Beautiful and Barbaric


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The narcissist appears like an angel masking the malicious devilment that lies beneath. Becoming entangled in the grip of a narcissist is first a world of beauty and then one of barbaric horror. Straight from the mind of the narcissist comes this journey through the wonderful and the bewildering as you are granted direct access to the way that the narcissist behaves and thinks. To deal with the narcissist and recover from his or her malign influence requires the ability to understand the way he or she acts and thinks. This book will enable you to do both as you delve into the beautiful and barbaric world of the narcissist.

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful and Barbaric

  1. Asp Emp says:

    The words on this article……Dark Angel springs to mind……

    The image = apt – the girl being an empath and the craven masquerading as a human narcissist

    The song = empaths in ‘battle’ with narcissists

    Apparently – “In the Hindu traditions, these dark angels that do the wrong thing do not know right from wrong” – especially in relation to the Lesser Mid-Range schools (The Greaters know right from wrong, but they still do it…… ehem).

    The article also reminds me of HG’s ‘The Secret Garden’.

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