The Pursuit of Revenge


I know you hate me. Your kind are filled with love and then filled with hate. There is no need to deny it. It is a normal reaction for someone like you and one which I entirely endorse and encourage. I know you will try and mask that burning anger that you feel by saying you pity me or that you have nothing but contempt for me but I can see it. Those sensational eyes of yours that once blazed with desire, passion and most of all hope, are now filled with the churning, billowing flames of hatred. Some of you will fight to contain this sensation. You fear that by giving in to this hatred that you will somehow be on a level with me. I can ease your fears in that regard. You are nowhere near my level and nor were you. I placed you far higher than me to begin with. Yes it was artificial and all part of my design but you had no complaint then did you? You did not object or demur when I thrust you skywards and planted you no that pedestal. Of course you did not. Who would? Nobody would and least of all somebody like you. Now you are on your true level, way down below me, cast onto stony ground, broken and shattered. Amazing though isn’t it how you managed to summon such an anger from somewhere. How many times had you said to your confidantes that you felt numb (yes they were reporting back to me). Yet now look at you. A seething, glowering fireball of hatred and it is all directed at me. I adore this.

You want to destroy me. I know you do. You all do. The one before you was exactly the same as the one before was and the one before her. The next one will be just the same,although I do still hold out some hope that she might just be different and somehow avoid the mistakes all those who have gone before have made. I have seen this hatred many times and your desire for revenge is strong. Of course it is. I made it this way. Everything I did as I brought you down low was programmed to cause you to eventually explode into hatred. From elation to despair, through broken to numb. Eventually the switch would be flicked and as puppet master I ignite the fire beneath you which stokes the flames of hatred. Despise me, go on, do it. Send those wicked words towards me. Tell me what a bastard I am. Keep it coming. Pull you hair, wave your fist and stamp your feet. Tell me how you are going to scratch my car. Feels good does it not? Believe me, it feels even better being on the receiving end of your bile and hate. Go on, sit with your friends and plot your revenge, I can feel you all huddled around your cauldron as you try and concoct ways at getting back at me. I feel so powerful knowing you are focussed on seeking retribution. This is what I want. I want to bask in the heat of your anger, I want to be covered in the disgust and distaste that you will spew towards me. I want you scheming, hatching and planning. By hurting you do deeply I plant inside you that overwhelming desire to get even with me. It happens every time and is all part of my master plan to ensure you, my beautiful appliance keep pouring fuel in my direction. I make you seek revenge for in doing so, your planning and ham-fisted execution of the same give me what I want. Fuel. You are blinded with your hatred so that you fail to realise you will not succeed in gaining revenge, not by shouting, spitting and scratching. Oh no, this overload of howling anger is just a banshee of fuel to me. I will twist and shift as I thwart your attempts, laughing at your pathetic efforts to try and get one over on me. This will spur you on as I lead you on yet another merry dance as I continue to take from you exactly what I need. So please, seek your revenge. You will not get it but I will be delighted seeing you try.

12 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Revenge

  1. mommypino says:

    I don’t want to destroy your kind. I just want to stay away and avoid attracting narcissists.

  2. AR says:

    I was going through your book sitting target on Kindle, HG, to find this part:

    “This proves a challenge to the elite narcissist who will relish breaking these traits and then showing the world how fearsome he is as he drinks deep of the fuel that flows from breaking such an individual.”

    He failed. He didn’t break me. I will make sure he will see me thrive.

  3. cogra002 says:

    I do have hate towards the Narc this week, but not revenge. I know I probably cant anyway. I do look forward to someday getting to “nothing” him. That’s the best yet. Cant wait to, in fact.

  4. ThePolicyOfTruth says:

    My ex-narc and I are business rivals as well as having been ex-IPs.

    He watches my every move. Follows my business accounts on social media. Sends his minions to see how I’m doing with my business.

    Yet hasn’t contacted me personally in 2 years.

    I know he knows I know he’s watching me.

    He gloats publicly that he’s the best in this business scene we’re both in. I’ve heard tell he is trying to take down all his competitors.

    I would love to throw him off his pedestal. To hurt his pride. But he’s a very intelligent narc. Top of his game. He probably knows I’d consider this to be the best revenge for breaking me, don’t you think?

    I do hate him. I love him but I hate him. I want him to feel pain the way he hurt me. But I know it’s impossible to hurt a narc like that.

    What I wouldn’t give to dethrone him though. I almost wish I was a narcissist myself…
    But I’m not.

    1. Kim e says:

      Policy of Truth.
      I bet HG could help you with this little matter…….he is the wizard afterall

      1. ThePolicyOfTruth says:

        Indeed he is. I only discovered this blog a few days ago, and it has become compelling reading. I’m absolutely fascinated. He explains everything so, dare I say it, exquisitely.

        1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          ThePolicyOfTruth: Wow. Your avatar name gave me a big jolt! One of the greatest songs ever written: Truth without Discretion is what it means to me. [`Things could be so different now
          It used to be so civilised
          You will always wonder how
          It could have been if you’d only lied

          It’s too late to change events
          It’s time to face the consequence
          For delivering the proof
          In the policy of truth`] ~~DM

    2. Susan says:

      Yikes! Not my reality, now.

      Finally understand forgiveness. I can forgive, but that does not mean I am required to give the offender access to my life. And, I’d best remember what was done to me or I will be susceptible again.

      Hate, bitterness? Worth making the often considerable effort to avoid these because, selfishly, they cause me harm, take time from my existence, sap my energy, distract me from what is really important, cause unnecessary circulation of fight or flight chemicals, accelerate aging, etc

    3. liza says:

      I suggest that you do not hate him, hate is a verry intense emotion, and like any intense emotion, it will lead you to make unnecessary mistakes. Try to cool down and stop focusing on what he is doing or not doing, it has been 2 years I’m sure he is going on with his projects while you are putting your life on standby and anticipating his next move. stop giving him so much power over your mood, you are setting yourself for failure and will easily fall for a hoover, as your emotional thinking will make you believe that it is only to be even, on get revenge, but the truth is your ET only wants it dose of the narc.

    4. arcola6035 says:

      The only way to hurt him is to go no contact but it doesn’t sound like that’s a possibility for you

  5. arcola6035 says:

    Funny you mentioned this. In the first year I don’t know how many times I told him, not to put me on a pedestal. That it’s a long way to fall

    1. empath007 says:

      Same here! Said that exact same thing.

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