The Ten Tests of Competing Prospects




I have grown weary of the incumbent primary supply. The fuel that ought to be provided at a premium level has become diminished in quantity and quality. Whilst it still flows as part of the devaluation that continues, the time has come to audition for your replacement. I am courting you following my usual preparatory work once you have been targeted and I have now commenced your seduction. You are not alone. I am seducing someone else as well. It makes sense to have an insurance policy after all. You won’t know about this competitor (at least not yet) but believe me that when you are in the early stages of being seduced by our kind, it is highly likely that I was seducing someone else. In order to identify the best source of fuel so we choose the most effective primary source, we will set a number of tests. These tests are not so arduous that they will risk the seduction failing, but are designed to ascertain which of the two, or more, competing prospects provides the best fuel. This current performance amounts to a strong indicator of future performance. Here are ten of the tests that are commonly utilised.


  1. Sending the same text message to both prospects to see who responds the fastest.
  2. Sending the same text message to both prospects without concerns as to the speed of reply but as to which provides the best fuel-laden response.
  3. Arranging a date with both prospects and then cancelling (with a view to re-arranging of course) to determine who is the most disappointed and which of the prospects tries to keep the date alive by making adjustments and alternative suggestions.
  4. Calling both prospects in the middle of the night to see who answers.
  5. Sending the same gift at the same time to see who thanks us the fastest and in the most appreciative manner.
  6. If sexual coupling has occurred at this early juncture, then sleeping with you both in the space of 24 hours (or less) in order to determine who is the more fuel accomplished lover.
  7. Feigning a minor emergency and seeing who responds the fastest and with the greatest concern and compassion.
  8. Suggesting a date when I know that the prospects have something else on to see who will break their existing engagement in order to see me.
  9. Having a lieutenant try to arrange a date with you to see if you rebuff him and make mention of me.
  10. Holding a social media challenge to see how many likes, re-tweets, comments each prospect applies to my postings in a three-day period to see who posts the most and provides the most fuel.


Not only does this contest between the two prospects provide us with plenty of fuel coming from two fuel lines, it enables us to determine who we should focus our greater efforts on to ensure they are seduced and become our intimate partner and primary source. If the contest is too close to call after the ten tests above, then additional tests will be applied and the ten above will be re-run also. The winner becomes our intimate partner but the loser does not go home empty handed, not at all. They are likely to be awarded the status of inner or outer circle friend and they will be kept within our sphere of influence as a supplier of fuel. They also a future role to play in a prospective triangulation and there may even be a promotion in the offing at some point….

14 thoughts on “The Ten Tests of Competing Prospects

  1. jessrnny says:

    This is sickening.

  2. Sarah Jane says:

    I text my MR before and he replied really fast, with something that looked like it was meant for someone else. From what I could grasp, he was in the middle of making plans to see someone else. I went crazy and he told me he’d sent it quickly, whilst in the middle of texting them, not realising my text window for WhatsApp had popped up and over-ruled the other chat window. He said (because he called her by her name in the text) yes, that’s so-and-so, she’s a friend who’s just had a baby and that he was going to be visiting her. He hates kids.

    I wonder if that was a test, or more likely to just be a coincidental mistake. Either way, he was playing me behind my back.

    1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

      Dear Sarah Jane, (such a beautiful name)
      My mid range “weasel” friend did this to me
      He always replied really fast as well
      He’d be messaging me, then the conversation would take an unusual turn and not make any sense
      He never addressed me by my name (no doubt sent the same text in multiples to all n sundry)
      I questioned him and asked if it was intended for someone else …. he always replied “no”, he was only talking to me
      Why don’t they just say …. “yes, oops, sorry” instead of lying?
      They’re never accountable for anything …. be a “man” and “own it” for goodness sake
      When you start to question them, the games begin
      (His texting ended up doing my head in )
      Thank goodness your radar antenna and periscope are on full alert
      Sorry my lovely …. RED flag ⛳️
      Luv Bubbles xx 😘

      1. Sarah Jane says:

        Hello Bubbles and thank you.

        Yes, you would think (from our perspective, being the open truth) that they would just quickly apologise and move on – but now, seeing the deviant nature of the Narcissist, it makes perfect sense. It’s a tough job trying to decipher every sentence and comment but someone has to do it (Don’t we?).
        He would almost always call me and text me by my surname, which I saw as playful but with a hidden disrespect. So, he couldn’t hide the fact it wasn’t meant for me by this another woman’s name in the message.

        Today marks an anniversary for us and, as expected, I get a hoover in the form of three kisses. That is it. Three thumb presses in-between eating a sandwich and playing Red Dead Redemption (probably).

        My ET wants to phone home just to tell him he’s a cunt, but I 100% won’t. I hope you’re well into your NC Bubbles and feeling good? x

        1. Bubbles says:

          Dear Sarah Jane,
          Thank you lovely for your response
          I’m sorry to hear your anniversary was disappointing ….. with narcs, it’s not surprising
          I know all about deciphering messages …. narcs have their own special lingo and they only tell you what they want you to know
          We end up guesstimating and asking a squigillian questions with still the same one word or no responses (thats “their” game for us)
          Sorry gorgeous, we “don’t” have to continue to “decipher” someone else’s sentences …. why should we ? It’s all too hard, better to move on
          We have a “greater” friend that likes to play mind games by text … I’m onto him ….haha
          I just don’t engage in his stupidity anymore …. and he hates it, but keeps trying nevertheless … haha

          I remember, my daughter had a boyfriend who did just that, converse between gaming (they are no longer together and yes, he’s still playing his games and hasn’t progressed very far or matured either)
          Phoning “gameboy” and pointing out the obvious would be water off a ducks back to him …. NOT phoning would wound him even more…you now well and truly have the upper hand and your head held high

          Someone who truly adores you beautiful one, would treat you kindly, with respect and let you know “exactly” the message they wish you convey to you

          You are a very beautiful strong intelligent young lady Sarah Jane… raise your gaming stakes precious because you are very much worth it

          For piece of mind and a fresh start, no contact and goso are the only way to go …. trust me, it really does feels good 😊
          Control over emotional thinking, takes time, I have no doubt you will get there
          Warmest wishes to you precious
          Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          1. Sarah Jane says:

            Hi Bubbles – he sent an e-mail when I didn’t respond to his text (8+ hours later);

            I’ll make this short. Suffice to say I was having a much happier time on this day last year.
            I miss you and I hope the world is treating you well x”

            Well, it speaks for itself really. Before this blog I would have thought aww that’s a sweet message, I miss you too. I’ll text.

            You’re so flattering Bubbles – makes me want to start batting for the other team 😂
            Stay bubbly ha

          2. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dear Sarah Jane,
            I would’ve replied back to “gameboy” …
            “I’ll make it short, suffice to say, I have a name, if you wish to converse with me, it’s Sarah Jane not “Hey” ..get it right bozo”
            Ps… my teams a winning team
            Hugs to you gorgeous
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  3. kel says:

    Lol, I’m learning so much from this site! Giving me ideas for when I hit the dating scene again- very soon. This speeds up the game quite efficiently, and even makes the dreaded dating scene seem a little less overpowering.

  4. princesssuperempath says:

    Dearest HG: Wow! I am impressed at the level of organization for the testing. There are enough hoops for them to jump through that a few unknown variables will not produce the wrong selection. Surely the mid ranger and lesser are not this deliberately organized and do this testing more instinctively or subconsciously. I wonder if we empaths can use a modified system like this, to screen our potentials. Will you create one for us? A screening process for Empaths? 10 tests? Surely it would be better than whatever it is that some of us do, to vet our potentials. This request or something like this has been on my mind for a while, that you would make an excellent Matchmaker for empaths, HG. That you could Screen Out someone for us very well. Like running a security clearance on someone so as to protect our hearts. I know, of course, it may not be one of your callings at all, but it has crossed my mind many times.

  5. MissTasia says:

    They are all welcome to have him now. I have no interest and I’m bored of the the games. He is beneath me.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are seizing the power.

      1. Anm says:

        Ceasing, not seizing

  6. Narc noob says:

    Oh no I think I failed miserably on most counts! Esp, #10

  7. Angie says:

    I responded the fastest to comment on this post, I am privy in the fuel line, ipps here pick me yay (tut tut)

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