Forbidden Fruits

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The concept of something being off limits means nothing to me. I am entitled to take what I want. That promotion at the office ? My name is already on the door. I won’t secure it by working hard. Oh no. I will take the credit for the endeavour of others. I will embark on a rigorous campaign to derail your own attempts to secure the advancement. Bought a new car which I regard as superior to mine. Not much good with the tyres slashed is it? Or strange how the police keep pulling you over on suspicion of drink driving isn’t it? Everything is a legitimate target to me. Everything is in play.

I will engage in repeatedly reckless behaviours to get what I want. I do not care whose lawn I park my tanks on, I go where I want. I will not respect your boundaries because I just do not see them. What I love to do most of all however is take something precious belonging to you. On the lesser end of the scale I will hide possessions which you value or I will break them. Naturally, I will blame someone else, usually you. The scale of hurt increases. I will worm my way into your friendship group and cause them to like me more than you by a combination of a charm offensive (call in the love bombers) and a carefully orchestrated smear campaign of nasty whispers (you’ll never guess what she said about you) with the ultimate aim of you being edged out of the group. I will then walk away from the group because I am really not interested in them, I just wanted to get at you. At the top of the tree is the forbidden fruit of stealing someone else’s partner. Often these people will be in a solid and decent relationship but such is the level of my charm, such is the attention to detail I apply in tracking my prey, it is just a question of time before I pull them away from you. I will wreck relationships. I will shatter marriages. All to feed my hunger. As ever, once I have drained the flesh and juices from the forbidden fruit, I shall discard it and leave a battered, empty husk as I move on to the next piece of low hanging fruit. Now you know what the serpent in the garden of Eden was. Me.

11 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruits

  1. ST says:

    Thank you for being so honest. It is hard for me to imagine any narc admitting one iota of this. I don’t think it is the jealousy, power/control hunger, selfishness, etc. that makes a narc so bad. Lots of people would willingly and happily surrender all their power and control to another for love so that isn’t the problem. Some people enjoy rousing and experiencing the jealousy of their mate so that isn’t the problem. Some people are also vain and selfish so they would make a perfect match with another vain, selfish person. These things are not the problem with a narc. Instead it is what you just described and so many people don’t get that. It is very deep, nasty, and insidious. It is the core of their being, it isn’t just little character flaws here and there. Very few people can get this. Again, I can’t believe you admitted this very unflattering and nasty side.
    I hope as you continue your blog and videos, you will little by little internalize how nasty and futile this character is and eventually let it go. I believe narcissism is a choice. There is a better way, I hope you find it and choose it. The older you get, the more you will need the better way. Narcissism may give you power in youth, but as an old man it can leave you withered, powerless, and alone. Find a better path before it is too late. I don’t like narcissists, but I don’t wish anything bad on any of you including those who have hurt me. I wish every one of you to find the way out of this darkness.

  2. Julie says:

    He went against rules constantly even when there was no logical reason to do so, simply because he disagreed with the rule. Littering, excessive noise, etc…

    He repeatedly slept with married women. Slept with students. Slept with multiple people where they knew not of each other, even though he claimed it was ‘open relationhip’ style. Why do I know this? Because he told me about it all the time in order to triangulate and convince me of how virile and desired he is. Personally I wasn’t ever particularly impressed with the sex and then of course he started to withhold.

    This post is possibly the most eye-opening of them all. That’s saying something!

  3. Juliette says:

    This sounds like something from a movie, a horror one at that. It’s hard to imagine a person doing all of this, with such malicious intent. Isn’t it exhausting? Do you have photographic memory? Don’t believe my memory is capable of remembering extensive information about multiple people the way you do. My head hurts just thinking about it.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Not exhaustive. I have an excellent memory and I am highly skilled at observing and analysing patterns.

  4. byoung19963 says:

    Yes the serpent I thought of that a few weeks ago..something told me there was a reptilian connection to my narc…and then I drew that connection. There are MANY…the most angry is when he was exposed he got so enraged his face shape shifted in front of my eyes briefly it was crazy

    1. malignnarc says:

      We do not like exposure. It will ignite the rage.

    2. Alice says:

      The same happened to me “the thought of a reptilian connection to the narc” – I had the exact same thought! That was the very moment I started researching online. I googled “no empathy”, “emotionally unavailable man”, “anger”, “rage”, “cruel”, “non-sense”, “cold reptile eyes”… it took me a couple of weeks but then I was absolutely sure that he is a narcissistic personality disordered individual. Not even an individual, how sad.

      Once you get them, they are very easy to predict and figure out. They are trapped in the routine(s) of their different narc grounds. They can’t escape that, it’s rigid, it’s their trap: always crashing in the same car.

  5. Stacey says:

    Lmao. Glad my juices weren’t drained. He tried. But I tried harder and fought him. Lol. And I’m still juicy. As a peach. However, he is the one who is dried out and worn out. And old.😄 Just wanted to share that tidbit.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Be my guest

    2. malignnarc says:

      Juicy as a peach. You have my interest. Do elaborate.

      1. Stacey says:

        Sure. My husband tried to drain me dry for his own personal gain. He did not succeed. 4 months away from him now , and I am back to my sweet peach self. In other words, he tried to suck me dry. However , I am still like a peach. Juicy meaning FULL OF LIFE. And sweet like a peach. 😄

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