All In The Eyes


The eyes are one of our powerful weapons. I hear so many comments made about my eyes.

“I saw the world in your eyes.”
“Everything I ever wished for, I could see in your eyes.”
“I’ve never known anyone give me such a malevolent stare.”
“You are dead behind the eyes.”
“That hollow look you give me, chills me inside.”
“Your reptilian, empty stare always unnerved me.”

When we first engage with you, we are able to reflect back at you want you desperately want. Hope, optimism, desire and trust are all mirrored in our eyes. Do not be mistaken and think that we generate those looks. We do not. All we are doing is ensuring that you see what you want to see in order to ensnare you.

This mirroring serves two purposes. Firstly, it shows you what you crave for and makes us all the more attractive to you. Secondly, it masks the empty void that truly exists. Whilst my kind and me learn how to behave and act, we mimic the way in which we are expected to respond in the most favourable manner, we do not truly feel any of those things and we cannot generate it in our eyes.

Everything else we are able to simulate – the laugh, the smile, the look of surprise, the intonation of elation in our voices. We have carefully crafted these facsimiles of your emotions but managing to do so in our eyes has always eluded us. We cannot fall at the first hurdle however and have you see through our charade. Accordingly, we have managed to master the mirroring technique.

You want that love and hope so badly you will see it in us when you are really just seeing yourself. We hold your gaze for longer than anyone else. You are conned into thinking this is just demonstrating the intensity of our desire for you. It is not. We must look directly into your eyes to shine back at you that which you send towards us. Should we look way, the reflection may fail and we must always have you in our eye.

As with all of our pretence we are unable to maintain this deceit for long. The mirror breaks and the shards of reflection fall away leaving the chasm of emotionlessness behind. The barren hinterland beyond our eyes is all that is left, bereft of anything at all. That is why in the later stages you will see nothing when you look at us. We cannot generate those real emotions and our mirror has now failed. Our real gaze is all that is left, cold, empty and lifeless.

People often remark about how the eyes are the window to the soul. Our soul left long ago and that is why you look into dead, uncaring eyes. Even though our mouth is upturned in a smile, the crows feet at the sides crease and the brow rises, our eyes betray us. Glacial and sterile they show the reality of what we are; devoid of positive emotion and spiritually bankrupt.

All that we are able to muster is hatred. Our loathing of this unjust world is so intense that it will break through when we wish to direct that hatred against you. That is when the emptiness vanishes and instead you are subjected to our laser-like, pinpoint accurate malevolent stare. I mentioned in the recollection about the cookie jar, how I had practised my withering stare one summer.

This is the precursor to our malice, our antipathy and our scorn. With consummate ease we will call on it to intimidate you and signal our contempt for you. It is powerful, unwavering and unsettling. To be on the receiving end of our hateful stare is not a pleasant experience. We muster such power with our eyes, to seduce you and then to break you, but the reality is that we only have three settings. The mirror, the void and the hatred. There is nothing else. That is all that our eyes have.

14 thoughts on “All In The Eyes

  1. Cloudy says:


    Worded in perfection

  2. Susan says:

    We have copperhead snakes in our area. I was hiking and went off the trail to get a closer look at a plant. As I walked, I suddenly had an intuition to look down. Coiled at very close range was a copperhead (google images), ready to strike. I’ve have never seen such a cold, pinpoint stare of death directed at me, bent on my destruction. Then it hit me that I had indeed seen the stare before, but it was from a human. Reptilian for certain

    The look results from chemicals released when the brain is stimulated by certain emotions. When I see the look, I always remember it’s no accident. There is a great deal going on behind the scenes and I must be vigilant. Just like the snake it means danger is eminent. Get away!

  3. kel says:

    1. Since you’re a great observer, did you learn some of this from your own experiences growing up and interacting with the narcissists in your family? For example, did you notice the mirror fail in their eyes, and that’s how you know our viewpoint and what we see?

    2. Did your empath siblings marry narcissist’s?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. Yes.

      2. Please see Chained.

      1. kel says:

        Oh I didn’t know that kind of information would be in chained, as I thought of it as being about co-dependents for some reason – that must be how old commenters know so much about you.

  4. Liza says:

    his eyes are such a glacial blue, they are verry soothing to look at, actually the coldness was what attracted me the most, he seemed so calme, and composed, it was peacefull to be around him.
    in the end his eyes were not dull or lifless, rather, there was a glint of malice, just like a child who got away with a bad action.

  5. Twilight says:

    Good day HG

    I was on another site, your lexicon is spreading. In this particular situation it was being used incorrectly……

    I also wanted to say I have read some of your newer work, beautifully written.

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  7. amanda SNapchat Queen says:

    BTW HG I have been sharing your work in citizen journalism sites that cover jeffrey epstein and keith Rainere (sex cult in NY with sex traffing) Both are narcs. My hope is that the victims of these sex traffing will be able to better understand what happened to them. Keep up the good work.
    Your fan
    –Amanda Snapchat Queen

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you for doing so.

  8. Whitney says:

    Thank you for this article my dear HG. Your voice is kind and emotive. I believe it’s natural 😄
    I had a dream about you last night. You had a new service with an automated booking system. You were available 3 days a week in a set time slot. There was a weeklong gap so I thought you must be going on holiday.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome Whitney. I am everywhere, including in your dreams.

      1. Whitney says:

        Yes of course my Darling HG. I speak about you to my friends and my mum 💝💙 My mum said you’re an example of someone making the most of their life. You’re a Great person!

        1. Renarde says:

          Jeez you two. Get a frickin’ room! 🤣🤣🤣💛🦊🎩

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