBER 1, 2018 AT 19:21
        Magnet cadre. As for school, super empaths with the odd co-dependent thrown in.


        1. tigerchelle78 says:

          Thank you K can I can you index K? You are so brilliant at what you do.
          I forgot daddy issues falls under special traits.
          Yes I saw the one when he likes the magnet cadre, super empaths and codependents.

          1. K says:

            You are welcome tigerchelle78 and thank you for your kind words. Ha ha ha…I don’t mind it you call me index K.
            I wasn’t sure if you had seen that recent comment so I included it in case.

  4. Blank says:

    This somehow makes me think of Pitbull’s video Fireball 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMqgVXSvwGo (and the lady walking in on 2.30)

  5. DoForLuv says:

    Ugh my upper midrange ex always wanted me to call him daddy 🙄 I can’t relate to this story . But I’ve seen this happen often. Very Nice read

  6. Kathy Mor says:

    One of my favorites!

  7. evoking dahlias says:

    For a very long time I’ve had daddy issues, well into my thirties. My father spent abroad most of my childhood, so this is why I ended up being with a much older man, 31 years older than me. I needed to resolve the daddy issue, I guess. In my twenties and earlier I wasn’t interested in guys my age at all.
    Only in late thirties I found a guy my age, again to resolve the missed young first love issue, that was supposed to happen when I was resolving my daddy issue. It was like a puppy love, I got exactly what I needed.
    Only now at 40 I’m ready for a first adult relationship.
    Both men were narcissists.

    1. MommyPino says:

      Oh my gosh! That’s what happened to me! Except that my husband who is 28 yrs older than me is not a narc. He has a big ego and has a sarcastic humor which I love. I also love that he is masculine like how men used to be and not metrosexual like most guys my age. I almost had an affair with a somatic handyman narc who tried to seduce me. The hot and cold treatment gave me a challenge and I was intensely attracted to him. The only thing that saved me was the thought of not wanting to hurt my husband. But I thought that the narcissist guy might be my soul mate that I missed out on because I married my husband when I might just be having daddy issues and not real love. But after being hooked on this blog I now know that the narc is not my soulmate and it made me appreciate my husband even more. Daddy issues or not, I absolutely love him and I am so thankful that I found him before the narc. I’m 37 yrs old so I’m close to your age. The narcissist handyman is five years younger than me. I stalked his FB for the first two months I was having really bad withdrawal because I was wondering maybe I should have at least let him know that I have feelings for him too. But now I’m glad that I didn’t.

      1. evoking dahlias says:

        Oh, I think you should have.. I’m glad I did.
        I’m not sure how to classify them though. I think the first one was a greater, and the second a lesser or maybe even lower midrange.
        When I told him not long ago that he’s a narcissist, his response was: Duh… Maybe with the general awareness spreading quickly with the works of HG Tudor, a portion of narcissists see themselves in the description too.

    2. MommyPino says:

      I think so too! But I don’t have feelinngs for him anymore. It was just the chemicals in my brain. I already reached my quota of narcs in my life: being raised by a victim matrinarc, my half sister from my father was an elite narc, and my meanspirited adult step daughters with a lot of narcissistic traits. So I think that’s more than enough narc encounters haha! Also my husband is a really good man who loves me and we have two young kids together; I wouldn’t throw that away for a narcissist’s fake love.

  8. Kelly says:

    HG, please write fiction novels, you are so good.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you, I would enjoy doing that, if I had more time to do so.

      1. foolme1time says:

        HG perhaps it’s time you find away to do so!! You are an amazing writer!

      2. Nina says:

        Yes please do!!

      3. Twilight says:

        Hi FM1T

        I agree!

        How are you doing?

        1. foolme1time says:

          Hi Twilight I’m doing fine, thank you for asking. How about you?🌻

          1. Twilight says:

            Hi FM1T

            I like your new picture!! Glad to hear you are fine.
            I am doing great, thank you.

          2. foolme1time says:

            Happy you are doing so well! The place in my picture is one of my favorite places in the world! I try to visit it as often as I can. 😊💐

          3. Twilight says:

            It looks like a place I know of and want to visit.
            Horses are magnificent creatures.

            I remember you telling me that with that last picture you used. It looks calm and peaceful.

            I am glad to have met you, You brighten this place with your presence.

          4. foolme1time says:

            Thank you for your kind words! This place saved my life and I will always be here to help others! For the second part as to the place of my pictures! It is as wonderful as it looks! I actually was thinking of using one of HGS line when you mentioned it. Indeed. 😂

          5. Twilight says:


            I understand.
            I hope you have a wonderful sunshiny day!!

          6. foolme1time says:


            It is actually two places. Assateague Island on the Maryland side. Chincoteague Island on the Virginia side. They are beautiful wild ponies. 😘

          7. Twilight says:


            That explains why it looks like a place I know of.

            Assateague and Chincoteague Islands have been a place I know of and have wanted to visit sense I was 9. I was supposed to have gone this summer, I had something happen and I couldn’t make it. 🙁

          8. foolme1time says:

            I’ve been going to both places since I was a baby. They both are beautiful but Assateague will always have a special place in my heart! Both places are saved as national parks so hopefully they will be around for many years! I have been there every season of the year. Each season has something wonderful to offer! I hope you get to visit one of them in the near future Twilight. Have a wonderful weekend! 😘 🐴

    2. Chihuahuamum says:

      Hi kelly….i agree aside from narcissism i find HG’s writing entertaining and very creative! I hope he shows more of that side. Id definitely be interested!

      1. Kelly says:

        Hi Chihuahuamum,
        (I used to have a little chihuahua pal too!)
        Maybe when HG retires he’ll write novels. I wonder if his not wanting to be exposed and remaining anonymous is a worry -No doubt he’d be as successful as Stephen King!

      2. Chihuahuamum says:

        Hi kelly…chihuahuas are the breed for me. I love my little chi!
        HG’s writing reminds me of alfred hitchcock and edgar allen poes works but by all means step aside strphen king lol

      3. Kelly says:

        Lol. I wouldn’t want HG to think I’m lopping him into a dark genre. Stephen King is actually a very good writer- I’ll be in the middle of his books and just wonder ‘What in the world is this weird stuff I’m reading about here!’, but his writing style is so good I just can’t stop reading it. There are so few really good writers, that’s why I wish HG had time for novels.

      4. Kelly says:

        Ok, I’ve just been reading The Spheres of Influence and it’s just like reading a Stephen King novel!

        The malevolent creature spots us, or hears us, or something triggers a memory of us, or when our minds are consumed with this addictive monster and we can’t stop ourselves from reaching out to him, a text, we alert him, awaken him – we weren’t on his mind at all – and now he’s seeking us, targeting us for our fuel, our essence, our souls. Weirdest thing is that this is real life, not fiction.

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