Skjoldmø – The Shieldmaiden


You know of The Shieldmaiden 

Shortly you shall have the chance to learn more about her and my dynamic with her

In readiness for this, here is your opportunity to ask in the comments section all the questions you wish for my consideration in preparation to then answer you with the forthcoming article about The Shieldmaiden



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  1. H.G. has this article been released yet?

    In terms of infedility… I’m seeing a lot of questions about this and had questions/comments of my own.

    I once worked with a female narc who had been with her husband for 17 years and they have 3 young kids etc. Being we only worked together whether she cheated or not… I don’t know. But to be honest I don’t think she did/does…. I would imagine her facade of the perfect family was far too important to her and if she did cheat… it would have been very hush hush.

    H.G. is a narc feels it will benefit themselves to be faithful…. I’m assuming they will do so ?

    Also are there some narcs who are more concerned about facade (such as the one I mentioned) then cheating ? Meaning they would just use other methods to gain thier fuel responses?

      1. Then either there are many many narcissist spouses who never ever get caught, through decades of marriage,

        or their husband/wife just keeps lying to friends that (s)he’s such a faithful loving spouse.

  2. HG this relationship works or if us empaths. even think it will won’t that stoke our emotional Thinking Hg and fly in the face of all the guidance you have given hete
    I just worry that some Ladies may think they can be a SM for their narc.After all if you can be cured by this woman why can’t we do the same
    It’s a like putting a flame to gas for our Et and fantasy. you said you do not change, for us to even mildly entertain this thought of SM changing you will make GOSO and no contact even harder
    Just my thoughts


    1. I agree 100% Kiki. I think that HG should get rid of SM and instead use all the energy he was investing in her to create a dating site for empaths. That can be his new side hustle and keep him entertained. HG would not date the empaths but rather provide guidance on dates etc. People would pay HG high commissions to be part of the exclusive dating space that had validated empaths and ensured there are no narcs other than HG.

      DUMP SM! DUMP SM!!!

      1. Haha ASnapchat

        That’s good.
        Seriously though I cannot entertain the SM thing.
        Of course I don’t wish her any devaluation etc poor woman she is innocent but This post has a certain dangerous smugness to it and for me contradicts all I’ve learned here.
        SM isn’t some holy goddess who has special narc curing powers she is a normal woman .For us empaths to even think she is this super woman capable of turning HG into a loving man is built on our innate love of rescuing ,fantasy etc the very thing that keeps us trapped.
        HG is showing us a golden period where we are even believing it just as we did with our own narcs.
        I cannot believe it for a moment it’s too dangerous for me.
        It’s a trigger for me anyway.
        Ex narc bday today and I’m holding strong to no contact .
        I cannot even think that there could be hope or I would be overtaken by my ET and use his bday as an excuse to contact him.
        It’s hard and I think the SM relationship makes it harder for me anyhow.
        Somehow it makes me feel are we lesser empaths or women that we can’t do what this SM seems to be able to do with our narcs.
        Not a good road to go on for my self worth .
        That’s just me though as I’m highly sensitive right now.


  3. I believe this relationship is meant to last. I think that this girl, apart from being good looking and having been blessed with a strong personality and amazing intellect, can truly keep HG interested – and is independent enough not to become needy/clingy and make her fuel become stale.
    She will keep giving sweet love while being herself and kicking ass.

    On a partially related note, I watched a VIKINGS trailer the other day and it gave me goosebumps. SHIELDWAAALLLL!! Loved it. I wish I could go back in time and join their army.
    Anyway, all the best to HG, who is very much loved, both by his girlfriend and by his loyal readers.

    1. EmP I agree! And also the fact that HG wants to make this work for both of them already makes a huge difference. I don’t worry about Shield Maiden at all. I think that she’s blessed with a very strong sense of self aside from good looks and intellect. It would be nice to someday see who they really are.

      1. Mommypino, ultimately it is up to HG. If he wants it to work, it will.
        I can’t wait to find out what triggered the shift in the dynamic however.

        PS I don’t think we will ever find out who they are!!

        1. EmP unfortunately I think you’re right. I can only imagine the possible harassments and problems that they might face if their identities are revealed. It’s not worth the trouble. HG is still making a legacy and weaponising empaths whether we know who he is or not.

  4. Nunya biz, I just saw a comment on yours to me from April 1 but I cannot find it in my email so I cannot figure out how to reply. I just wanted to say thank you.

    1. You are welcome, SMH! I enjoy your comments. I don’t remember what it was either and I can never find my past comments if I don’t keep them open for a bit.

      1. Nunya Biz, I spent a lot of time searching on the comments trying to find either one of mine so I can read it again properly if someone has responded to it, or someone else’s that I want to respond to. They don’t always show up properly in my email.

        1. Same here. I do wish wordpress would save/log a list of all comments I’ve made, but eh, I like a little uncertainty.

        2. SMH, NB, I have the same problems. I also have problems to like people’s comments so I decided to stop trying but I’m worried I give the impression of never liking anyone’s replies. Far from reality though, I like everything and if there were hearts here, I would love comments instead.

  5. HG Tudor
    JANUARY 5, 2017 AT 17:48
    I am indirectly linked to Parliament.

    This could mean anything. I am guessing a person who analyzes some financial aspect of the government of UK. or he could be a govt employee. Interesed in economic strategy and big picture. Thinking analytics/analyst/contributing data to written reports..

  6. HG my quesion would be, will you dare to allow yourself to form an attachment to the shieldmaiden.

      1. This is an interesting question and answer. I personally don’t think you need to form an attachment to SM (can you anyway?), as long as you know what your part is to make the relationship work, if that is what you want. There are many kinds of attachments and I think they all involve some degree of co-dependency, which is not necessarily good, neither for the couple nor for the person with the attachment. This is a more complex subject because there must be some kind of interdependency, or at least a commitment from both parts to make it work, a commitment to the other, but also, and mainly, a commitment to oneself (especially for an empath). IMO, SM should have the same more detached approach in her relationship with you, HG. She seems to be strong and independent and that is good. I guess that is one of the reasons you thought of her as a potential partner. However, if she is an empath, she should have the facts to know the kind of attachment or the degree of detachment she needs to have with you.
        HG, you have stated before that you would try to be monogamous in your relationship with SM. Do you think you could be enough to tell her you have slept with another woman (if you ever do so)?
        I know this is a delicate question which is not easy to answer for anyone in a relationship, but I wonder if you have included this kind of honesty in your intention of having a new dynamic with her.

          1. HG-
            You state that you will not cheat on shieldmaiden- That is contradictory to just about all of your writings about narcissists re: their infidelity. You have several articles etc. which state that as a pretty much guaranteed trait of all narcissists.
            So are you morphing out of narcissism – Or will your writings have to be edited? Or neither?
            I have thought that about not just infidelity but about other things we’re seeing with shieldmaden as well-

          2. Incorrect in part.

            1. I am in the golden period. We do not cheat during the golden period, therefore to state I will not cheat on the Shieldmaiden is not contradictory.
            2. It is indeed the case that there is some form of infidelity when devaluation occurs. As I have explained many times, this is an entirely different dynamic for a variety of reasons. I do not intend to cheat, I may not ever cheat because of this different dynamic or maybe it will occur (we shall have to see).
            3. For all other narcissists my work remains correct re infidelity. You and the other readers will not meet me and have a romanitc relaitonship with me, thus the new dyanmic is applicable to me and me only for very specific reasons. Accoridngly, everything I have written remains valid to all other narcissists and THESE are the narcissists you will come across.

          3. HG, could you give a rough estimate (percentage) of your former girlfriends that knew for sure you were cheating on them and stayed anyway?
            I guess most of them knew deep down but did not leave because you were messing up with their minds and they were also in denial.
            But were there a lot of them that really knew and tolerated your infidelities?

          4. So you never got home late at night smelling of soap, or sex or some other woman’s parfum to provoke a reaction from your IPPS?
            I thought that was the kind of thing you’d do but I may be mistaken.

          5. I have.

            The question was ‘so have any known you were cheating and not stayed’. Some suspected, they stayed. A few knew, they stayed.

          6. Maybe I did not formulate my question clearly. What I wanted to know was how many knew and stayed anyway.
            I assume you did all these things with all your IPPSs. That means they all decided to lie to themselves one way or another, close their eyes and stay (except for the few that did leave). I believe you were very good at messing with their minds, but I think there was acceptance on their part too; they all decided to stay because the benefits they got from being with you were greater than the hurt of your infidelity.
            Thanks for your reply.

          7. IMO, if you came home late smelling of sex, or soap or some other woman’s parfum, they knew and stayed. All of them.
            I am not judging them, HG. I can see there were many aspects playing in the situation.

          8. Dear HG, Your story with Shieldmaden does plant seeds of hope in our empath’s head and heart , I should say.
            Maybe, you have and I did not come across it, put a warning out there for us ?
            I know other Narcs are not you and don’t have the good DR … So we should not start dreaming .
            Love xox

          9. Hello OMJ, I have issued repeated warnings about it, so much so I have grown tired of doing so.

          10. HG, do you consider writing to random women online while having IPPS some flirtarious messages like “You are so beautiful, I’d love to meet you in person” a form of cheating? Is it something a narcissist who is in Golden Period with his IPPS wouldn’t typically do? Would you do it in GP with the SM??

      2. “Blondie, on April 4, 2019 at 20:06
        HG my quesion would be, will you dare to allow yourself to form an attachment to the shieldmaiden.”

        HG Tudor on April 10, 2019 at 20:31
        Do I need to – that is the real question you should be asking.”

        >>> I think the question should be- Do you want to?

  7. I saw the photos on KTN Instagram without creating an account. The photos appear to be of romantic dinners and romantic scenery, some travel too. I will make a prediction. Since SM is substantially younger than HG and good looking and has some kind of celebrity potential via professional work the dynamic may work (for a while) because that is what a narcissist craves. A strong independent successful woman in the public eye. HG analysed his future potential of landing someone like the SM with possibilities getting lower with age so he has no choice but to settle. Not only settle but use that union as revenge against his family and in the eyes of the law trying to prove he is a changed man. It is a plan that will benefit him from different angles – including on an intimate level and his grand design. SM will unknowingly act as his accessory to his plan. I give HG 4 years with SM together dating + married before he cheats on her and I’m being generous. Just my intuition. Thought? Have at it.

    1. Sniglet,

      Shieldmaiden as an ‘accessory’ to his plan. Ooh, I never thought of that! The plot thickens! This is better than reality TV (which I do not watch because why would I want to keep up with the Kardashians?). This on the other hand is Hg, someone we know, so we want to keep up! Also, it advances our knowledge about narcissism. It’s like taking a field course at Tudor University. And the SM remains anonymous so I don’t feel like I am being intrusive into her very private life. As long as Hg doesn’t answer the very personal questions that have been asked about her, and only answers the questions that are relevant to him. That is just my opinion though, and others have every right to have a different opinion! I agree Sniglet. Hg will definitely get bored and cheat, after a few years. But who knows maybe if by then he decides to consciously change? He would have to fight against his natural tendencies, but being a greater, I think he has the ability to do it. The question is, will he have enough internal motivation to do it?

      1. Jenna

        I agree that HG should not divulge too much personal information about any woman he is dating like name, where she lives, date of birth – where people can track her down.

        Going back to his first marriage, HG wrote words to the effect of that one reason he married was because it was good for his career and reputation. Is this new relationship the same? Yes but add lust to it. HG talks of the ‘dynamic’ being different. For me the word dynamic alone, in connection with HG, conjures up thoughts of an engineering or science project. Something mechanical. Hardly warm and fuzzy to the soul when talking about relationships.

        People don’t typically describe their relationship numerous times as differently dynamic from previous affairs… something unsettling about that. HG is not yet internally and emotionally open. As expected since he is a narc. He is going through the dating and lusting motions. In many instances I focus more on what he does not write rather than what he writes. What he leaves out is carefully planned and unwritten.

  8. Yeah, the mysterious SM.

    I’m basing what I have to say next on the premise that the SM does not know about the forthcoming article. If she does and has consented – all good.

    I could be wrong but I don’t think she does. In that sense, this is just wrong.

    Like HG, I have rules. My first rule is that if I perceive someone to be a narc then I know already that they will have hurt people, massively. In that respect then if I say and publish things freely I do because I perceive a N as ‘fair game’.

    But this isn’t a narc; she’s an empath.

    If she does not know that she is being written about – then it’s wrong. And such detailed questions too? It’s wrong and I am really very surprised that people are being dragged into this.

    How many of the commentators have actually been written about on the internet in a personal and private way? It’s probably not a lot but I have. Although I came out of it well, it was still a massive shock and an invasion of my privacy to boot.

    I really am surprised that a lot of you cannot see this? Or am I being daft?

    1. Renarde
      No, I don’t think you’re being daft. However, we not only don’t know SM, we don’t even know HG. They’re just figments of our imaginations. As such I assume anything’s fair game, we’ve certainly asked him all sorts of personal things. Sometimes he answers, sometimes he doesn’t. I assume he’ll do the same with questions re: SM.

    2. Renarde, That is just about the only thing that I asked as I also find it disturbing that he is writing about her on here and on IG. I think my only other question was whether she knew about his narcissism.

      1. I’m in agreement with you SMH and I did see your comment as well. HG is free to do as he pleases but as I share the same school and cadre I have an affinity for her.

      1. Dear SMH,
        Shanks gorgeous … I just couldn’t resist 🤣
        It’s the only store one can make fun of
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

        1. So true, Bubbles, though there is Walmart in the US. There’s a website called ‘people of Walmart.’ Check it out for some laughs. Of course it is the people not the store itself, though they are drawn there. xx

  9. Does she have any pets? If so, what kind and how many? How many more years younger than you is she? Does she know you don’t want kids? Does she want kids? Has she ever been married before? If so, how many times?

  10. How have you described your mother to her?

    Has she ever met your mother?

    What does she think of your mother?

    Are you honest with her about how mean your mother is or do you triangulate and make your mother out to be the perfect woman that SM will never measure up to?

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