Kicking the Hornet´s Nest


Does the narcissist keep coming after you?

Are you being repeatedly hoovered?

Want to know what to avoid doing to provoke the narcissist?

Need to understand why the narcissist will not leave you alone?

You need to grasp the concept of “Kicking The Hornet´s Nest”

Through this Logic Bulletin you will gain more insight and understanding into why the narcissist behaves as he or she does, through a plethora of examples so you can ensure that you never got stung again.



One thought on “Kicking the Hornet´s Nest

  1. Joa says:

    As for the N2, I am not digging the nest at the moment.

    I stand calmly and let the hornet walk on my hand, pretending that I do not notice the sting and making sure that it does not come under my blouse 🙂


    From the diary of memories:
    He compared himself to a circling hornet several times. I replied, that I associate him with a buzzing fly. Sometimes I just did: “Bzzzz” 🙂

    I liked to banter with him, eh 🙂

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