Survivor Empowerment Telesummit 1st June 2019

2019 Telesummit Speaker Graphic Final

Hello Readers,

The 3rd World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day takes place on 1st June. I have once again been asked to speak at the Telesummit and was interviewed a couple of weeks ago.

Below is a delicious taster of my interview to whet your appetite. Part of what I talk about appertains to beating the smear campaign, but there is much more besides.

The Telesummit is a very constructive summit and Bree Bonchay (the chief organiser) and her team have, as ever, committed significant time and effort to this and I would advocate that you sign-up for the telesummit. Naturally you will do so to listen to me and learn even more about the subject of narcissism from the best possible source and you have the opportunity to listen to some different perspectives also which you may find of use and interest.

It is a worthwhile endeavour and you will gain insight and information from the experience. Do engage with it, after all, you do not want a displeased HG do you?!

The link to sign up is here


151 thoughts on “Survivor Empowerment Telesummit 1st June 2019

  1. Twisted Heart says:

    I listened to most of the talks and the only one that even held a candle to yours in my opinion was Sandra Brown. She discussed personality super traits (not just empathy) which is how you describe empaths as a whole. One does not have to be a codependent to be ensnared by a narcissist. These super traits are usually positive attributes in “normal” relationships but will be exploited in a narcissistic dynamic. Traits such as agreeableness and conscientiousness. It was very similar to how you class empaths. HG I like how you have streamlined this all for us and write in a more “pop” culture way to make the content more relatable and engaging.
    I was also fascinated to learn from another speaker how PTSD and cognitive dissonance occur in the same part of the brain at the same time when there is abuse and both contribute to a decrease in executive function (aka logical thinking).
    And I was reminded to take vitamin B & D, fish oils and adaptogens to help restore the adrenals. Simple things that go a long way.
    Really great event! I’m glad I learned about it from this site.

    1. Sarah says:

      What’s an adaptogen?

  2. FYC says:

    Hello HG, I listened to your WNAAD presentation and wanted to say I found you exceptionally powerful, credible, dynamic and engaging in this live exchange. Unlike some other presentations (I did not listen to all), you stayed on point and gave listeners valuable, actionable advice for their benefit. I anticipated you would be excellent, but you exceeded expectations in ways I did not anticipate. Personally, I find you most effective in live performance settings (even when recorded). Fantastic delivery on an important topic.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you FYC I am pleased you found the presentation engaging and useful. I have considerable advantages over many who discuss/present etc on this topic which include formidable communication skills, understanding my kind and your kind inside out, a very high level of intelligence and the ability to provide, brutal, accurate honest information. Plenty more to come.

      1. FYC says:

        HG, you most certainly have many advantages and use them wisely. I remain very impressed. It is well deserved & earned praise indeed.

  3. Emily says:

    I missed this. HG can you please post a link so we can hear what you had to say?! You are the only one of those speakers I would listen to anyway.

  4. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Dearest HG: I just listened to you speak at the Summit. You were wonderful, of course, and I now understand even more of all the ins and outs of the Smear Campaign. I do have to go back to work soon, and I just did not understand a smear campaign and how to work around something so insidious and invisible with everyone looking at the target in a secret way, or behaving oddly towards the target. I understand your explanation regarding how the Smear Campaign is both an Instinct and about Control, and how and when to ignore it, and how and when to act upon it with the use of the authorities when necessary. I was not thinking about it correctly. In my case, I will just ignore it, and over time, I believe it will fall away like you explained, as long as I do not participate in it at all. I am always amazed at how you are able to get your points in during interviews. I have yet to see you run roughshod over, like interviewers do to some of their guests, in this life, at all levels of expertise and in all fields. I do not know how you keep command so well! I am glad you spoke at the Summit.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you PSE.

  5. MommyPino says:

    It’s the first time that I was able to listen to the summit. I really enjoyed listening. I liked the whole interview but I really liked when you explained how the manipulations of narcissists are instinctive and not deliberate or calculated even though it looks like it is. I just find it so interesting to see their point of view and how they honestly believe that they are innocent and good people. This is how some of them can spout Biblical verses on how to be a good person and at the same time do things that are the opposite of what Christ have thought. And why even if you try to explain to them in the most diplomatic way about their hurtful behaviors, they seem insulted, dumbfounded and attacked. I love your advices on smear campaign especially about dealing with smear campaigns from a narcissist co parent. My husband dealt with that and from his stories and what I have seen through the years I know that you are absolutely right. You really know what you are talking about especially with how the kids will realize it eventually.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you MP and of course I know what I am talking about, I am the best expert that exists.

      1. Claire says:

        Yes you are H.G. I also really liked several of the others I listened to—but your information is the best by light years. Lisa Romano has great “healy feely” stuff and I liked some of the info—but I can’t do the stuff on her site—I’m not made that way. She wasn’t focused on narcissism much either, although didn’t claim to be. I’m impressed by the overall presentation.

      2. MommyPino says:

        You really are H.G.!!

  6. Persephone says:

    I did sign up.
    I was initially disappointed that you would be speaking on the same subject again, but as you have promised more, and as you have always delivered, as far as my experience has been, I look forward to your presentation.

  7. Renarde says:

    I will of curse ‘engage’ and sign up. I shall look forward to the Public Service Announcements warning me of this very most and desirably, I mean decidedly dangerous man.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG approves.

  8. Kiki says:

    I’m really looking forward to hearing you HG
    Just signed up now


    1. HG Tudor says:

      Good work Kiki, HG approves.

  9. E. B. says:

    I look forward to listening to your interview.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG approves, EB.

  10. Chihuahuamum says:

    Ill definitely sign up i just hope i get the time to actually listen with my crazy schedule these days! Ill have to make time 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG says – make it so!

      1. Renarde says:

        Ohh HG!! Your Jean-Luc is showing!

        Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

        What are you reading? It’s not bloody Moby Dick again, is it?

        1. HG Tudor says:


          I’ve been reading Flashboys recently.

          1. Renarde says:

            Oh I don’t know about this ‘Flashboys’ which you speaktheth of?

            Where’s my tea?

          2. K says:

            By Michael Lewis? I read most of his books. Moneyball was my favorite followed by the Big Short. I found High-Frequency Trading very fascinating.

          3. HG Tudor says:


          4. K says:

            I would be a trader on Wall Street in a heartbeat. Think of the adrenaline rush!

  11. Dearest HG: I found the answer to my question about how will I be notified after I signed up. The answer is, I found:
    So what happens when I register?

    `You will receive an email from on June 1st with a link to access the Telesummit. You’ll have 24 hours to listen to all the interviews in any order you choose. All you need is an internet connection, and a computer or smartphone to listen.`

  12. LC says:

    Signed up and looking forward

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG approves

  13. misstasia says:

    I just signed up, very exciting. thank you, H.G. Tudor, you are my Hero.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hg approves

  14. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Dearest HG: I signed up. I guess we will be emailed a link to listen?

  15. K says:

    So far, so good. I am looking forward to listening to your interview in its entirety. Just curious, does a warning precede your interview this year?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No idea. Probably. They’d better not make the warning go on longer than a safety demonstration in an aircraft though!

      1. K says:

        Ha ha ha…those can be tedious, too! Last year’s “Boogie Man” warning was a bit amusing when you think about it.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Apparently small children are told to go to bed and go to sleep or The Tudor will come and drag you to hell bwahahaha!

          1. Claire says:

            Do you have a Hansel and Gretel confectionery style cottage thing going on over there across the pond?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Excuse my delay in replying, had to order some more icing as the chimney needs re-pointing and some gingerbread for the extension to the rear of the countryside confectionery idyll. What did you want to know?

          3. Claire says:

            Hansel and Gretel—a timeless favorite.

          4. FYC says:

            HG, A disclaimer for you alone seems very prejudicial and unnecessary, unless it were going to state:

            “The events, behaviors and solutions depicted in HG Tudor’s presentation are factual. Any similarity to actual narcissists, living or dead, is entirely accurate. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.”

            That last line could come in handy for those mid range thieves!

          5. HG Tudor says:

            I like your style. They ought to state as such given the number of those who use my work without crediting it to me.

          6. NarcAngel says:

            Have you considered mentioning in interviews that you peruse other sites from time to time and see your work being used without credit? A testament to your work but a type of infringement all the same. To put some on notice that you are aware and to tread carefully?

          7. HG Tudor says:

            I have considered doing so NA and I shall, thank you though for the suggestion. I will make mention of how my loyal readers are the ones who usually bring it to my attention and I am always appreciative of them doing so. Given the demands on my time I have handed the enforcement of such matters appertaining to copyright infringement and repeated defamatory activity to specialists in the field and they are currently building a body of evidence in readiness of taking action. Those who ask beforehand to use my material and credit it as my work are nearly always granted permission (subject to quality control) and therefore that’s all is needed – courtesy. Those who do not do so, will be dealt with, although we all know who this people are though, don’t we readers?

          8. Mercy says:

            HG, I don’t know because I dont read anyone else haha. Is it that V guy?

            I got my email today and clicked onto the site to see what other topics will be discussed. Did anyone else notice Mr. HG Tudor is introduced as Dr. HG Tudor??

          9. HG Tudor says:

            HG approves.

            He used the term ‘fuel’ which is fine and flattering. It is more those who take an article wholesale and publish it/use it elsewhere without attribution or they talk about my concepts and terminology as if it is their own (and usually they use it incorrectly which is unhelpful to say the least).

            There are many people who use my work and reference it. They do so either by crediting me (where referring to a concept or a quote) or seek prior approval where the use is larger in nature. I have no problem with that as it is spreading my work and ensuring it is being used correctly and reaches a wider audience. Those who operate this way of course are the empaths and the normals.

          10. Mercy says:

            I could see adopting words such as fuel being an easy thing to do. I can’t even remember what other sites call it. You of course should be credited. As far as taking content from your articles and taking credit, they need to be exposed!

            After looking at the line up of “experts” and their credentials, I am curious. I’m hoping that there will be good information to take from it. Would you consider a Q. A. Type forum wirh your readers after, so that we can get your opinion on points the other speakers make?

            My last thought on this, I wonder what the other speakers think about what you teach with the different types of schools and such. I think the categories you have created has made this difficult subject easier to understand. I call it user friendly. As a loyal reader, and I’m sure others will agree, it would be crushing if experts started to take on your theories as their own. I would like to think that years from now these experts will be referencing you to back up their own findings.

          11. HG Tudor says:

            Para One – fuel is what it is and is the best description, the easiest to understand and also (best of all) nice and short to type!

            Para Two – good idea.

            Para Three – some use them and reference me (that is fine) so long as they do not try to pass of my work as their own, it is all good.

          12. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Mercy, where did you see that? I just saw his picture -well, the shaded picture- and HG Tudor, Author below it.

          13. Mercy says:

            I think this is it SP. It also had the audio of his 2018 interview.

            2019 Survivor Empowerment Telesummit 8187842817-6619040323 – World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day

          14. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Interesting. Thank you, Mercy!

          15. FYC says:

            Thanks, HG. I’m sure you recognized the bastardized standard motion picture disclaimer lingo. I thought it fitting once altered 😉

            Your work certainly has gotten attention far and wide and you should always be given credit. Oh well, I guess if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you must be very flattered indeed!!

          16. HG Tudor says:

            I agree.

          17. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Mercy. Thanks for that video of HG speaking at the summit last year. I am listening to it now: That, rewriting history that Narcissists do, constantly amazes me. It is so odd.

        2. Claire says:

          Omg they actually play a warning before H.G. speaks?? Like a surgeon general warning? Hilarious. How about all the mid-ranger empath wanna be sorts on the circuit? I have absolutely no need to listen to anyone else.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            They don’t spot them do they?

          2. Claire says:

            Nope. I’m suspicious plenty. I do love Little Shaman—she is absolutely not one. I don’t listen to her stuff because there is only so much time—but I’d love to see a collaboration. She is honest, kind, intuitive in a different way. More healing in flavor but I’m not one to seek an over abundance of fluff. Certainly others are well intended but I’m quite pleased in Tudor-ville.

          3. K says:

            Damn skippy!

            I was thinking the same thing HG!

            And I noticed that SV is out of the picture.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Yes I noticed that.

        3. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          K. Also, HG Tudor is sexy. And not in a deliberate way. He just is. This causes quite a commotion, as well. One lady said that although she is a devout lesbian, she felt attraction to HG Tudor and the coach of the site she was on criticized her for that, although admitting that HG Tudor`s information was accurate. She treated her reader like it was a sexual betrayal or something–what was that all about. We are here for the information, above all. I remember many evenings that I lay in my bath listening to HG guide me on how to find myself, after I l had lost myself in being entangled with the mid ranger. I find water very soothing. I always had the audio on the phone on a chair next to the tub. I learned, one-on-one from him. Like a super Master Class. For months. I almost asked him to pass me some extra soap once (just joking). Everything he said was true and has been working for me. I was shocked when after a few months of listening to him on audio, I perchance, clicked over to Narcsite and witnessed him interacting with so many people! Anyway, not one forum site coach, etc. has ever said that his information was not accurate. I am glad that they also say they learn from him. I respect them for not fabricating in this arena, especially: That is what is most important–The quality and accuracy and depth of the information. They also say he has added much to the lexicon in the profession. I believe them. I respect them for saying this truth as well. If it takes a man that I personally consider to be sexy to get though to my stubborn and shrewd and argumentative emotional thinking so that I can thrive, so be it. There are many, many, many forums to choose from, and it is up to ME to choose the one what works best for me. I matter. HG Tudor works best for me, and his readers are very intelligent and I learn many deep truths from them, as well. And, I am able, at times now, to laugh again.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Good to read PSE.

          2. K says:

            Of course HG is sexy and it is completely normal and harmless if someone is attracted to him. It isn’t a betrayal and no one should be criticized for it. After all, evil (and intelligence) is seductive. Maybe, the Coach secretly felt the same but was afraid to admit it and she censured the lady because she was brave enough to be honest about her feelings. Maybe, The Coach is a judgmental control freak who felt threatened by HG, God only knows.

            Narcsite is the best forum (I think) and it has the most accurate information. HG’s lexicon is brilliant, easy to understand and easy to apply and I sincerely hope it replaces the useless psychobabble being used in the field today.

            Below is an esoteric statement re: NPD that I found on Quora, to be fair it is out of context (I would need to read the book), but it is very puzzling to the casual reader nonetheless.

            “Heinz Kohut once observed that narcissistic rage is a breakdown product of a fragmenting self.”

            Ok, but how does that help the victims of NPD? Or the people studying Psychology?

            All the intelligent people are here and the humor on narcsite is amazing and necessary. Laughter played a big role in my recovery. It shouldn’t be all gloom and doom. As time goes on, you will laugh more and more and that is how you know that you are getting better.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Indeed, K.

          4. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            K. You found some of the problem right there! That forum site Coach woman should not try to compete with HG Tudor. She should stay on Her Own Message. Everyone does not provide the same resonance with everyone else. HG Tudor stays focused on his goal of bringing as much information out on this subject as he possibly can, and he expounds on the entire spectrum of behavior in his work. And he uses art, anecdotes, analogies, scripts, audio, poetry, humor, rap, memes, analysis, interviews, his experiences, and more, to reach the understanding of his readers. Some of us need all of the above! I do. He consistently stays on his own message. And therefore HG Tudor is an amazing and sensational tour de force. That is why so many mental practitioners study his work and they say so. This is good. They say his work is accurate and of significant quality. I am glad that we do not have to come on here on Narcsite and watch him take a lot of valuable time to squabble and feud with other forum site leaders that I see going on other sites. Whew! Thankfully, for me, he is too busy, personally, with the work at hand, for all of that. At the end of the day, I want knowledge and control and power, over myself. K, I am achieving what I wanted with HG Tudor, day by day, and I hope all can find a site or sites where they can do the same.

          5. HG Tudor says:

            Thank you PSE.

            1. There are people who are huge fans of my work. They find it interesting, entertaining, fascinating, extremely helpful, life-saving and they are very grateful.
            2. There are those who read my work, find it too ‘raw’, sometimes they admit as such, sometimes they do not but they depart without incident. Why? They feel it is not for them (which is fine) and they also recognise NOBODY is made to read or use my work.
            3. There are those who read/use my work and acknowledge its brilliance but do not like me for what I am and state as such. This is also fine, I have no issue with it. Use my work, recognise how effective it is, but you do not have to like me.
            4. There are those who steal my work. It is flattering but unacceptable. We know what these people are.
            5. There are those who challenge through considered observation and questions. They do so in a constructive way. That is fine. I welcome this – sometimes they are wrong and I will correct, sometimes they make valid points.
            6. There are those who spend their time here attacking me (it’s fuel, thanks), attacking me elsehwere and do so based on inaccuracy and deluded behaviour without evidence. Full of sweeping comments without any particularisation or evidence. The majority of readers see this for themselves and I do not need to respond to it. Interestingly, this small number of people get so worked up about me the go on and on when :-
            a. They are not going to get the response they desperately crave; and
            b. You do not have to read or use my work, so move on but of course they will not and we all know why that is.
            Still, they do provide useful working examples.

          6. K says:

            Correct, it isn’t a competition; it’s about educating the public about a serious public health issue and it’s shortsighted to think otherwise. The logic on narcsite is impeccable and HG covers every aspect of NPD in a multitude of ways-as you pointed out-that no one else could ever possibly rival. I do a lot of reading and immediately recognized the brilliance in his writing when I first arrived here and he is smart enough not to waste his time with petty squabbles or feuds; he is above that and ALL mental health practitioners should be required to study his work, no offense Heinz Kohut.

            There is a forum(s) for everyone but I am content to remain on narcsite because this place is simply the best.

          7. HG Tudor says:

            Thanks K and cue Tina.

          8. K says:

            My pleasure HG
            Ha ha ha…I had a feeling you would mention Tina.

          9. Renarde says:

            It’s good that you can laugh PSE. A man (a Narc actually) told me that laughter is always the best medicine. He used to send me ‘Links of Great Interest’. An intelligent bloke who I Dommed for a while. Oh, he was so easy to please. Always knew when he was trying to have a sneaky one off the wrist.

            He used to call me ‘Marm’. I told him it made me laugh. I felt like I was Juliet Bravo.

            Honestly, you’ve never lived until in the early hours of the morning you have a Eng Lit Grad reciting ‘Slough’ by Betjemen.

            I might have that put on my tombstone actually…

          10. HG Tudor says:

            Even I get mentioned in Slough, Renarde!

          11. Renarde says:

            I’m very very sorry. What can I do to help?

          12. Mercy says:

            PSE, your bath scene was pretty sexy too. I need to take baths like this 😋

          13. Dearest HG: Regarding your point number 2. Your works and definitions and lexicon and insight have become so ubiquitous in the mental practitioner field, that most researchers, including professional mental workers, and laymen and self-help seekers, like myself, will have to read your works to see what all the excitement regarding you is all about. :). Sheer curiosity.That is how I found you, by hearing so many people say your name, and mention your Cadres and Levels of Narcissists and Empaths and the various types of Empaths and so forth, until I decided to investigate HG Tudor, myself. And, I am glad I did.

      2. Renarde says:

        Huh? A warning?

        [In a stentorian BBC inflection]

        “The following programme may not be suitable for people suffering from NPD; Middle Rangers, all cadres, people who loathe Depeche Mode and susceptible Co-Dependent Geysers.”

        Honestly HG, have you thought of the red triangle? I think it could be useful here.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          The red triangle? This isn’t Channel Four!!

          1. Renarde says:

            No. It’s better than C4. It’s Netflix!

            I have your first season all mapped out. You pay a pivotal part in it. You are the Ultra which controls it all.

            It’s called ‘The Travellers’.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Ha ha very good.

          3. Mercy: PSE approves. The more you learn, the better the baths become. 🙂

        2. HG Tudor says:

          Red Triangle – what do you think this is Renarde? Channel Four?!!

          Stentorian is an excellent word and most applicable.

          1. Renarde says:

            One always needs a Public Service Announcement, I find.

            Honestly, I’m voting you for the next BBC connitunity announcer.

            Do you hear that? It’s a million women wetting their knickers at your voice.


          2. HG Tudor says:

            Only a million? I think I will shove Jenny Murray out of the way and do some hunting on her turf.

          3. Renarde says:

            Ha! Ha!

          4. Renarde says:

            Did I ever tell you that I submitted a brand new word to the OED and the fuckers haven’t added it?

            Word is ‘Minetting’. French colloquialism for a blow job. Supplied lit evidence and everything.



          5. HG Tudor says:

            I suspect the problem might lie with the middle letter of OED, Renarde!

          6. Renarde says:

            Why do I suddenly feel very stupid indeed! Is it not true that french colloquialisms are not added into the OED?

          7. HG Tudor says:

            I think it might be something to do with such words and phrases having a certain je ne sais quoi.

          8. Renarde says:

            Love what you did there!

        3. Renarde. I barely can understand your reply to me! Who can translate all that for me, please? I am reminded of the saying, in the U.S., that : Britain and America are 2 Nations Divided by a Common Language. Lol. I do plan to visit London next year for about a week or so, for the first time. I hope I can make out okay, across the pond. I`m a little worried now. 🙂

          1. Renarde says:

            Ha ha! No need to be worried my lovely. I’m going to give you a few helpful steps.

            1 – Us Britishers are like Middle rangers gone wild. We like order. We like to que. Heaven forefend a foreigner who pushes in. You will be rapidly met with the most PA of our behaviours.

            2 – If anyone from the uk ever says ‘Listen Mate’. Back off. immediately and apologise. You are in trouble.

            3 – Never say, ‘You are all so quaint!’. See point 2.

            4 – No, You cannot ‘Do the UK’ in one day.

            5 – WE are Your Mother and WE still love you. Dearly.

            6 – We cannot understand how you elected that Islam hating, orange wotsit. We cannot

            7 – WE adore the US but cannot stand their loud voices.

            8- Tea and coffee are always produced from rapidly boiling water and certainty NOT produced from a microwave. Hot water comes from a geyser or a kettle. Your’e welcome.

            9 – There is no such thing as ‘Jay walking’. Your are all good here. Cross when you please. No one cares.

            10 – Tip if you must but its not a thing in the UK. I’d actually NOT tip as it’s now become a way of food distributors to rip off their own staff.

            I hope this is useful. We adore foreigners and we are generally a miserable/happy bunch. If thats’s not a contradiction in terms.

            Beware Oxford Street and keep your bag closed and be fully aware.


            10 –

          2. HG Tudor says:

            1. I do not like to queue.
            6. Actually we can.

            8. Correct.

          3. K says:

            7. Those are Lessers and they are everywhere. Hideous. Mids, apaths and empaths speak at a lower volume.

          4. Renarde says:

            You have a good point there and one that I hadn’t considered before.

          5. K says:

            Just speak loudly, gesticulate dramatically and say “irregardless” a lot and you will fit right in!

          6. Renarde says:

            Ha ha K, you’re on superb form and a riot as always!

            Surely ‘irregardless’ has at least two syllables too many for the ol’ knuckledraggers?

            I need to tell you my US lesser story. I’ve already explained that he used to get very het up when talking about words and would indeed, wave his arms widely about whilst thrusting the pamphlet of a US dictionary in my face. I would eye my OED and sigh (THIS was why having my word rejected by the OED was such a bitter pill to swallow.)

            One day and very early on, we were on VC. I was getting very uncomfortable with the relationship and I gently broke it off.

            What happened next was unbelievable. As he was so dumb, he managed NOT to exit the chat but believed I had. He had simply muted me by accident. The rage, the bile that was spewed forth was to be believed. Bitch this, cunt that. So I had been afforded a rare glimpse into how a narc lesser behaves when they perceive no-one is watching.

            Fascinating, eh?

            He did it again because, dumb, when he accidentally left the voice chat open when heading to a bar to meet friends. I distinctly heard him call me a Professor of Physics.

            What. A. Cock

            We would even ‘row’ about the word ‘row’. He said it was spelled ‘rou’. You couldn’t make this shit up!

          7. K says:

            Narcissism aside, lesser really are dumb.

          8. Renarde says:

            You ain’t whistling ‘Dixie!’

          9. Renarde says:

            To answer your question properly, the ‘Red Triangle’ refers to a very peculiar bit of Britishness, where one of the four main TV suppliers, Channel 4, broadcast its more exotic components late at night with a red triangle in its corner.

            Of course, the ‘red triangle’ was catnip to adolescents (and furiously wanking fathers).

            Channel 4 was rammed to the gunwales with the likes of Sir Glenda Jackson. Rolling around in the mud. Terribly good thespian. Lots of fun.

            Google Ken Russell (Peace be upon him). Magnificent director and very much under-rated.


          10. HG Tudor says:

            It appears that one can only ever wank ‘furiously’.

          11. Renarde says:

            Indeed! Now I need to tell you my wanking story.

            One day, I had an old webcam that I wanted to use (no, not for that!) but it was unmarked and I couldn’t find the driver. I have a brain wave. I’ll go onto a chat room and see if it will automatically detect. I deliberately picked a plain old vanilla friendship one.

            Cam did work. But I got nosy. Men were popping up saying ‘click on me’, so I did.

            Imagine my surprise when it was indeed, a man wanking furiously. ‘Pick me, pick me’ others said. before I knew it, my entire monitor was filled with a dozen men, all wanking away!

            I shut it down without reacting but thinking, ‘There’s nothing so queer as folk!’

          12. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Renarde: 1. I am too sensitive to que, or stand in line, as we call it. So, I rarely do so. 2. I am quite polite in real life, so no worries there. 3. I never call people quaint… 4. I live in a city that can not be done in one day, as well. 5. We call no country mother, we are too proud for that, too free, and too isolationist, but we do enjoy how you all are into it, and enjoy it vicariously through you, your royal family, with all your rites and ceremony and protocol and all, but, only when we are in the mood, which is not often. I loved the tv series Downton Abbey…so much trouble over a house. It was never the same show after the blonde guy left the show, though. Very disappointing. MI5/Spooks was fantastic tv. 6. Whomever promises jobs is elected. Very simple, really. 7. People are always surprised when they visit the U.S. the first time, and many often wonder how in the world is this place a superpower and is running the world. This country looks better from afar, but feels better inside. 8. Tea is a favorite of Geyser Empaths, I bet. I refuse to microwave anything, thus far. 9. Everyone Jay walks here, as well, and many do not know it is technically illegal, in most cities. 10. Oxford street sounds interesting! Thanks for the tips! I think I can do well over there, after all, at least for a couple of weeks. I would love info. on top sports pubs, that are open during the day and serve lunch or brunch, if you have such places. With large sports screens. I would love to meet people during the day time, that are in a good mood.

          13. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Renarde, have you visited or stayed in NYC? It is an entire city with the attitude of one of HG Tudor`s posts titled: `Too Good For That.` I was shocked when I read that post. Almost everyone speaks like that post in NYC: Everyone is too good for everything here. As quiet as it is kept, even the maids have maids. The drivers have drivers, and the nannies have nannies, and the personal trainers have personal trainers, and the nutritionists have nutritionists, and it never ends. hahaha.

          14. Renarde says:


            I’ve been to NYS but not the city. I really wanted to go, I have no idea if I’ll get the chance again. I was visiting the lesser and he point black refused to take me.

            Thank you for the link, reading it now.

      3. Mercy: Regarding your post where you asked: `My last thought on this, I wonder what the other speakers think about what you teach with the different types of schools and such. I think the categories you have created has made this difficult subject easier to understand.` Mercy, I am pleased to report that I have heard professional mental practitioners say that, HG Tudor has EXPANDED tremendously the knowledge of Narcissism in the field, including his insight on the Cadres, and Schools and Level, etc.. And and I know this is an extreme compliment to him, to be acknowledged to have expanded the knowledge in a discipline. Because, it is not easy to expand the knowledge in a discipline, even if ones data is accurate and substantively progressive. I have seen firsthand, WARS over academic expansion, because other scholars` research and reputation and pride is on the line, in their own eyes, and at times, in reality. There is also jealousy and envy and sabotage going on in the battle for scholarly supremacy. Textbooks are sold and the authors and publishing companies do not want to be considered out of date in their lexicon and knowledge, and they are impacted as well. Manuals can become faulty or erroneous or insufficient in large sections, practically overnight, like the DSM. A lot of self preservation goes on in research and academia. It is a war to advance in a field, and it is a war to advance the field itself with new and even better knowledge, for these and other reasons. I am not joking in the least. HG Tudor made it through most of this and has pushed through many obstacles to stand as highly as he does in the field. Knowledge is a Battlefield.

    2. Claire says:

      A warning? What have they done in the past?

      1. K says:

        There was a warning that preceded HG’s 2018 interview. Something along the lines of: HG Tudor is a narcissistic psychopath and this could possibly trigger unpleasant/traumatic feelings, etc, etc.

        WTF! I fast-forwarded through most of it because I thought it was silly.

        1. Claire says:

          Oh I guess this is fair. It goes back to me thinking the semantics of it turn people off. A psychopath could easily be envisioned as on a feeding frenzy of killing wild turkeys with bare hands or eating them live. It repels the needed content H.G. offers to injured people with poorly constructed preconceived notions. But whatever.. It’s his choice to self describe as such. I’m quite certain he wouldn’t want to get messy engaging in such shenanigans.

        2. Sweetest Perfection says:

          Warning: “The psychopath/narcissist you are about to listen to has a sensual, irresistible voice. Listen at your own risk of becoming entangled.” THAT’S the warning they should be giving!

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Don’t you mean enlightened SP?!

          2. Sweetest Perfection says:

            That’s exactly what I meant, HG! Damn autocorrect…

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Ha ha good recovery.

        3. Renarde says:

          Intriguing K. PN did not like me touching myself. Is this then ‘unpleasant feelings’ you speaketh off?

          If so, I will rap my hand in bandages, lock away the toys and have copious ice on hand! x

          1. K says:

            Ha ha ha….Warning! You may get randy with yourself while listening to the dulcifluous voice of narcissistic psychopath, HG Tudor.

          2. Renarde says:

            Now, dulcifluous is a word I can totally get behind! I shall be cautious lovely.

            How are you? x

          3. K says:

            quid pro quo: I got stentorian and you got dulcifluous and there is contrast in those words, as well. Loud and powerful v sweet and gentle.

            I am doing very well, thank you. And how are you? xo

          4. Renarde says:

            Yes, I thought that too!

            In what many would call a good move, I’ve almost totally lost my voice! It’s been quite a few days now and is coming back very slowly. Other than that, I’m good, thank you! xo

          5. Bibi says:

            Loving all the Britishisms. Don’t know what half they mean but I love them IR-regardless.

            Holy shit, that word doesn’t even pop up as a spelling error. What is the English language coming to?

            There is no such word! I also hate when people ask a question that ends with the word ‘at.’

            “Where is the food at?” Ugh! Just stick a meat thermometer in my colon.

            HG’s announcement: Hahahahaha! He’s got nice legs. Worry about that in his Superdry tangerine shorts.

            K and Renarde: you are both hilarious! (But not as hilarious as you, HG.)


          6. HG Tudor says:


          7. Renarde says:

            Err??? Really??? I mean, I agree about K [ducks as K throws her avatar at me :-)] but me? Seriously?

            This one comment alone might be flounce-worthy!

            I’ll have you know young man, that only today on another forum, an old next door neighbour had overheard an argument between the MRE and myself many years ago where I was described as ‘brilliantly entertaining!’

            I cannot commend myself higher!

          8. K says:

            Where is the food at? Your twaddle. IR-regardless, you are hilarious, too!

            NOVEMBER 23, 2017 AT 22:17
            If I wanted to fuck garbage, I would drive to my nearest landfill and strip down, only to then roll around while the gulls sift the moldy pasta out from my twaddle.

            This might actually carry less disease.

            HG Tudor
            NOVEMBER 24, 2017 AT 11:45
            Twaddle?! First time I have ever heard that although I have told the housekeeper to forget about tagliatelle.


          9. Bibi says:


            K, I forgot about the twaddle remark!

          10. K says:

            Ha ha ha…I added twaddle to my word collection.

          11. Renarde says:

            Look, if I’M not having ‘minetting’ then I am vetoing ‘twaddle’ as euphemism for the female genitalia.

            My final word [gavel]

  16. E&L says:

    Is access to the interviews restricted to the two day summit or does the registration fee allow the participant to permanently download any/all of the interviews? Thank you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I think you’ve found the answer out to this one E&L. If not, it has been posted in the replies to this thread.

  17. Mercy says:

    HG, I’m signed up! Your litter teaser clip has got me excited to hear more.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG approves.

  18. Sweetest Perfection says:

    I can’t wait!

  19. foolme1time says:

    I never want to displease HG! I signed up for this awhile ago HG when I learned you would be speaking again. This time however I like the fact that we can choose who we listen to first. Of course you know who that will be?! I recommend everyone should sign up and listen to the information that is provided.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG approves.

    2. FYC says:

      Hi FM1T, I signed up but do not see where you select who you listen to first. Will you post a link? Or are you a premium member? Thanks in advance 🙂

      1. foolme1time says:

        In an email I received today, I read that there will be 19 speakers, and will be able to choose the order in which we listen to them. I took that to mean the day of, we will be able to select. 😘

        1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          foolme1time. Thank you. If you receive any more emails, will you tell us what is said? It seems the rest of us will not receive an email until June 1st.

          1. foolme1time says:

            I don’t know why that is? Maybe because I signed up early for it? I will definitely keep you informed PSE. 😊

        2. FYC says:

          Thank you, FM1T. I did not receive an email after I signed up. I also never received a reply when I sent them an email to request HG to be on the panel. Perhaps I am black-balled as an HG supporter ☹️ I appreciate you providing me the details😘

          1. foolme1time says:

            You are welcome. I never heard back either when I sent the request for HG to be on the panel. Did you check your spam account, perhaps it went there? I will keep you informed FYC if I receive anything else. 😉😘

          2. NarcAngel says:

            I only received the one email as you did and did not receive a reply to my request that HG be included on the panel (but I didn’t really expect one to that). I believe it was the same last year, although at the time of the event there was trouble accessing the interviews, which got sorted out eventually with a new link.

          3. FYC says:

            FM1T, Thank you for the kind reminder. Not only did I find their reply email to my registration in my spam folder, I found two other mails I missed. I should have looked there first. I have so many filters set to keep my spam effective, I rarely look there, but apparently I still need to!

            NA, Thank you for that helpful confirmation. I was unaware of their existence last year, but I look forward to hearing HG if I can get reception while on travel.

            So glad I found your replies as WP is not sending notifications. You are both most appreciated🥰

        3. FYC says:

          Thank you so much, FM1T! I am now receiving their emails since I corrected the spam folder issue. You are wonderful. Thanks again for your help😘

          1. foolme1time says:

            Your welcome FYC. 🙃😘🙃

  20. NarcAngel says:

    Signed up and looking forward to it.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG approves.

  21. Claire says:

    I’m so glad you did this!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Claire.

      1. Claire says:

        I adore you kinda like a big fluffy puppy.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          The mind boggles!

        2. K says:

          HG reminds me of Dany’s fire-breathing dragon Drogon.

        3. Bibi says:

          Signed up.

          Speaking of fluffy puppies. HG, I rather liked your reading when you spoke the word ‘floppy’ in relation to rabbit’s ears. It was cute.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Hg approves (and laughs at the second paragraph)

          2. Claire says:

            It was cute. I guarantee HG has had to attend to the notion a dog is the cat’s meow as it jumped all over him—he would have to in order to secure a new IPPS with a dog. Or admire a cat, etc.

        4. Renarde says:

          Bit odd!

    2. foolme1time says:

      It is really worth listening to! 🙃

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