Further Confessions SolidFurther confessions from the dark-hearted narcissist.

Learn more about the world of HG Tudor and his background.

Why does he exhibit his attitude to money? What is his response to the question of your needs? Did he ever actually love you? What was that which he showed you during your dance with him? How does he know so quickly who will provide him with the most potent fuel? These questions and many others are answered in this unforgettable foray into the mind and behaviours of a narcissist.


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  1. W says:

    Our Town just had a weeklong power outage, and I bought Kindle unlimited and I am now working my way through the books of yours that I haven’t read yet .

    1. NarcAngel says:

      Well there’s an upside to a power outage.

  2. Amanda Snapchat 2 says:

    which of your books do you recommend to give people who are totally new to narcs and have not heard about them? i am planning my 2019 gifts 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      All of them of course. Otherwise, Evil, Red Flag, Black Flag, Fuel, Fury and Manipulated.

      1. Amanda Snapchat 2 says:

        Thank you. Big Shopping for friends in 2019 \o/

      2. W says:

        Fuel was very helpful. It made sense, the way my narc acted , made it all “click”

    2. W says:

      We had the power outage too . I was out for a week! I actually found his REVENGE on the Narc book really helpful , nvmd getting revenge but it details the pillars of narcissism really well (Entitlement, Superiority etc) and it really helped me to grasp their worldview, as well as figure out what type of narc I was dealing with in different instances. Plus it’s funny, the revenge tactics. I sent a few Grenades out to my ex narc, months later, and I’m getting a chuckle knowing the effect they’ll have .

  3. Aunt Clara says:

    My mother has been my empathic guide and blueprint when I need to invoke empathic traits I may be missing. At times I try to remember what she does so I can mimic her for me to manage certain life situations. Sometimes it is such an unnatural thing to do. I often wonder if others manage through life in the same manner.

    1. kel says:

      That is so interesting Aunt Clara, I would love to hear more. Incidentally, did you take your name from the beloved Aunt Clara on Bewitched?

      1. Aunt Clara says:

        Happy New Year, Kel! Yes, the Aunt Clara who mutters words and mixes her potions. That is her. Isn’t she sweet!

        Here is more about my mother. Occasionally she and I have an alternate view on matters, she is rational, we both are, but her reasoning differs from mine at times
        She trusts people and is open, no shield
        She is calm, will let you speak even if you repeat your story 100 times, great listener
        She displays her emotions freely, empathizes with people easily
        Thinks of others, their needs and wants
        Is thoughtful and plans/calculates ahead
        She lets others see her humanity, is very philanthropic
        Others do not drain her of her energy or power
        She freely shows love and will not take advantage of weaknesses
        Can cooperates and compete without excluding one for the other
        She will diplomatically argue her point of view, is creative, thinks outside the box
        Knows boundaries and will leave people with their dignity even when they don’t deserve it
        Will not take revenge, she believes God will on her behalf
        Receives the VIP treatment, people want her in their circles but are jealous of her accomplishments in the same breath
        Her body language, words, actions are full of empathy
        She has a very well developed 6th sense and would have made an excellent investigator
        Does not smear people, keeps confidentiality
        Is very polite and has great etiquette in all manners of society

        She has some narcissistic traits which are interesting and I like.

      2. kel says:

        You are fascinating Aunt Clara!! Happy New Year!

        I wonder if your mother has any idea how well you know her. They’re all positive observations too, which is rare from any of us to say about our own mothers. I do admire my mother, but unfortunately from afar.

        How does your mother deal with people who want her in their circles but are jealous of her at the same time? It’s amazing that you noticed that, or does she discuss it with you?

        Please tell me more as I would love to hear about her narcissistic traits too.

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