Narc Detector

One of the most fundamental questions that must be answered is

“Is he or she a narcissist?”

You need to detect the narcissist and who better to do so on your behalf than me, with my extensive and unrivalled expertise.

Whether it is your husband, girlfriend, boss, brother, neighbour or best friend, ascertaining whether this person is a narcissist (or not) is crucial with regard to putting your mind at ease, formulating a plan to deal with the manipulations of the narcissist and to enabling you to secure freedom.

Knowing if the relevant person is a narcissist is the foundation stone of achieving understanding and freedom.

Submit to me information about the individual as per the guidance sheet which is provided once the consultation is booked and engage my narcissist detection expertise to confirm whether the person is a narcissist and if so, their school and cadre.

The process

  1. Effect payment.
  2. You will be e-mailed a common sense protocol governing the terms of the consultation.
  3. You will be e-mailed a guidance sheet assisting you with the type of information you should provide to maximise the accuracy of my assessment.
  4. You then submit up to 1500 words. (Additional can be purchased if required).
  5. I will provide an audio file confirming whether the individual is a narcissist and if so, explaining why along with detail as to their school and cadre. This will be provided within 96 hours of submission of your information.

To effect payment, use the PayPal button below and I shall be in touch  shortly thereafter.

(Please note if you experience a delay in hearing from me this is likely to be as a consequence of my absence owing to professional matters. Feel free to email me and if I am away, my out of office reply will give you the relevant details as to when you can expect to hear from me.)

Narc Detector

42 thoughts on “Narc Detector

  1. Jenna says:

    I love this new consultation ‘narc detector’. It was not in effect whn I was entangled. Instead, I had audio consults and told my story. But it was exciting because I got to hear HG’s humor, which is a great add-on in the consults! I have to admit, I would get a little nervous before consult, because like you know, HG Tudor n all, but needless to say, he made me feel at ease.

    Ok, who on earth is ‘shieldmaiden’? I think she is his current IPPS but how did she get this name and why am I amongst the last to find out about her?! I think I need to read comments more often!

    HG, about your new dynamic (which I don’t know much about other than it is with a lady called shieldmaiden), would you consider writing an article describing how it is specific to your case only due to your level of awareness, which cannot be achieved by anyone else unless 1)they write hundreds of books and articles on narcissism, 2)see the good doctors regularly, 3)read thousands of comments from empaths about the narc-empath dynamic, and 4)have your level of intelligence. I had to write condition #4 because when I was scared you were richard grannon for an hour or so, you almost freaked out saying you are much more intelligent than him lol! But obviously what was I thinking?!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello jenna, if you read the comments you will find many answers (and also on IG) which will save my fingers. As for writing an article, I don’t think I need to now do I?! You’ve covered the main points!

      1. Jenna says:

        Hi HG,

        I thought an article may be advantageous because you could simply direct anyone who has questions about ironmaiden, er I mean shieldmaiden, to the article instead of answering every time. I read some comments on another thread where many people asked you questions about it and I feel that yes, your fingers may get tired, and that it would explain once and for all why this dynamic (I assume it’s a nice dynamic) would only work for you and you alone. Also, even if you are less destructive towards shieldmaiden, you would still have a second life behind her back where you would have many ipss’s and would be cheating left, right, and center. Btw, I see an exclamation mark in your response to me which delights me because it means you are being a little emotive. Of course, it could be mirroring, lol!

    2. K says:

      Hello Jenna
      These threads will help explain the New Dynamic with the ShieldMaiden. Use the shortcut control+F or command+F (mac) and use the keywords: shieldmaiden or new dynamic. Enjoy!

      Keyword: new dynamic works on this thread.

      1. Jenna says:


        Thank you so much! You’re a darling! I am looking forward to reading these comments!

        1. K says:

          My pleasure Jenna!
          I think you will enjoy the reading very much.

      2. amanda SNapchat says:

        I recently discovered HG'[s instagram. I feel scared when I see the pictures of him and shieldmaiden. She seems to be very controlled. She doesn;t move when the pictures is taken and lays out everything to be perfect for the view HG wants. I tried to take similar pictures with my bf today. He kept moving, eating his food etc. I realized that to get the pictures HG has the other person has to agree to stop moving. She is under control his control. I think seeing this scares me. I feel we are watching a lion about to eat his pray.

        does anyone else feel scared and bothered from the pictures?
        I would love to comment on the instagram posts. But my greater narc I think has access to my IG (he is a politician and I think facebook gave them access.There are several reasons why I suspect this.)
        Please keep your blog HG. fuck Facebook.

        I will say I find HG’s instagram posts very entertaining. Great imagination HG,.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are reading too much into the pictures, it only takes a moment to create a photograph and I am not always the one taking the picture.

      3. amanda SNapchat says:

        Thanks HG. You might be right that I am reading too much into them. I have a big job interview and I am stressed. I took my stress out in the analysis of your pics.
        I really like your style of posts for instagram. It is very entertaining. I tried to do the same on mine. But nobody commented on my pics :'( It is hard to be as interesting as you. Keep up the excellent writing. You also do great marketing. I think you are an amazing entrepreneur. Keep up the good work.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You have no need to apologise.

  2. BurntKrispyKeen says:

    I can imagine that Shieldmaiden’s fuel was delightful after all of your efforts, HG. Did she immediately don the item pulled out of that famous “robin egg blue” bag?

  3. MB says:

    HG, I hope you are working on having yourself cloned!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Ha ha, they broke the spawning vat after me!

      1. MB says:

        HG, did you shop, select, purchase, and wrap SM’s birthday gifts yourself?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Who said it was The Shieldmaiden’s birthday? It might be MatriNarc’s.

          1. MB says:


          2. HG Tudor says:

            No, it is The Shieldmaiden’s birthday. I sourced everything, paid for everything, wrapped everything – I am very good, you know.

          3. MB says:

            I know you are HG. I hope you will be just as good next Feb 7th!

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Of course.

          5. NarcAngel says:

            Haha. It could be your birthday.

          6. HG Tudor says:

            Indeed as I never actually said whose it is, but no, it is not mine.

          7. foolme1time says:

            NA Maybe you could help me understand why so many people think this is such a wonderful thing. I understand it is HG and we all admire him, but he is still a narcissist. Even if he has changed his dynamic and this is the one ( aren’t they all at first ) he will still be looking for that negative fuel. Maybe not from SM but someone somewhere will be hurt. I tried to follow along on Instagram but decided to delete my account. The people on there ( not all ) waiting for him to devour her makes me physically sick. Making jokes! So many people have been hurt by these people, there self worth and respect taken away. Some pushed so far that they took there own lives. But yet some are more concerned of the gifts he bought her then the gifts he may take from her. My own ex is standing outside the office door as I write this. He will be here for at least the next six months. Everyday is a struggle. Everyday I must remind myself who and what I’m dealing with! It honestly crossed my mind that perhaps if HG can change maybe there is a chance he could also! I had to lock myself in here and come to the blog so that my senses could come back to me! He won’t and can’t change! HG is different! Perhaps you and HG can get it across and emphasize to some who may have thought as I just did that they don’t change! Thank you NA.

          8. K says:

            I completely understand your POV about the IG. I feel happy, excited, hopeful (that cruel mistress), apprehensive and sad all at once about the New Dynamic. It is a little disconcerting.

          9. NarcAngel says:

            I don’t have any more insight than anyone else here. Perhaps less in some cases, and that has caused me to question many things lately, but I can give you my early opinion. I don’t read the comments on IG generally as thinking it’s a great idea. I see a mixture of emotion. Some are being positive because they hope for a different outcome not only for HG and SM, but because any success could mean strides forward in the research and management/treatment of NPD. This would not be anytime in the near future and HG has repeatedly maintained that success is not guaranteed and it is not recommended for those who do not posess his level of intelligence and awareness. It is business as usual with No Contact and GOSO for others as we observe this new venture and it’s evolvement. They also recognize that this is the golden period and all is well for both at this juncture. Who knows? Maybe she will walk away after a time. No guarantees either way (despite HG’s feeling that every battle is won before it starts). Some have doubt. This is due in part to weaponization at HG’s own hand. He knows this and although it may cause irritation for him to have to repeat himself about NC and GOSO and that this is an experiment at this point, it also must bring him some pride to know that we are citing the reasons we doubt as due to things he has taught us. Still others are quite negative. I see this as understandable due to each individuals experience and where they are in their healing. For some the wounds and memory are too fresh to be viewing what appears to them to be watching a car crash in slow motion. An invasion of privacy even. It also brings up the pain and perhaps a little jealousy that they are viewing what they once had and no longer are experiencing. The injustice that it is possible for someone right now and why not them? I fully understand FM1T and I share in your concern, but I am willing to observe to the extent that I think it possible for me to gain any further understanding. Then I’m out. If anyone thinks they cannot gain anything positive from it or that it will cause too much triggering or flooding of emotional thinking, my personal opinion is that they should abstain from participating/viewing. I respect that you have recognized it’s effect on you and have chosen this route for yourself.


          10. windstorm says:

            Good explanation. I have a hard time understanding reactions to HGs IG, too.

            Since you apparently check it out, at least occasionally, sure do hope you’ll make my day n open an IG acct under NarcAngel using a new email that can’t possibly identify you IRL and connect up with me!!! (Considered 20 “!” but dont want to make you gag)

          11. MB says:

            NA, ditto what WS typed!

          12. Lou says:

            Something I don’t quite understand is why people are reacting so dramatically when we all knew there was always someone in HGs life living a golden period or being devalued. Jokes were sometimes made in this blog about Kim and his supposedly new IPPSs. Were we all that concerned about these ladies? No, I don’t remember reading comments about them.
            HG is now saying he wants to make his relationship with this lady work by trying a new dynamic. Interesting. Bravo.
            Will it work? We will see. There are certainly many obstacles.
            Do I find HG’s method to show his experiment a little exhibitionniste? Yes I do.
            Do I find it unfair towards SM? I do. I certainly do not agree to the fact he is publishing pictures of her without she knowing (although no one can recognize her). That doesn’t go with what I”d expect from a new dynamic.
            Do I believe he should open up and let her know what he is? Absolutely.
            But he says he has a plan, so I have decided to observe and see his plan unfold. I find the whole thing already quite interesting with all this discussion going on on the blog.
            I think HG is being honest in his intention to be different with the SM and not to hurt her. I think there are a lot of patterns that are deeply ingrained in him that will be difficult to change. SM must have hers as wel, for sure. Everyone has issues. Relationships require a lot of different things to work and they don’t seem to work most of the time. So it is not a battle won but I trust that HG and SM will be intelligent enough to figure things out and grow from the experience. That’s if he decides to tell her what he is.

          13. windstorm says:

            I pretty much agree with what you said. I feel the same concern for this woman as I did for all his past ones. I do hope that this one won’t get abused and hurt as much as the previous ones. I know that he can lessen his abusive behavior if he puts out the necessary effort and self control as I have witnessed other greater narcs do it. Lessen – not stop entirely. I doubt that’s possible.

            I think there is more interest in SM because he is posting pics and describing things going on right now. He had not done that in the past. It pulls more on our empathy to see pics of her sitting at dinner, maybe right now, probably unaware of what type of person he really is. It also is an entertainment- like reality tv.

            That’s what I theorize, but honestly I don’t really understand the nature of all the comments on his pictures. I feel a mix of strong and varied emotions from the comments that disturbs me and makes me feel uncomfortable.

          14. Jenna says:

            Hi Windstorm or anyone on IG,

            Does HG have pics of SM on IG? I do not log into IG because I don’t want to see the MMRN. Is there any way to upload thd pics here?

          15. Jenna says:

            OK, I was able to check it without logging in! Omg, there is a pic of SM’s back! She has pretty blonde hair. I have mixed feelings. You are giving us a visual taste of your world, yet I feel sorry for her that you are taking pics behind her back (pun intended). You are teasing us really with all these pics. You know we will zoom in and try to figure out where you are, clues about you and so forth. Poor SM.

          16. HG Tudor says:

            She knows I am taking the pictures, she sees me doing so and I have told her also.

          17. Jenna says:

            Oh good to know! Thanks HG!

          18. Lou says:

            Thanks for your reply WS.

          19. Lou says:

            Sorry WS, my previous comment was not directed at you specifically but I”d be interested to read your perspective about HG’s new dynamic, if you’re willing to share.

          20. foolme1time says:

            NA Thank you for always using logic! My emotions were all over the place yesterday and I knew I needed to get to the blog. I agree with all that you say. I believe for now Instagram just triggers to many emotional out breaks for me to handle. I do realize with what ever the outcome might be, it will be a learning experience. That is another reason I wanted to try and stick it out. Do you see the push and pull that is going on with me just from something so simple! Thank you for always being right here when I need you!! You have know idea how much I respect and look to you for logical advice. 😘😘

      2. kel says:

        You’d Spoil your Matrinarc? 1) Something she’s allergic to, 2) A book by an author she hates, 3) An unflattering family picture in a frame, 4) Celebrity perfume, 5) HG Tudor book maybe Evil or Revenge or Manipulated

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Ha ha, very good.

      3. K says:

        My money is on September 22 for HG’s birthday.

      4. Mercy says:

        Definitely missing our witty host! Hope all is going well with SM

      5. MB says:

        HG, have you and The Shieldmaiden been to visit Matrinarc yet?

        1. HG Tudor says:


      6. kel says:

        If HG’s birthday is in September, then he’s definitely not Travis Fimmel (too bad!) and ShieldMaiden isn’t Katheryn Winnick!

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