A Further 50 Famous Narcissists & When Famous Narcissists Collide

  A further howitzer of information about 50 famous narcissists drawn from the worlds of film, pop and rock music, religious cults, politicians and world leaders, business and sport. Each individual has been placed under The Tudorscope to enable you to know their school and cadre, to aid your continued understanding of narcissism. Also includes […]

The Weighty Eighty

“HG, tell me, is Kylie Minogue a narcissist?” “HG what is the assessment of Joe Biden?” “HG, can you tell me if Tom Hanks is a narc?” The hunger for knowledge about the famous continues and accordingly HG Tudor has produced more assessments of the famous. Now, it is the Weighty Eighty – a collection […]

50 Famous Narcissists or Not?

    You wanted more and who am I to say no? “HG, is Justin Trudeau a narcissist?” “HG, what about Ghislaine Maxwell?” “HG, is JK Rowling one of yours?” Want to know about these three famous/infamous individuals and whether they are narcissists and if so, their school and cadre? Of course you do. HG […]