The Dirty Empath – Marriage Breaker


The Empath. Regarded as a paragon of virtue with those traits of honesty, decency, compassion, love devotee, moral compass and so on. All of which make the empath and their fuel output tempting prey for us. Yet within these virtuous empathic traits sit other traits, narcissistic traits.

There are four schools of empath (Standard, Super, Co-Dependent and Contagion) . Layered on to these schools are the empathic cadres (such as Magnet, Carrier and Geyser).

Each empath within the relevant school has both empathic and narcissistic traits. Some will have a small number of strong empathic traits with few narcissistic traits which are low in strength. Some will have many empathic traits which are moderate in strength and have few or numerous narcissistic traits which are all very low in strength. Some will have many empathic traits which are strong and numerous narcissistic traits which are moderate or even quite strong. The key consideration is that, in effect, the empathic traits keep the narcissistic ones ‘in check’ and thus the empathic individuals behaves in a way which is empathic with other people.

There are however two main instances when the narcissistic traits come to the fore. The first is through The Empathic Supernova which is when the empathic traits become ‘dialled down’ or eroded for a temporary time and thus the narcissistic traits come to the fore. The second instance is a permanent state of affairs and this is the cadre of the Dirty Empath. The individual is empathic, of that there is no doubt, they have those empathic traits, they also have narcissistic traits too, however one of those narcissistic traits remains strong and prominent throughout and sits alongside the fewer, weaker narcissistic traits and the various empathic traits of varying strength. This does not mean this person is a narcissist, not at all. It does not mean that this person is not an empath. What it means is that they are an empath but there is one (sometimes there might be more) narcissistic trait which ‘dirties’ their empathic status. Think of the empath coloured white with a black streak running through them. The DE is the class of empath and there are various Dirty Empath streaks.

One of the dirty streaks which runs through the Dirty Empath is that of Marriage Breaker (or Intimate Relationship Breaker). This streak is based on the narcissistic trait of selfishness.

This situation arises where the DE becomes involved with somebody who is already in another relationship. The DE is single. The other person is not. There are those empaths who would never have a relationship with someone who is already committed to another. The level of refusal varies from those who might engage with someone who is dating other people but would not if they are in a steady relationship and not at all with someone who is living with another person and is/or married, through to those who refuse to countenance any romantic interaction with someone who is engaging with other people, at any level.

The Dirty Empath will not actively seek out a romantic relationship with someone who is already married. If the DE knows somebody is in a relationship, they will not pursue that person as that offends the empathic traits of the empath. The narcissistic trait of selfishness is not so strong as to override the empathic traits and cause the DE to want to pursue and engage in a relationship with someone who is already taken, committed to somebody else and so forth. Such an act is the preserve of someone who is a normal (even then it remains unlikely) and is more likely the response of someone who is narcissistic (not an empath and not empathic) or a narcissist.

Accordingly, a Dirty Empath will not target, pursue and engage with a person who is already in a romantic relationship.

That point made, what are the circumstances which give rise to the Dirty Empath Marriage Breaker? There are three.

The common thread where the Dirty Empath Marriage Breaker (“DEMB”) arises is where the DEMB is targeted by the other person. The person will be highly narcissistic or more usually, this person will be one of our kind.

Addressing the three circumstances :-

The Ivory Response

The DEMB is seduced by the Other Person (“OP”). They do not do the seducing. The OP does not tell the DEMB that they are in a relationship and if the OP is (and most likely will be) a narcissist, the DEMB will be the Candidate IPSS or Shelf IPSS. The DEMB may well be strung along in this fashion, oblivious to the fact that the OP is in a relationship, for some time. They may have suspicions but as ever, the OP will use plausible deniability to assuage those concerns. In the usual style of the seduction of the golden period, the DEMB will be taken in and engage romantically with the OP.

You may be thinking that since the DEMB does not know the OP is in a relationship, was not the pursuer and has been seduced, is it not somewhat harsh to describe them as a DEMB? Possibly, but the fact remains that they are romantically entangled with another person who is in a relationship and thus that comes within the umbrella of DEMB.

However, there comes a point where the DEMB finds out that the OP is already in a relationship. This may happen whilst the seduction is ongoing, it may (more likely) occur when there is devaluation or during a period of being placed on the shelf. The DEMB having learned of this will not immediately walk away from the OP. They will, in accordance with their status as a truth seeker want to gain answers from the OP. The relationship will continue. The DEMB will also make it his or her mission to tell the spouse or partner of the OP what has been happening, thus they earn the epitaph of Marriage (Relationship) Breaker or at the very least, disruptor.

The DEMB will fail to get adequate answers from the OP. The DEMB will not however just retreat, upset and distraught at having ‘been played’ and lied to. This is where the DEMB’s selfish trait flares up. Their moral indignation at their situation must be attended to. They will not withdraw and allow the OP and his or her partner to mend matters and patch things up. No, the DEMB will :-

  1. Ensure the OP’s partner knows what has happened in detail and will encourage them to walk away from the OP;
  2. Ensure other people know about the OP’s behaviour;
  3. Ensure the OP is told precisely what a low-life, cheating bastard he or she is.

Once 1,2 and 3 have been achieved, the DEMB then walks away from the carnage caused and endeavours to remain out of the hoovering clutches of the OP, the OP now desperate to find a new IPPS since in all likelihood the actions of the DEMB have caused the narcissist OP to lose his existing IPPS and be looking at a fuel crisis.

Accordingly, the DEMB is not whiter than white because (unwittingly) they engaged in a relationship with an attached OP. They cause carnage through their response to learning of the cheating behaviour of the OP towards themselves and the OP’s IPPS (and possibly other IPSSs). They are not completely blackened however as their response has sought to achieve some good, albeit for selfish reasons. The DEMB walks away from the OP (and tries to stay away) and accordingly the response arrived is off-white, hence ivory.

The Point of No Return

Similar to the above, the DEMB does not know that the OP Narcissist is attached to someone else. The DEMB is pursued, seduced and falls for the OP. At some juncture, the DEMB later learns that the OP is with somebody else. This could be during seduction, when being placed on the shelf or through devaluation.

The response is not one of ivory however.

Instead, the DEMB has reached The Point of No Return. Such is their addiction to the OP Narcissist, such is their desire to keep that person as their own and ‘beat’ the OP’s partner, the DEMB’s narcissistic trait of selfishness rises to the fore, overriding the empathic traits and causing the DEMB to fight for the OP.

He or she will do whatever they can to maximise their chances of being retained by the OP over the OP’s Partner. The combination of the seductive addiction and their own selfish narcissistic trait means that they will :-

  1. Tell the OP’s Partner about their existence;
  2. Focus on winning back/retaining the OP’s interest;
  3. Possibly even smearing the OP’s Partner themselves in order to achieve their aims.

The DEMB’s usual empathic traits are outshone by this single, strong narcissistic trait of selfishness to the extent that they appear to have taken leave of their senses. They want the OP, they see that they should be the one who ‘wins’ the triangulation and they will keep on trying to secure this outcome again and again, even when placed on the shelf or devalued. Of course the OP may well find their relationship with their IPPS in tatters but will not be unduly concerned as the Narcissist OP will feed on the twin stream of fuel and either remain with the original IPPS and dis-engage from the DEMB IPSS or choose the DEMB IPSS instead and continue with the shelf arrangement with them or make them the new IPPS.

The DEMB in these circumstances has reached the Point of No Return, they want the OP and notwithstanding the carnage caused, the roller coaster ride which awaits them, they earn the title of DEMB justifiably.

The White Knight

In this scenario, the OP tells the DEMB that he or she is with someone else. Nevertheless, the narcissist OP will adopt the tactics of

“We are effectively separated.”

“We are only together for the children and lead separate lives otherwise”

“I am being abused.”

“It is a loveless marriage”

“I have tried to make it work but he/she just isn’t interested any more and I have not left because x, y or z”

“My wife doesn’t understand me.”

The DEMB adopts the role of White Knight riding to the rescue to save this poor OP from their misery, their banal existence or the clutches of the tyrant spouse. It is the familiar story of faked misery and abuse manufactured by the narcissist OP, the cultivation of the DEMB in the role of rescuer, the OP as ‘victim’ and the OP’s Partner as the ‘perpetrator’. The DEMB operates through a hybrid of empathic traits (doing the decent thing in rescuing the poor downtrodden narcissist OP, exhibiting compassion for this person etc) and also the narcissistic trait of selfishness because they want to be with this person, they want to ‘save’ them even though they are attached to someone else. Yes, they have been duped by the OP’s manipulative act and illusory behaviours, but nevertheless, the DEMB knows this person is attached and because they do not walk away, but instead engage in the relationship with the narcissist OP, they earn them mantle of DEMB.

Thereafter, this White Knight DEMB may be the Candidate IPSS and becomes crowned as IPPS, only then to suffer the devaluation and then learn the truth about the nature of the OP and what he or she did to the innocent OP’s partner. They may become the Shelf IPSS and find out the truth when they are on the shelf or possibly (though rarely) have been dis-engaged from. Once the White Knight realises they are not the rescuer, their response changes and they may respond with an Ivory Response or continue to fight for the OP, as per the Point of No Return. The fact remains, they knew this person was with someone else but they engaged with the OP and went along with the seduction despite this state of affairs. Yes, they may well have done so for noble empathic reasons but they also did so for a narcissistic selfish trait also.

Thus the Dirty Empath Marriage Breaker arises in three different ways, all of which either dent, damage or destroy an existing relationship between the narcissist (or narcissistic) OP and their existing partner.

34 thoughts on “The Dirty Empath – Marriage Breaker

  1. Sweetest Perfection says:

    I love going back to this thread because I feel less alone. I am relieved to see I’m not the only one in a similar situation. If you noticed, I’ve not revealed specifics about my entanglement. I don’t want to be judged, in the same way I don’t judge anyone’s situations. I am ashamed of what happened and ashamed of having fallen for it. Therefore, I know I’m not a narc. But I wanted it to happen while it was happening and I have been infatuated with this person for a long time, so I cannot say he ensnared me, I contributed to it too. We both cheated, but the difference is the motivation, and also, the practice in doing so. I’ve never cheated in my entire life. I learned quickly he was an expert. Shortly after we initiated our affair, I had to leave the country. I travel internationally very often. Then, I started feeling he acted more distant when we talked. He said it was due to the fact we were separated, but I knew he spent a lot of time online chatting with someone else who was not me. His plan was to resume the relationship once I went back. That never happened, because I found out HG’s books and realized that I was entangled with a narcissist. The escape was gradual because I still had emotional attachments. I started using the same silent treatment on him. When he noticed I was ignoring him, he started a hoover bombarding on Facebook (this was actually quite funny to observe, frankly. Very pathetic). I got tired of watching his pathetic display and deactivated my account, I also blocked his phone and his email. Then the odd phone calls and text messages started. I let them run through because by that time, I was out of the country again so his phone bill was probably super high that month. A couple of months later, I saw him waiting for me outside my workplace, pretending to be walking his dog. I was able to dodge him without being seen. He repeated the same operation the last day of work before my winter break, but by then, I had already learned my lesson so I left 10 min early, when he passed by I was driving by in my car, again, he didn’t see me. I am off the country again so I am safe by the time being. But I am anxious about a professional event we both must attend in the near future and I cannot avoid it this time. I don’t want anything to do with him ever. Ever. HG, I have read “What if He’s There Too,” but the case scenarios don’t apply to my situation. We both will be there with colleagues but no intimate partners. I will be a very easy target, but I don’t want a hoover. I am not looking for one. But I don’t trust my skills to put a poker face because I am a very passionate talker, I know fuel will come out of my ears even if I try to hold it in, AGH, what can I do!?

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      And just after I posted this, an unknown caller missed call. Welcome 2019 stalking!

  2. Sadgirl says:

    My scenario is a little bit didferent so I don’t know if I am dirty empath or a narcissist.

    In my case this was the scenerio:

    I was single, he was married for a year. I knew about it. We started as friends and it was awesome – great chemistry, I adored him, he adored me. With time, the sexual tension got really high but we pretended we didn’t see it. But at the same time we were looking for excuses to meet, to feel that chemistry, it was addictive. And one time there was alcohol. So we ended up kissing and hugging. He told me he loves his wife but their marriage has some troubles right now and he cant help himself, lust for me is too strong to resist. I thought to myself “If he was single I would love him, he is perfect for me. But he is married and I know he wont leave his wife. I even think I wouldnt like him to leave his wife. How could I be with someone who leaves wife for another women? Its diagusting. I want someone who is trusworthy and loyal. And he is not. He is married and he tries to seduce me. But he is so great at the same time. Hey, we only live once, lets pretend this one night he is mine and tommorow we will forget about that”.

    Next day I was devastated by this act, I felt like the worst person in the world. But at the same time I was falling in love with him. I wanted him and hated myself for this at the same time. I felt he is love of my life but it was obviously doomed. The scenario with kissing repeated 2 more times. We never had sex. I thought that “only kissing” makes my blame a little smaller.

    After 3 times I had enough. I knew it was a mistake, we both felt shame and blame and we agreed to never do this again and stay just friends. But my shame was bigger and bigger every day. I also didnt want to be “just friend” because I was in love so it was difficult for me. So I decided to break all contact so I could heal from this toxic bond, and start to respect myself again.

    So I was in love but I knew he won’t leave his wife, I also didn’t want to be his mistress, I did it 3 times for pleasure, I couldn’t resist knowing this relationship has zero chances. I felt and still feel shame (it was a few years ago). Am I dirty empath or a narcissist?

    1. PhoenixRaging says:

      If you truly felt shame for your actions because of a code of conduct or morals, then I doubt you are a narccisist. Those individuals do not feel shame for such acts, as far as I can tell from what I’ve read here. However, he could have totally faked HIS shame and remorse for having sex with you. My narcissist did from the beginning. This was part of his facade to keep me believing he was just a good guy who did a bad thing because he was just soooo drawn to me. Of course he was. I’m an empath. But he misrepresented the true reasons he was drawn to me. It was because of my fuel output capacity, not because I was anything special or because he was in love with me.

      All that being said, you both could just be two normal people who succumbed to sexual desires and made mistakes. But I’m finding here, more often than not, that infidelity on the part of the cheating spouse should at least be a red flag for a potential narccisist, especially for those who do it long term or are repeat offenders. If someone like that had empathy, they would be riddled with guilt for how their spouse could be hurt and I would think it would become unbearable over time, as opposed to feeling guilt for a one-off and correcting your own behavior because of it.

      1. PhoenixRaging says:

        I would like to follow up, that the married spouse who is seduced by a narccisist could be an exception to my comment about the continual infidelity. In this instance, I can see where the cheating spouse would feel shame and remorse for their actions but the established addiction to the narcissist could override those feelings – much like the drug addict who wants to stop hurting his or her family, but can’t stop because of the addiction.

      2. Sadgirl says:

        Thank you for your insight. Well to be honest I don’t feel a narcissist. I am here because of my last boyfriend who was 100% narcissist and who caused me so much trauma that I landed here to heal. It’s been a year and I am still healing. And he has 3rd girlfriend right now since he discarded me.

        A married man from my past could be a narcissist but I doubt. I never felt traumatized by his behaviour towards me (and now after my last boyfriend I really know what narciasiat means). I was traumatized by myself and I never blamed him for it. I think we were just two people who met in wrong time and did something wrong and immature but in the end we both acted in mature way – didn’t start an affair, didn’t break that marriage. And as far as I know he is still with his wife, they got 2 kids and are happy and I trully wish them all the best.

    2. NarcAngel says:

      You were reluctant at first
      You felt guilt about him being married
      You felt devastated by the act
      You hated yourself for doing it
      You broke contact so you could heal from this toxic bond and respect yourself again

      These are not things that concern a narcissist so there’s your answer.
      Keep reading.

      1. Sadgirl says:

        Thank you. I totally agree with you, but since there are mid range narciasists or victim narcissists I thought that maybe I am one of them and I lie to myself about this whole guilt thing just to keep the facade in my own eyes. But I dont fall in love eaisily, after that married man I dated someone new 4 years after so I doubt I am a narc 🙂

    3. amanda SNapchat says:

      u did nothing wrong. I would stp feeling bad. I think only if the wife finds out it would be bad because that would hurt her.
      Focus your mind on new people and forget that situation.
      Has the narc hoovered you? How did u figure out he was a narc? How did you escape him?

      Good lkuck

    4. 2SF says:

      Sadgirl, don’t be sad.

      ” I felt and still feel shame (it was a few years ago). Am I dirty empath or a narcissist?”

      You are neither (I hate the word ‘dirty’ that is so wrongly judgemental). You are a human being with feelings who made a ‘mistake’. I am not even sure if you can call it a mistake. He is the one who made a promiss to his wife, not you. So, not saying this was good or bad. It happened. Don’t feel shame, forgive yourself and remember it as one of life’s lessons.

  3. PhoenixRaging says:

    I suppose I qualify as a DE in the last category, but not an MB unless you count the relationship being harmed because he told her and I was unaware, or she sensed it – something I’ve always suspected. I would never tell her myself because of my extreme guilt over my selfish behavior. My need not to cause her anymore harm than she has already suffered far outweighs my desire to expose him. He knows this and counts on it. I knew they were in a relationship, but he “hooked” me (and shelved me) many years prior when he was single, and I did not realize how serious their relationship was when he reinitiated our intimate relationship. He claimed their lifestyles were a good match and she was his “best friend” but he didn’t have near the connection as he had with me. He also claimed the ole’ standby: “We don’t have a sexual relationship to speak of.” Then out of seemingly nowhere, he told me he was marrying her because she was a “good woman.” Then had the audacity to tell me that he didn’t want things to change between us. I can’t tell you how much I battled with my own sense of morals, and I resisted for a while, but shamefully the “addiction” was stronger. He had turned up the love spell to full power just before his little announcement. Can you imagine the fuel? Now I know it was always his plan to take me off the shelf (as a trusted friend) and secure me as the DLS, which lasted four years. I am barely three weeks NC. There’s no way I could hold my frame of mind without reading HG’s blog every day to remind myself of what he is (and also seeing a therapist skilled in this area). I stumbled upon this site when I found the video “In Love with a Married Man.” The eerie familiarity shattered me – especially the last words. What’s strange is, I feel almost a protective kinship to her because I know the pain he has also caused her, most likely even more. I often say a little “prayer” of strength for her. I even gave him loads of advice about how to “fix” his marriage throughout our relationship, hoping he would finally be satisfied and happy with her so he would release me. I always sensed the unnatural hold he had on me and begged him to let me go many times. The guilt over what I was doing and the shame over betraying my own sense of self was unbearable. I am a smart, successful, caring and (normally) happy person. Depending on the cunning level of the predator, I think this could happen to anyone. Well, at least any empath.

    1. NarcAngel says:

      Good point. It can happen to anyone, and does. It is understandable, but as you point out – senseless, to be angry with, or heap scorn on other victims. Most would not believe it could happen to them anymore than you (not you specifically Phoenix) could have predicted.

      1. PhoenixRising says:

        I am reposting this with my correct username. Not sure how that got changed. New to this. HG, I would appreciate if you would reject the previous reply…

        Hello, Narc Angel. Thank you for replying to my very first comment on this site. I admire you almost as much as HG (in much different ways), and have appreciated reading your commentary.

        No, there is no sense in blaming anyone but him and I am above that. I save all my scorn and anger for him, now that I know what he is and what he has done to me. He came after me and sought to reignite our intimate relationship during the weakest moment of my life – the death of my child (during that time, he had only been dating his now-wife for a week). He called me that very night after I hadn’t heard from him in months and acted as a consoling friend, then gradually turned up the heat during my mourning. If I find out he is a Greater and fully knew what he was doing (which I suspect), I might explode. I faked my own breakdown to escape him, so hopefully he is temporarily thrown off and I have time to recover and think. But this was not before I told him I know what he is and what he did to me (huge mistake on my part. I had not gotten far enough along in HG’s teachings).

        However, he knows my enduring strength and the tragedy I have been through in my life, so if he is a Greater then he likely knows I will bounce back as I always have. I told him during my confrontation (via message) that I would never expose him because of the pain it would cause his wife and I think he knows that. But if there was a way I could destroy him without taking her or other innocents down in the process (including myself), I would do so in a heartbeat and would be happy to watch him suffer. At least that’s how I feel at the moment. I am hoping that desire will subside because I know now what kind of dangerous battle it would be. I do not care what he would do to smear me. I say, bring it on. My weakness is my empathy for others. If he threatened to hurt people as a result of my actions, I would ultimately retreat. But my desire for calculating revenge is currently off the charts. After all, I am dirty.

        HG, can a DE go supernova when a buried narcissistic trait comes to the surface that is not the same as the one that has been active all along?

        1. HG Tudor says:


  4. Lori says:

    Does this scenario pertain when both the Narcissist and the Diety Empath are married? Or does fhis just pertain to a single empathy who gets involved with a married Narc?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It can apply to both.

  5. WW says:

    How about being a DEMB in full knowledge the narc was married like in scenario 3 but come to find out he was actually cheating on his mistress also with me. That’s DEMAAB. Marriage and Affair Breaker. I should get a medal or something.

    1. Amanda Snapchat 2 says:

      But then again what do you win? A narc?
      I think the best prize is escaping.

      1. Lori says:

        I think I was this person too

  6. Tex says:

    I’d like to ask which kind of empath matches this characteristic:

    – charismatic and extrovert
    – wide circle of friends.
    – brags about relationships with other people “look! I have so many friends, they all like me and make my life great!”, “my family is the best on earth, love ya people!”
    – prefer to stay friends with ex
    – is always on the move: taking new hobbies, lots of parties, like to learning new skills, marathons, diving license etc
    – likes adrenaline, hates boredom, always looking for new things to do.

    The most important thing for this person is to never be alone and always have many friends who spend time with her, support her, make her life colourful, happy and fun. This person likes to brag about deep bonds she makes. And it is quite easy to join the circle of her friends because of her low boundaries. So she likes to have a lot people around, likes to be the centre of attention, trusts eaisily.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I would need more information to determine whether this person is an empath, empathic, normal, narcissistic or a narcissist and would direct you to a Narc Detector consultation.

      1. Tex says:

        I understand, unfortunately I don’t know her in person, it is just an image she exhibits through social media so I don’t have more information and I was wondering if there is a kind of empath who on the surface may be quite similar to a narcissist. But as I read your articles about empaths it doesn’t match, but of course she can be different “in real life”. Thanks.

      2. Lori says:


        Do you think that the codependent is most similar to the narcissist ?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Read Chained.

    2. Lori says:

      I don’t know, but to me, this person could either be a codependent or a narcissist. The key dinstinction would be do they have empathy ?

      I find that most Narcissists when you look at them and their relationships have people who love then or hate them and have people they don’t “speak to” always offering up good reasons why that is.

      On the other hand

      Videos dents are often outgoing and also suffer with boredom and will also present as though they have the perfect family and life. Codependents care very much about how they are viewed as others and hate to be alone but so do Narcs

      My guess is this person is one or the other

      1. Tex says:

        You are right Lori but since I don’t know her in person I dont know if she is truly empathic.

        I only know for sure she has a huge need to present herself as social person, likeable by many. It can be narcissistic facade or codependent’s needines. It looks like she feels she will be less if not serounded by many people.

        I also know she is a great flirt and when she ended her 3 year old relationship with her partner she started to engage in short 2-3 months relationships with new men. She likes men who are active, have many interests, can take her on trips, concerts and so on. But after about 2 months she is done and tries to transform these relationships into friendships. Most of these men cut her off at this point. And this sounds very narcissistic to me.

        I was curious about this person because my ex narc tried to seduce her for sure but they know each other for a year and there are no signs of romantic relationship despite they are close and spend a lot of time together. It is possible she ended as his secondary source because she has many friends and thanks to her my ex narc doesnt stay home alone. He joined her circle of friends, takes fuel from many new appliances and maybe thats why he tolerates her narcissistic side.

      2. Lori says:

        I don’t know but I’d say this is either a Narc or a Codependent for sure There is no romantic relationship that you know of and he may have her in waiting. They line up several victims at a time. She may just be further down the line

  7. Kel says:

    What are women who flirt and chase because a narcissist is an easy target for them to get the attention they want, to make them feel sexy and attractive? They’re playful but aggressive about it, they’ll take the attention of other men, but it’s not anywhere close to the thrill and joy they get from the narc. Are these women the dirty empaths then? And do these women have a personality disorder of some kind too? They do not feel ashamed of themselves. They don’t seem to notice if they make a fool out of themselves.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      These individuals are likely to be narcissists.

  8. Sun says:


    Wow, Wow, Wow.

    This shows how high is your cognitive function and your deep understanding of the Narc & empath relationship.

    Though this reminded me of some bad days, but it also shows that the narcissists tactics are the same everywhere.

    I can’t believe that I missed such a great piece of writing all that time.

    I wish that your knowledge will become more famous and recognized all over the world. This is something that should be taught at schools and Universities.

    Please Mr. Tudor, if you have any chance to expand your knowledge further. Please do.

    Many Thanks.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am doing and the spread of my knowledge is very much a crucial matter my readers can and should assist with.

  9. kel says:

    I don’t see the demb as having extra narcissistic traits than others. They are victims, they were seduced, they became addicts. She might believe he’s in a bad marriage, or that they are soul mates, or maybe she only wants a fling thinking it’s an itch and his scratching it, in a strange way, makes his marriage stronger and he can go back to being faithful. Empaths are human with weaknesses. I wouldn’t want anyone of us to feel dirty for falling prey to a narc. What’s dirty is when you do something deceitfully. Now if she’s a narcissist pretending to be a demb, then I could see it. I’m beginning to wonder though, can a person just be conceited and not a narcissist? If so, then that person could be a demb.

  10. Tila says:

    Very well mistake

  11. Leslie says:

    Actually, it’s a person who was raised by narcs and had their sexual boundaries fucked up.

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