Loved and Loathed


H.G Tudor - Loved & Loathed e-book cover


Does the narcissist really love? If he or she does, why then does the romantic relationship then descend into loathing? What causes this change that is both dramatic and perplexing?

HG Tudor explains further from his perspective and in so doing provides additional insights into the thoughts behind the deeds of him and his kind. Understand how silence is a major weapon used against you and is it a silent treatment or have you been disengaged from?

Learn about how humour is utilised by the narcissist and how this is part of his or her deceit. Gain knowledge about what happens if you dare to cheat on the narcissist. Understand why the narcissist must own you and how control of you is paramount. A host of amazing insights covering many elements of the narcissistic dynamic which will enable you to remove the fog of confusion and finally make strides forward in your recovery.

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One thought on “Loved and Loathed

  1. Asp Emp says:

    HG, as I read your words here, I was reminded of Harry’s current position from your recent videos about Harry’s wife. Your first two sentences, I understand, all too well. I found myself in a similar position, hence the “development” of my own characteristics which I had not understood about myself. Now I do, I can see it much more clearly. I no longer have that unaware extreme “need” since becoming aware of why I developed my overall “self” from an early age (instinctive and mostly unaware). Now free of the imposed ‘conditioning’, ‘exposing’ and ‘freeing’ the repressed traumas has made so much difference to my sense of self that I now have. I would not have achieved that without the existence of HG’s Legacy. Thank you, for that xxx

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