Knowing the Narcissist : The Super Empath

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  1. annaamel says:

    Hi Dani,

    I’d like to have a go at answering these SE questions.

    I do think cadres (as motivators) will influence a SE’s responses, but I reckon the more super there is in a person’s profile…

    1. The more likely they will be to challenge a problematic situation, regardless of who is instigating it. But because they also have empathy, they’d consider the bigger picture and a range of factors (like who is involved) which would determine the nature of their response.
    2. The more likely they might be to require impressive behaviour and be disappointed in some of the antics of lower level narcissists.
    3. The more likely they might be to sense or notice problems even if they are attracted and not act on that attraction or act but then remove themselves fairly quickly (or maybe even aim to control that relationship so they get what they want out of it before they are negatively affected)
    4. The more likely they are to need to feel like they are on top of a situation, so they could be a DLS if they felt it was on their terms or it didn’t overly challenge their personal ethical boundaries.
    5. The less likely they’d be to be pushed into something they’d find ethically compromising, but it may be that if subjected to a very gradual and subtle manipulation campaign their personal values could be incrementally weakened till they lose sight of what they really believe.
    6. They’re more likely to draw the line with any type inconsiderate or damaging behaviour to stop it occurring.

    1. Dani says:

      Hi Annaamel!

      Thank you for answering!

      “The more likely they will be to challenge a problematic situation…” Agreed. What if the SE’s sibling/child was with a narcissist? Would they be more likely to try to set that narcissist straight? (Mr. Tudor said that they weren’t caped crusaders off to destroy narcs everywhere.) Or would that more linked to having a substantial amount of savior in their cadre mix?

      Assuming a neutral/very low emotional thinking place, I feel like it would take a long time to wear a majority/very strong SE down for having an affair or knowingly being a DLS. If they didn’t know they were a DLS, and they thought the narcissist was just seeing them…that’s completely different…they find out the narc’s shenanigans…they leave.

  2. Dani says:

    Mr. Tudor–

    I love this series of videos on the cadres and schools. So looking forward to more about them.

    1. Are majority/very strong super empaths just as likely to draw that line in the sand with a normal/narcissistic/empathic person (be they friends and intimate partners) going through a period where they are behaving more like a narcissist or just when beginning a relationship that may turn intimate?
    2. For majority/very strong super empaths…is it likely that only the UMR, greaters, and the Ultra have the narc-craft to make it through the seduction period with them?
    3. Are majority/very strong super empaths less likely to be attracted to the lessers/LMR/MMR?
    4. Are majority/very strong SEs less likely to end up as DLS because of their tendency to draw a line?
    5. Can the stronger narcissistic traits of the majority/very strong SE be used against them to make them more prone to engaging in infidelity/other not so nice behavior?
    6. Do the majority/very strong SEs have more behaviors that they will draw the line for?

    Thank you so much for your time! Much appreciated!

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