A Less Than Royal Narcissist : The Oprah Interview




Oprah Winfrey´s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will air on Sunday 7th March in the US and on Monday 8th March in the UK. This interview will provide a further fascinating opportunity to see the narcissistic dynamic in effect. Ensure that you are upto speed with the terminology, insight and observations that have already taken place by using the links below to gain access to unrivalled analysis and explanations.


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54 thoughts on “A Less Than Royal Narcissist : The Oprah Interview

  1. Duchessbea says:

    Seriously Don’t know why you talk about these two clowns. Users and fakers the lot of them. Only out for what they can get. Fk the rest. Boring. Next.

  2. Jay Greenbelt says:

    From the moment at the engagement interview Harry said how surprised he was at how quickly he fell in love with her, I knew she was a narcissist..

  3. Ciara says:

    It is sad Archie has to go through this.

  4. CandaceMarie says:

    The amount of sympathy Meghan received on social media after the interview was sickening. There was only a handful of people who actually felt she was behind everything and wasn’t good for Harry. They know something isn’t right with her but don’t know what it could be. Of course if you comment anything bad about Meghan, you get attacked.

  5. Violetta says:

    Been working my way through HG’s analysis one day at a time (listening at home, since I don’t want co-workers to figure out I’ve posted about them), just finished 17.

    Politicians are squabbling about how tht Covid relief bill is being ignored while people argue about Dr. Seuss and Meghan Markle. My reaction is that this level of scandal, not the “fairytale” (possibly invalid per CoE practice) wedding, is what MM dreamed of all along. The virginal white dress (for a 3rd wedding, in her 30s) and coach ride waving to the public were only the precursors and the groundwork to the tearful Panorama interview and revelations of suicidal urges (Diana threw herself down the stairs when pregnant with William).

    It makes sense only if you know about fuel, because otherwise, most people would think (and many do), “You had a steady job with great benefits for life: cut a few ribbons, thank the volunteer firemen of West Bumblefuck for their hard work, and in return you get a pretty cushy lifestyle, but you fucked it up. Now you’re burning through Diana’s estate, but it won’t last at the rate you’re spending”

    This will work for a while, but eventually, people will be up in arms about something else. Meghan’s place in the history books is assured, but her scandal and the resulting attention (fuel) will fade, as did that of Balloon Boy or Octomom–or Wallis herself. With the exception of the inevitable PBS documentary, and perhaps a film version such as the one about the Profumo affair that put Joanne Whalley on the map, but there will inevitably be a recurring fuel crisis. She can only divorce Harry or engage in custody battles for so long to keep the fuel pumping, although I think we can look forward to a demonstration of many of the ploys HG described in his work on Narcissists in Court.

    1. A Victor says:

      Do you suppose the royal family made her sign something that she would relinquish rights on any children in the event of divorce? Or would that not be a concern given the distance from the throne that the children are?

      1. Violetta says:

        If they did, she will still try to get around it, and wail, “They’re trying to STEAL my CHILDREN!” There is some British law that all descendants belong to the Queen, but MM can try to use American patriotism to defy nasty old tyrannical Mother England: 1776, and all. The palace may decide, “Goodbye and good riddance, have a nice life in L.A.” at which point MM will wail that they are denying Archie his rightful inheritance. The fact that these claims are completely contradictory–is Archie an American citizen with no obligation to obey British law, or is he a British royal being cheated out of his rank Because Race?–will not stop her from making them.

        My work narc recently complained to the Director that I should be doing something according to the Y method. Unfortunately, she had previously complained to the Assistant Director that I ought to be using the X method, and even requested that the A.D. provide me with a demonstration, so it wasn’t just my word vs. hers on this. They could see that she was directly contradicting her own statements (although very likely she herself could not. According to HG’s NDC, she is not particularly high-functioning and has no idea what she is).

        Whether the media will be willing to acknowledge that MM is directly contradicting her own statements is another matter. At least in the U.S., she can still hide behind race. In the U.K., a substantial portion of the public–including BAME people–have seen enough of her to to take anything she says with a metric fuck-ton of salt.

        I have considering watching the rebroadcast, applying my Tudor University education, but I’m not sure how much I can take. Two hours is a long time to maintain just the right level of piss-drunkenness.

  6. Asp Emp says:

    Hello HG, well, I watched the “interview” and it was interesting and easier to observe the ‘behaviours’ of a narcissist that is sat still. The following are my views and observations.

    I was able to see Megsie’s ‘dead eyes’ that you have referred to about narcissists – I saw plastic like doll’s eyes – no life, no ‘brightness’ – just plastic eyes that moved. Just.

    I also observed on a number of occasions that she blinked quite a lot when she may not actually be telling the truth. There were a couple of ‘404’ moments yet she remained “composed” (or, rather, her ‘construct’ did).

    Megsie is also plastic like in her demeanour – which you refer as the ‘facade’ of a narcissist. To other people, it would be viewed as ‘composed’ but in my view, if she was “being real” (ie not a narcissist), she’d be more ‘animated’. That is how I viewed her during this interview. However, on other occasions on tv, she is more ‘alive’. She does not come from a background where you are expected or ‘conditioned’ to be ‘square’ (on best ‘behaviour’ – or “trained” to behave as expected of the Royal Family).

    She sits there blithering on about this and that – and being ‘unaware’ of her narcissism (or, in ‘deniability’ of her narcissism, if she has been “informed” directly or indirectly), not once did she show any maternal emotion when she talked about the lack of protection for her son, the way it was all handled. Nor did she show any maternal emotion when talking about the baby she is carrying.

    There was one point where she did a tear or two – again, not showing what normals / empaths would do, show ‘real’ emotion. The plastic eyes remained.

    There was a number of times when she actually used ‘Narcspeak’ language ie “compartmentalise”. I was amused.

    What I found absolutely staggering was the fact she sits there and blatantly talks about her “suicidal” thoughts. Seriously?! She’s carrying a second child – a heir to the throne…… hello? Her suitability or ‘fit’ to be a mother is going to be questioned.

    She even ‘mimicked’ Oprah’s gesture (holding both hands in mid air with all the fingers touching the thumbs – almost closed hands) a moment or two after Oprah actually did that.

    As for Harry, poor guy. He was brought up ‘institutionalised’ in an environment where they are taught not to show over-emotion. He has been ‘conditioned’ in that way. The ‘numbness’ at the loss of his mother at such a young age is also apparent. He has not been given a real opportunity to talk about the loss of his mother from the time she died and so appears not to be ‘affected’ of the loss. Effectively, he is someone who has massively reduced / eroded empathy so he is almost ‘unfeeling’. He has been brain-washed that it would take years (probably never) to ‘un-do’ that ‘conditioning’. Now being with a narcissist yet not aware of the ‘affects’ of being a victim of narcissists throughout his life. Unless he ‘breaks away’ a lot sooner than later.

    I did watch Diana’s Interview when it was aired. She cried. She was animated. Certainly ‘troubled’ because of the position she was in and the ‘treatment’ she was subjected to by various people. She was trapped in a marriage where she was second best and just a baby ‘carrier’ and so on. No wonder she struggled, she was not allowed to be herself and then frees herself from that quagmire. Sadly, didn’t get the chance to live her life her way for long.

    Both Harry & Meghan talk about having ‘mental health issues’. Yes. They do. From different perspectives – one being an empath and the other being a narcissist. Do they actually really understand and ‘see’ the other person’s mental health issues? Quite possibly not, because of the different prisms of perception and the different ways their minds are ‘wired’. Yet Harry can relate to Meghan because of his eroded empathy which would effectively bring his narcissistic ‘streaks’ to the fore.

    1. A Victor says:

      Diana is the royal who brought the royals to my attention. She was just a few years older and had the quintessential princess story, utterly romantic and turning so tragic, it left me with a distaste for them (not her and the boys) overall. But I have paid more attention to them since, as a result of Diana, and have come to really enjoy and respect the Queen and William and Kate. Harry was a largely unknown but seemed, from the info here, in the US that I saw, was on the path of his uncle Andrew. So his getting married was a surprise, as was his choice of who. I didn’t know much about her, except that she was a small time actress and had been divorced. When my kids told me she aligned herself with “mixed race”, I didn’t believe them, I really couldn’t see it. But what did strike me was it seemed Harry had chosen himself a woman who would, at the least, give him a challenge, and at the worst walk all over him. Definitely not the fairytale beginning his mother had, regardless of Meghan’s apparent desire for that. It is very interesting to see here, on KTN, the royals through the eyes of all of you in the UK, and your opinions of MM, and also through the lens of narcissism. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, this is all very interesting!

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Hello AV.

        I recall seeing how Harry was during the funeral of his mother. He was broken, utterly alone. (how it felt like RE: my dad).

        I first heard about Meghan by watching the tv series ‘Suits’ (around 2013/2014) – well before she met Harry.

        Diana was an ‘innocent’ before she got into the Royal Family. She became a ‘broken angel’ towards the end of her marriage to Charles.

        Thank you for your comment, AV 🙂

        1. A Victor says:

          Hello Asp Emp,

          I saw Harry and Diana the same. The boys at the funeral were absolutely heartbreaking, as was Diana’s life in many ways. It was good to see her coming into her own after the divorce but then having it cut short, especially leaving the boys so alone, heartbreaking again. I feel like the Queen did show love to them and Harry seems to really love her, that was a nice takeaway from the interview.

          1. Asp Emp says:

            AV, yes, great shame about Diana’s short period of freedom – she would have done some really great stuff for humanity. Yes, I am sure the Queen loves those boys and would do anything she can to ensure their happiness & protection, she’ll be there for Harry when he is ready.

  7. BlueWave says:

    I must say, this interview was one of the most embarrassing things I have seen in my life. It was a grand display of grandiosity and stupidity at the same time.

    First of all, what they both were saying was full of inconsistency. One time Meghan says the family was asking about Archie’s skin color, after few minutes Harry says it was before their merriage. One time Harry says he was desperately asking evryone for help, minute later he says he was not asking because he was too embarrassed. One time Meghan says she doesnt care Archies formal titles, the other time she says she wants it badly and he was born royal. One time she says she wanted to have good relationship with royal family and didn’t want conflicts, the other time she says she wanted the Palace to “straighten” tabloid rumors and take her side in conflict with Kate. Is she that stupid or does she think we are too stupid to see the stupidity of that? Does she really wanted Queen to issue a statement “Dear tabloids, you are lying! It was not Meghan’s fault, it was Kate’s!!” haha does she rally think it would repair her relationship with Kate and the whole family? Oh my God. So embarrassing.

    I also don;t have to add how bad her acting was. One moment she was crying, the other moment she was laughing. And other way around. But her body language and bad acting is nothing compared to her poor screenwriter,s skills. The story is full of holes.

    What was shocking to me is their honesty with revealing what really hurts them most:
    – cash ban – mama’s money are disseapearing quickly!
    – security ban – it costs them millions!
    – titles loss – they don’t need them but they want them! They are royals! How could you grandma??
    – not having the best of both worlds – they wanted to full around, lead a free celebrities lifes, but also enjoy the privileges of royal family

    But one thing is really sad. I think it’s really distateful that grown almost 40 year old woman, an actress with money and fame, celebrity with tones of famous friends, divorced woman with rich personal life is comparing herslef to a teenage girl Diana. A girl with no maturity of grown woman, a girl with no support, a girl with no life experiance, a girl who married a 13 years older man who never loved her and cheated and disrespected her from day one. While Megham married a younger man tottally in love with her and taking her side all the time. What a great disgrace.

    But Harry was also disappointing. Of course I see him as victim but he showed us in this interviev that he is not too clever primarly. While Meghan, an american celebrity talking to american fans and rich friends can allow herself to be arrogant and demanding, Harry revealing how sad he is because he can’t use british peoples money while living a celebrity life outside the royal family, it is a total disaster. What a moron.

    He also showed us he has no cotrol over Meghan and that he is totally submissive partner. It think he was surprised that she talked about family’s racist skin comments. At first he was impulsively confirming it, taken by suprise, but the fact that after the interview he asked Oprah to explain it was not his grandmother’s or grandfather’s comments means it hited him after the fact he said something he didn’t plan to talk about.

    Overall he doesn’t seem very honest when he says how happy he is now. Meghan on the other hand seems really content. Of course, she as a narcissist is pissed off she didn’t conqueer royal family and british people. I am sure she hates the fact. But also she as a narcissist is happily feeding herself with attention she gets, with all those Oprah oh ah oh wow reactions and so on. She also was pretty honest saying that to her it was just another experiance in her rich CV – she was a waitress once, she was a royal once – how cool is that? But Harry lost a lot, from money and titles to family relations and respect of the people. I think he is aware of the size of this loss.

    To sum up, before the interview I was really sorry for Harry, now I think he gets what he deserves and I am full of admiration for the Queen how neatly she cornered them both. Before I thought the Queen was too kind to them in her public statements while the Megxit was happening. Now I see her tactful words in combination with decisive steps were a masterpiece that defeated narcissist’s malign plans. Good job.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      BlueWave, I really enjoyed reading your comment.

      I agree with the many ‘contradictory’ inconsistencies. However, there are different perspectives – the world of narcissism and how narcissists perceive the world , the way ‘normals’ see things and how empaths feel and see things. We all have our ‘opinions’ and the way we see situations. It is good to have these ‘prisms’ because it highlights the way the human mind works – from different perspectives. A conundrum that scientists are STILL trying to grasp a ‘handle’ on before they can write it on paper…….

  8. mollyb5 says:

    Diana was a truly kind and beautiful mother inside and out. You are right about MM , HG. But I think most people see it too. I read comments online about the interview. Doesn’t look like she impressed anybody. Poor Harry.

    1. Violetta says:

      A few people at work are fooled. One said she could tell MM was telling the truth and she “felt in her bones” that Diana was murdered. I’d love to refer them to Narcsite, but they might read my posts and recognize I’m talking about them. Interestingly, a friend from church (a black man married to a white woman) doesn’t buy her routine at all. He texted:

      I didn’t watch it either. Coverage tells me one thing, Megan and Kate hate each other. Personally, I don’t like passive aggressive. To me, if your going to make accusations, go all in an name names.

      Then there’s the optics of 3 VERY wealthy people having a conversation at a villa about privilege.

      1. A Victor says:

        Yes, those optics are very bad.

  9. Asp Emp says:

    BTW, there is a photo of Megsie with seagull s**t on her dress doing the ’rounds’ on Facebook. Laughing.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Oh My Fu*king God. THAT dress with that splatter made “dress of the year”?!?! Seriously, Specsavers cannot help these people who selected that dress to be dress of the year?!

      HG, thank you for doing the video ‘Harry’s Wife 93.30 Gull Droppings of the Year!’. Title says it all, laughing.

      I will not disagree with you, the pictures (in your video) of the other women wearing dresses / clothes are far more classier, tasteful and suits them. I have to say that Helen Mirren looks great, it’s a bold colour and she wears it very well.

  10. Michelle says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting this as well. My American relatives are very taken in by her pity party. My British relatives do not care for her at all. It is interesting to see how perceptions differ on each side of the pond. The only thing that surprises me at this point is her sheer audacity. Everything else is straight out of the playbook.

    1. Abby Becker says:

      Hello, American here who feels very compelled to comment. First, please let me say that I am someone around Meg’s age who was always well-versed on celebrities, films, TV, award shows, etc., for better or for worse. I had honestly never even HEARD the name Meghan Markle or even of her show Suits before she went public with Harry. Just a fun fact for you about Meghan’s “fame”. I had a totally open mind towards her at the beginning, but with each of her public appearances (including the wedding), I could just see that something wasn’t quite right with her. Eventually, I realized – definitely before anyone else I knew – that she is a narcissist (and, separately, I do have my own personal experience with one). I even had a painful argument with my mother about it the day of the wedding when she thought that I was overreacting with my negative commentary of her! MM’s cringeworthy show of the last couple of years has horrified me and several other American people that I know. Many of us are beyond embarrassed that she is the American that married into the RF, that is on the world stage. I have noticed that there are mostly two camps of people – the right wing/Trumpers/anti-Meghan camp and the left wing/anti-Trumpers/pro-Meghan camp. I find this to be so ignorant. I am very anti-racism, anti-Trump, but I can make decisions about people based on their own character and merits and find her repulsive and awful despite the fact that we share a political affiliation. It is very unfortunate to me that people react emotionally to the criticism of her and scream “racism” when clearly she has turned many people off based on her own merits, character and behavior. She is taking advantage of the charged political/cultural climate that we are currently experiencing in the U.S., wherein many people hear a story (proven or unproven, acted or sincere) and react from a place that is not well-informed or educated. I was not surprised that many people appeared to support them after the Oprah interview, but hope that they will come to their senses with time. She is just creating more divisiveness.

      1. Violetta says:

        The political alliances are ironic, given that Trump, Meghan, Joe Biden, Piers Morgan, Hillary Clinton, etc. are all Narcissists.

  11. Chihuahuamum says:

    Looking forward to reading this. I didn’t bother watching the interview and won’t! Me again I can’t stand! She’s a trashy liar. Who airs their dirty laundry like that?? What does amaze me are the news stations that take the interview for face value as if there are not two sides to a story and as if it’s all true. She is desperately jealous of the Kate and wants to be Diana. I laugh because she talks about mental health and fails to realise she’s as messed up mentally as they come!
    Harry i can see is hurting over the rift with his dad in particular. When he comes through the narcissist fog and things unravel i hope he can reunite and heal the damage caused by Meghan. She is a nastyyyy person!!! To be honest they bore me and aside from HG’s articles i don’t bother reading their drama.

    1. mollyb5 says:

      Chihuahuamum …they are boring ! At least , what they share and what we see is boring . I would rather see them on a fox hunt 🙂

      1. Chihuahuamum says:

        It’s so obvious it’s a ploy to smear and get attention.

        1. mollyb5 says:

          Chihuahuamum , yes to us perhaps . HG has taught us a lot . We know what to look for when it comes to facial expressions , body language , and word usage. We are prepared to watch closely . General public may give her benefit of the doubt with people being afraid of being labeled racists .

  12. Violetta says:

    Apparently, the Sussexes believe other royals envied their popularity (particularly during the Australia tour, which was said by everyone else to be a disaster that included Meghan assaulting a young staff member with hot tea).

    We know Meghan would want to be envied, but I wonder if Haz’s empathic traits haven’t been diminished. After years of envying William as the eventual heir or Catherine as his loving and loyal wife, did he want to be envied for his dazzling Hollywood star (as she was in the Sussexes’ minds)?

    Here’s Chesterton on a case of envy:
    “My husband,” she said, “is a great man. Sir Claude Champion was not a great man: he was a celebrated & successful man. My husband has never been celebrated or successful; and it is the solemn truth that he has never dreamed of being so. He no more expects to be famous for thinking than for smoking cigars….He still liked Champion exactly as he liked him at school; he admired him as he would admire a conjuring trick done at the dinner-table. But he couldn’t be got to conceive the notion of envying Champion. And Champion wanted to be envied. Champion put John in a little house at his very door, like a dependant, to make him feel a failure. He never felt it….Champion would burst in on John’s shabbiest hours or homeliest meals with some dazzling present or announcement or expedition… & John would accept or refuse amiably with one eye off… After 5 years of it John had not turned a hair; & Sir Claude Champion was a monomaniac.”

    No wonder Megs hates the Cambridges. They don’t envy her at all.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Hello Violetta, I read your comment…… “I wonder if Haz’s empathic traits haven’t been diminished” – they have. Massively. All you have to do is see how he behaved when he was allowed out of the ‘cage’ and did this and that (partying) – that is exactly how a ‘caged’ person would react in his position. I don’t think he ever envied his brother. He remains a ‘lost little boy’ to this day.

    2. mam says:

      Great thoughts. Several years ago I was going thru a “trying time” – someone I had known well and trusted was trying to financially destroy me. Literally, wanted my house and my business, and if he couldn’t have them he wanted to destroy them. I was at a loss and very emotional about this because I just could not understand the motivation (this was before I found HG). A friend told me why these people were doing this: Greed. Jealousy. Envy. Those were the best three words of advice I have ever received.

  13. PortiaRose says:

    She played a Narcissistic blinder. Can’t wait for your analysis, HG!

  14. mollyb5 says:

    HG … I think she abused her multi million dollar platform …she could do so much good . But I hear they complained that “somebody” was concerned about her babies skin color ? But they don’t say who ? She says her husband said this ? They bore many. They look pretty and live an extremely pretty life . Her grandpa is in hospital too.

  15. Violetta says:

    Read some articles on DM (Sundays off from Lenten resolution), but couldn’t stomach watching it. Two hours of that unctuous voice, relieved only by commercials!

    Cannot WAIT to see HG’s take.

  16. MB says:

    Omg. So much to say about this interview. I can’t wait to read HGs analysis. It’s crystal clear that Oprah sees through the bullshit. She’s a savvy conversationalist and calls both of them out with such class, they barely notice. Meghan with her obvious mirroring of Oprah with her hands. And…did they just totally contradict each other?! She couldn’t get help after emailing and begging and asking because she was afraid to be alone for fear of harming herself, yet he said it was a conversation he was ashamed to have in order to get help for his wife. So did they ask for help or did they not? Meg should have prepared him better for keeping her lies straight! There is absolutely no credibility and no substance to any of their allegations. Who are these “they”? “They” did this and “they” said that. He relayed what “they” said. The Royal Family welcomed her with open arms. That was not disputed and was mentioned multiple times. They were gracious and accommodating. So who are these other “they”? They kept saying they weren’t protected, they weren’t protected, but never said what that meant, what their expectations were.

    This interview did they NO favors. Poor little trapped Prince and Princess. To use HG’s line… Such bollocks!

  17. WiserNow says:

    It’s clear Meghan is ‘borrowing’ from Diana’s life and creating a facade using well-known traits of Diana’s, i.e. wanting to escape invasive press interest; having suicidal thoughts; being treated with hostility by the Royal Family. It doesn’t ring true that these experiences are actually happening to Meghan, however, there is the aspect of ‘a grain of truth’ that many in the public will latch on to.

    I can see the narcissistic isolation of Harry – taking him away from his family and creating a wedge between him and the monarchy. I can see the grandiosity – Meghan still courts worldwide press attention despite saying she wants privacy. It looks like she craves the fame and attention and feels comfortable with it.

    It all makes me question Harry’s involvement in everything and the extent to which he wants the same things Meghan does. Although he may be manipulated and devalued, it takes two to tango, so at some level, he is accepting the situation he is now a major part of.

    If Harry was a child or dependent on Meghan, he would be in a position of unequal power and he’d be easier to control. However, Harry is an adult and a royal adult at that. He’s accustomed to a privileged and lavish lifestyle. He has been raised in a wordly ‘sphere’ and has access to information, help, expert advice and services of all kinds. He is not at anyone’s beck and call.

    So, all this makes me wonder how ‘innocent’ or easily led Harry actually is. He would have to know how damaging the Oprah interview would be to his family and the monarchy. It just makes me wonder what he makes of all of it. Does he think the interview will result in a huge paycheck, which he may need now? Does he want to vindicate his mother’s treatment by the monarchy? Does he just want to live like a ‘normal family’? It would be interesting to hear Harry’s honest take on things.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      WN, I liked what you had to say. In relation to Harry – his ‘logical thinking’ is totally and utterly out of sync because of his losing his mother so young (a major trauma) and then being left in a family that has very different ‘dynamics’ (including narcissists) and effectively would not necessarily know anything was “amiss”. He was brought up in that ‘world’ and has not had an opportunity to learn (or, rather, experience) anything different compared to someone not in the same social environment. As a young empathic & vulnerable child, stuck (using HG’s words “trapped”) in one world – the closed-behind-the-doors type with no chance to breathe and find ‘himself’ as an individual. He’s even more “trapped” now. High profile. Such a great big mess, for him.

      1. A Victor says:

        Asp Emp, you sure hit that on the head, more trapped now and a big mess, for him. I feel so bad for him. And I have wondered if this is a case of “Stepford husband”, if there is such a thing.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          AV, I look at things in a lateral & analytical way and can relate in more ways than one when it comes to understanding Harry’s position / situation – purely through my own personal experiences & my learning about narcissism. Harry is certainly being ‘controlled’ and is unable to see it – so, maybe it is like a Stepford – he may be married to Meghan but to her he is an IPPS, no more than a ‘pet / appliance’, a source of resources, fuel etc. She does not treat him as a husband / life partner in the sense of the word.

          1. A Victor says:

            No, that much is clear, she is using him and controls everything. And that he doesn’t see it is also clear.

      2. WiserNow says:

        Thank you Asp Emp, for your kindness. Your comment made me think more deeply about Harry’s possible state of mind and his ‘prism’ of experience that informs his behaviours, so thank you for providing your insights.

        You have made me see that I am placing my own worldview and attitude onto Harry. It’s a projection as well as a thought process. My thoughts and questions are subjective and personal to me. My opinion is based on me thinking that my worldview is also applicable to Harry’s worldview. When I read your comment, I got an ‘aha’ moment, thinking to myself, of course, my empathic views and attitude is going to be very different from Harry’s empathic views and attitude.

        Yes, Harry grew up stuck in a very particular kind of world. Plus, losing his mother at a young age has caused a major trauma. The aspect I find difficult to understand about this Oprah interview is how Harry, an empathic person, could very openly and publicly criticise and blame his own family. That is something I can’t understand or relate to as an empathic person knowing that Harry is also supposedly an empathic person.

        However, Harry is currently in a kind of delusional state and he believes the ‘illusion’ is entirely ‘real’. He has a new wife, new baby and probably feels very much in love with both of them, wanting to protect them and satisfy their wishes and needs. My guess is that he also loves the royal family and doesn’t want to hurt them either. The thing is that he can’t satisfy both of these conflicting scenarios and is caught between having to subconsciously ‘choose’ one over the other. For whatever reasons are personal to him, at the present time, his loyalties are very much in line with satisfying Meghan and Archie’s needs.

        Yes, he’s in a great big mess. It’s like a car crash everyone can see but he can’t. I think the Queen’s short message has left the door open for him though, if and when his eyes are more open to the ‘reality’.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          WiserNow, thank you for your response. Yes, we all have our own perspectives on life – whether we are empaths, narcissists or normals – based on our own experiences in life.

          HG’s work – is like art (it is an art in itself) – if a class of painters were expected to paint a scene that they are seeing ie still life, they would probably use different ‘mediums’ (watercolour; acrylic; crayon; pencils; charcoal) and no two ‘paintings’ would look the same but everyone is seeing the same ‘image’ in front of them. This is how I see HG’s work comes across to all that use it, even though HG provides his work in one ‘scene’. Yet, the ‘aim’ remains the same = learning about and how to use logical & emotional thinking; knowledge about narcissism and understanding ourselves as individuals.

          Harry is not thinking clearly (logical thinking being massively overridden by his emotional thinking) and he is probably ‘questioning’ himself throughout the whole process of this ‘saga’ – just like I got to that point (the mental confusion). Psychologically his mind has been ‘re-wired’ from the trauma as young child through to up to now, under the influence of narcissistic ‘abuse’ from various angles. Harry needs guidance to be able to even begin to see the ‘reality’ as you put it.

          Good to read your view, thank you.

          1. WiserNow says:

            Thank you Asp Emp, and it’s good to read your comment too.

            Your analogy of everyone painting the same scene in a different way that’s personal to them is a great way of explaining it. Ultimately, it’s an ongoing learning experience. We are learning about ourselves as much as we are about other people.

            I find it mind-blowing when I look back to what my general attitude was like before I knew about narcissism. Back then, I thought everyone’s worldview or thinking process was more or less similar to mine…. hard to believe when I think about that now.

          2. Asp Emp says:

            WiserNow, thank you for your response. I always knew that people’s thought processes worked differently before I came to KTN site – cos mine did & some people didn’t like it. It’s really good to also add the narcissistic version in the mix too. Yes, it certainly has been a learning journey….. a very interesting one – not just mentally or emotionally bur physically too……

        2. A Victor says:

          I think, and hope, you are correct about the Queen leaving a door open for him. He will need his family, at least the non-narcissist ones, once he sees what’s going on.

          1. WiserNow says:

            A Victor,
            Yes, Harry is in a foreign country, and thanks to Meghan, not only is he far away from his family, but his family have been smeared using a major sore point in the social fabric of his new country (i.e. racism). It’s really a low blow to Harry when you think of it. Meghan was welcomed into the Royal Family. The wedding featured a black American pastor and a black American choir singing ‘Stand By Me’, plus Meghan’s mother was welcomed and made an important part of the ceremony. To now smear her husband’s family using the race card and to make Harry’s new country collectively frown upon his side of the family is an awful thing to do to your new husband. Talk about ‘Stand By Me’!

            That’s what narcs do though. It doesn’t matter how much care, warmth, support or loyalty you show, they don’t remember it when it comes to their aims. It’s all about the here and now with a narc, and they won’t hesitate to throw anyone under the bus if the situation calls for it.

            The sad thing for Harry is that he is going to face a backlash not only from his new home country, but also from his old home country. Plus, he’s being controlled at home and needs to ‘keep it together’ for all involved.

            The more I think about the interview, the more I detest Oprah. I think she’d sell her own grandmother if it meant she was at the centre of a high-rating, dramatic hour of ‘entertainment’.

          2. A Victor says:

            All the racism stuff just makes me sad. Sad that it exists and that people use it to further their agendas. It’s just heartbreaking.

            And I have never liked Oprah. I almost didn’t watch the interview because it was with her but I really wanted to see what would be dissected by HG firsthand, so i did. It actually wasn’t add bad as I expected. Then the next day, I inadvertently came across another piece with her in it talking about the parts we didn’t see in the interview, which was also interesting. But, I am still not a fan, I believe your assessment is accurate.

  18. Susan says:

    I’m watching now. All I can say is Wow! She is unbelievable! I am looking forward to the cometary in the following days!

  19. CandaceMarie says:

    I’m not watching the interview but will definitely listen to HG’s analysis. Im sure it will be excellent as usual!

  20. Susan says:

    This is a fascinating situation and I’ve been following HG’s analysis since the beginning which has been spot on! I’ll be interested in watching this just to see the body language of both. I saw a clip already and her hand placement on His is very telling. Just from that clip it seems he’s not “all in” with this relationship and that’s she’s running the show. Body language is so telling!
    Thank you HG for doing this series, I’m looking forward to your views after the interview!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  21. Violetta says:

    Diana did the Panorama interview after being terrified by documents indicating that the BRF were spying on her–documents we now know were falsified. MM is copying the externals of Diana’s life without understanding any of the dynamics behind them.

  22. nicole says:

    ill be watching it on youtube afterwards as I just dont want to give her a view. I cant wait for your analysis.

  23. Duchessbea says:

    HG, will be watching this interview. Will be interesting watching the Narcissist dynamic play out. Looking forward to your commentary afterwards. As always it will be of Top Class variety. Thank you HG.

  24. MB says:

    I had no idea about this interview! I guess I’ve been under a rock. Thank you for letting me know HG.

  25. Asp Emp says:

    Oh, thank you for the info, HG. It happens to air in the UK on ‘International Women’s Day’ too…..

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