Poll – How Did You Find Out The Narcissist Was Cheating?



It will nearly always occur when you have been entangled with a narcissist. It may come in many forms, emotional, intellectual, financial and the one that most people know and the one which causes the most pain, physical or sexual infidelity.

If you did not think your narcissist cheated on you, it is probably because you just did not find out. However, many people do find out. Sometimes it is a brutal awakening when they thought there was nothing wrong, such as walking in on the narcissist in bed with someone else or seeing a damning text message apppear on the narcissist’s ‘phone. Perhaps you found some physical evidence of infidelity – the narcissist smelling heavily of an unfamiliar perfume, missing condoms, underwear or clothing that is not yours, bites or scratch marks on that person or the traditional lipstick on the collar. You may have had suspicions and did some sleuthing, finding evidence of e-mail exchanges or subscriptions to dating sites or hook-up sites. Maybe the news came from a third party who had seen the narcissist out and about with The Other Person. Perhaps it wasa more direct as The Other Person contacted you to tell you what was going on or maybe the narcissist told you him or herself as part of the devaluation.

You may choose more than one answer before casting your vote and as ever do expand in the comments section about the experience. How did you feel? What did you do? What happened thereafter?

Thank you for participating.

How did you uncover the narcissist's infidelity?

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126 thoughts on “Poll – How Did You Find Out The Narcissist Was Cheating?

  1. They Called Me Canada says:

    Found texts on his phone, actual photos of it, underwear that werent mine, told by friends, there were so many others.. but i always went back.
    Never again!!!

  2. Tappan Zee says:

    Derpy— right ::eyeroll::

  3. Dutchy says:

    PS: My husbands former girlfriend committed suicide. I now know why. You could never feel more lonely and depressed than when living with a narc. I found old letters of my husband to this girlfriend, reading how he used and manipulated her. This was the frist time I really felt hatred towards him, when I felt he was in a way responsible for her death.

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