A Very Royal Narcissist – Part 10


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The “Sandringham Summit” took place today when Prince Harry met with the Queen, his father the Prince of Wales and his brother the Duke of Cambridge to discuss the recently announced decision by Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle to “step back” from royal duties as discussed and analysed in A Very Royal Narcissist – Part 6 .

BBC News has reported that the Queen has agreed a “period of transition” in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will spend time in Canada and the UK.

The Queen issued a statement as follows

“Today my family had very constructive discussions on the future of my grandson and his family.

“My family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family. Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of my family.

“Harry and Meghan have made clear that they do not want to be reliant on public funds in their new lives.

“It has therefore been agreed that there will be a period of transition in which the Sussexes will spend time in Canada and the UK.

“These are complex matters for my family to resolve, and there is some more work to be done, but I have asked for final decisions to be reached in the coming days.”

What does this latest development demonstrate?

  • An empathic response on the part of the Queen, who has recognised, contrary to her own wishes, that her grandson and his wife, wish to live a more independent life and therefore rather than fail to recognise that this is the case and seek to stop that happening or impose some form of control over Prince Harry to seek to prevent it from happening, the Queen has avoided intervening in such a manner.
  • A clear recognition that seeking to prevent the departure or make it difficult would have adverse consequences for her grandson. The Queen is unlikely to recognise what Prince Harry is dealing with explicitly, but she and most likely the Duke of Cambridge will see that Prince Harry is under considerable strain and the emotional empathy they both have is evidenced by not getting in the way of the Sussexes plans.
  • That Prince Harry has remained in the thrall of Miss Markle´s control over him, by maintaining a course for departure from the United Kingdom on the basis as stated. Governed by this Emotional Thinking, he remains unable to recognise the manipulations that have been used to bring about this state of affairs. He may have been subjected to Promised Gain and Threatened Loss and feels that he has little choice but to implement what Miss Markle wants because as an empathic individual he is governed by his desire to be fair and treat the person he loves in a manner which brings her happiness (although what he is really granting her is control which is what a narcissist unconsciously wants and needs). Promised Gain will be the most likely manipulation, based on showing Prince Harry the better life that will be achieved in North America and also by granting want Miss Markle wants, she will reward him with a Respite Period from his ongoing devaluation.
  • That Miss Markle has achieved her aim of continuing the Salami Slicing manipulation of Isolating Prince Harry from any external influence which Miss Markle perceives as a threat to her control. This commenced with the suggestion of living outside of the United Kingdom arising from the Africa interview as described in A Very Royal Narcissist Part 3, then continued with the six week stay in Canada as analysed in A Very Royal Narcissist – Part 7 and now progresses to the split between the UK and Canada on a far more extensive basis. Want to know where this will lead, then learn more here A Very Royal Narcissist – The Inside Track.
  • There was never going to be a successful outcome for the Royal Family in terms of preventing the departure of the Sussexes, such is the extent of the control being exert over Prince Harry and the fact that the Royal Family, especially Prince William and the Queen can see the position that Prince Harry finds himself in and they have no desire to make that situation worse for him. It is common that family members end up backing down in any familial conflict. They often do not realise that they are dealing with narcissist and ensnared victim, but they do realise that the situation is having an adverse affect on grandson and brother and they effect the compromise for his sake.
  • This outcome will bolster Miss Markle´s sense of control over Prince Harry and to an extent the Royal Family, it will cause her to believe through Grandiosity that she is embarking on a Just Cause and the response will fuel her. The declarations from supporters that she is exhibiting independence (although they are blinded to what is actually occurring owing to a lack of understanding of narcissism and/or an unwillingness to contemplate it in an objective manner) will amount to Positive Fuel. The protests from her detractors will be Negative Fuel and be a challenge to her sense of control but this will be asserted by ignoring those detractors and focussing that she has got her way. She will be cock-a-hoop, buoyed by the sense of control and the empowering effect of the received fuel. Prince Harry will at least receive a Respite Period as a consequence of this victory. Of course, it is far from over….

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128 thoughts on “A Very Royal Narcissist – Part 10

  1. Violetta says:


    “He can deal with her…. [w]ith his eyes closed and while stifling a yawn”

    I’d give anything to.see that. Although it might be more fun to watch Prince Philip rip her a new one, even if the long-term consequences weren’t as admirable.

  2. MommyPino says:

    Hi PSE, I have never heard of race coming from the father. I am a mixed race and I cannot consider myself white even though my dad was as white as snow (blonde hair and sky blue eyes). I cannot think of myself as Asian either. I just never felt that I belong to any racial category except mixed race and I am perfectly happy about it. I have heard MM say a similar thing in her anecdote where she had to check a box about what her race is and she couldn’t choose between white or black and her dad told her to draw her own box. I don’t like her but that is actually a really good anecdote. Which is another reason why I don’t understand why people call Obama black, he isn’t, he is half black and half white.

  3. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Violetta: HG Tudor is Ultra. He can deal with her, as well. With his eyes closed and while stifling a yawn. No worries.

    1. Violetta says:

      Actually, now that I think of it, MM would probably try to work her feminine wiles on HG, and figure she was being too subtle for the RF to perceive it.

      I’d camp out on the sidewalk to buy tickets to that one.

  4. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Witch: Diana and Fergie could not make it work. Even Ann had problems. So does Andy. I see Narcissism all over the place, and not from the type of Greaters that could take charge. That is why I say they need to speak to HG Tudor, because he is Ultra. And if people think that dethroning Meghan, will automatically fix things, I think they will have some surprises in store.

    Because, like I said the other day as well: that Race is through the Males. And Meghan`s father is caucasian, despite the fact the he is black in her TV show, and despite the fact the media hides him. She is racially Caucasian. But, many western women, and especially Black women in the U.S., (and perhaps Britain) believe modern race theory and thus they find this notion of male determined racial heritage: bizarre, unhinged, foolish, biologically impossible, and biased and misogynistic. Men, not so much. But, there are more women than men. And often women are more emotional. So many of these women will be carrying `Meghan is one of Us` signs as well, as they stand at the gate of the Palace, watching every move, and whatever is done to Meghan, whom they perceive empathetically, is their racial sister, they will feel is being done with them, and whatever happens with Archie, likewise, they will feel that is being done to their child.

    And many caucasian women that believe modern racial theory, will feel also that Meghan is Black, and has usurped them. They will also be standing at the gates of the Palace, with a `Remove Her` sign. All the `Woke` people will say, `leave her alone`. So all sort of theories are going to be standing at the gates of that castle, because of all these views about Meghan. All these various modern racial theories are coming home to roost and all at the gate of that RF. Lucky for them, yes? lol. Many women carrying signs are standing at that gate of that Royal Family. It is crowded outside that gate.

    And, Despite the fact that this situation is about Narcissism, and NOT about race and NOT about gender. whomever finds a way for all this to be resolved, will have to not only deal with the Narcissism, but also will have to deal with all of the modern and often conflicting racial theories in all of this, because this Narcissistic matter happens to be surrounded by a multitude of often conflicting and various racial theory, that is siting at the table with all the Narcissism. Hahahaha.

    Only HG Tudor can help them all dig out of all of this! For many many many reasons, this situation is a veritable explosive mess. And it all has landed at the door of Buckingham Palace, for some reason. Right now, they are Ground Zero. They need the Behavioral Genius himself, HG Tudor, because that RF is in a State of Emergency, whether they realize it or not.

  5. Violetta says:

    Princess: I understand, but you can’t make Meghan listen to anyone. So the BRF might gain understanding of how to manage her ploys, but no one will get her to cooperate. Like the conference, it will be the entire family–minus Meghan. She *could* have been a member of it, but chose not.

  6. Violetta says:

    If you decide to alter natural fibers garments with unwanted synthetic linings yourself rather than hiring a seamstress (I don’t know how much sewing you do), you can always listen to HG as you baste away. Education while simultaneously relieving the tedium of a task.

    I’ve been doing that quite a bit lately, except while doing dishes, because I can’t hear over the water. It also relieved some of the gloom. I didn’t expect to get a section now that Umbridge is Dean of the downtown campus, but it’s still depressing. In addition, I reported my part-time wages to unemployment, and payroll screwed up even that, so now I have to unfuck another situation.

    The bright side is given the fuck-ups with IT and payroll, it’s fairly clear this institution is well on the way to implosion, but the pity is all the good and dedicated faculty and staff who will go down with it.

    Never let mid-rangers take over. A Greater might be able to run the administration without completely bollixing it all up–maybe a secretary would cry or a Jr. Executive would be publicly humiliated with one of those razor-edged “compliments” every so often, but nothing structurally debilitating.

    Mid-rangers never rest until the whole thing collapses under their good intentions.

  7. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Violetta: It is raining today, as well, in NYC. Interestingly, I have not heard this overall increase of rain, being discussed by the meteorologists in the media, at all. I am sure they have an esoteric reporting and recording criteria, as the city media and city govt. have esoteric systems for reporting crime and murder and killed bicycle messengers, etc., such as: if it does not rain for a certain amount of time, it did not rain. If it started as snow, but turned into rain, it did not rain. If it happened when most people were asleep, it did not rain. They are wary to discuss this increase of global raining, in NYC. lol. However, I have a trench coat now, So, I am good.

  8. Witch says:

    I see your point but I think in this case as someone who married into the RF and wasn’t born into it; I don’t think it would matter if she was financially compensated for her loss of work or not. The fact that she would be expected to adapt to new rules would have threatened her need for control and the fact that there are RF members who are of higher status than her like her husband, Archie, William, Kate, their children would have triggered her envy and sense of entitlement and her lack of boundaries would mean she would overstep e.g argue with the Queen over what tiara she should be able to wear. Even the traditions of the royal family would have perturbed her. And she lacks the self awareness, cunning and ability to modify her behaviour like the greater to be able to manipulate the other RF members and media to her greater benefit.
    Hence why she disengaged. I think it was inevitable. A narcissist is never satisfied. It’s always like the Prince song, when doves cry

  9. Michelle says:

    I read somewhere today that the Queen would not allow Meghan to join the family meeting by telephone for fear that someone else could listen in on her end. I’m not sure if it’s true, but if it is, it seems that the Queen may realize what she is dealing with.

    1. lisk says:

      I read in a blind that the RF have known all along, and that they’re giving Harry the time and space to realize what’s going on. They’re expecting a divorce within 5 years.

      I’m wondering if MM is pregnant right now.

  10. Michelle says:

    I saw that response too, Violetta. She is an actress, after all! It’s an astute, if not polite, observation.

  11. Violetta says:

    Princess: I agree that a consult with HG would be the best solution, but he’d have to talk to the BRF; they understand about listening to various advisers before making decisions. I don’t believe even HG can do anything with Meghan, if she’s as fucked up as I think she is. At least not yet. Maybe once she hits rock bottom she’ll be able to listen.

    As for pre-nups, it was Harry who needed one.

    Her being non-aristocratic is more of a problem than her being American. Phillipa of Hainault and Catherine of Aragon were foreign brides who made themselves invaluable and beloved in England. They knew what their jobs were. Jennie Jerome pulled it off. It didn’t always work out happily, as Edith Wharton showed in The Buccaneers, but they had a better idea of what the job entailed. Most importantly, they were willing to learn.

    1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

      Violetta: I did say that HG Tudor would have to create a plan for ALL that Narcissistic household, of the RF. Please check my response again. Here it is from an excerpt of my complete reply, for your convenience: `The entire family needs to work with HG Tudor, so that he can clarify with them ALL what are the overall Prime Aims, because Meghan does bring a few residual benefits, and then HG can give them ALL directions on how to proceed going forward, (in fact, I can think of No One other than HG Tudor that can do this for them all) before they ALL wreck themselves before they check themselves. Magical, Thinking, Blind Sports, Control Battles, Now Moments, Silent Treatments, Blame Shifting, Triangulations, (need I go on? because I can…) and a lot of other ingredients are in this explosive Monarchial Narcissistic pie. Not good. Not good at all. For any of them.`

      1. Violetta says:

        Actually, PSE, I retract my earlier statement. I think only HM and Prince William could benefit from a consult at this point, before they even try to deal with the rest of that narcy lot. And that includes both the Windsors and the Markles. Maybe MM’s new family wasn’t different ENOUGH.

  12. Chihuahuamum says:

    Im not so sure PH and Meghan will have such a positive stay in Canada now that justin trudeau has agreed to foot the bill for their security. Many taxpayers are outraged over this.

  13. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Violetta: I am speaking of legalities. Like Marriage Contracts. It is not good for women in the West, that marriage contracts are barely mentioned and put forth less and less. And even mocked and called un-romantic. It is NOT the case the world over. It is not a good aspect of modernity, as far as women are concerned. No marriage contract is generally better for men, and I have never heard the women`s movement speak about this.

    So, it is always best to have things in writing, especially in very important matters such as marriage. And this was once a common practice to have a marriage contract. So that there are no assumptions. Nor fantasies. Or, a least many assumptions are clarified. At their level, the RF knows this completely, regarding marriage contracts, even if Meghan and her parents did not oversee a suitable marriage contract, regarding many things, pages and pages, for her to understand and agree with and for all concerned to sign off on.

    Also, I (personally) can not look at Meghan in a Narcissistic vacuum , ESPECIALLY since she is in a Narcissistic household on a world class level that includes a powerful Monarchy. I can not pretend to myself that I have blinders on, so to speak. So, she is in over her head in so many ways. And this too, will cause her Narcissism to escalate, especially if it happens to be the first time that she is truly out of her league, and with people much more powerful and savvy than she is, that are more accustomed to working as unit, such as a living and powerful Monarchy. And, the RF, the seniors, may have a few blind spots and some Magical Thinking going on, of their own, and no matter what happens to Meghan, they have to be careful that they do not damage themselves irreparably, in how they handle this volatile dynamic, on a world stage where many people are now very confused very about many social/political and heritage matters, women especially. Diana thought she could handle it all as well. Where is Diana these days. Where is Fergie. It has been embarrassing watching Fergie beg for money for many many years and years.

    Meghan could end up being treated in the common way of most employees in a firm: `last hired and first fired,` but it is all still an explosive situation, overall, politically and socially and legally and heritage wise. And whether or not viewers of this debacle have a particular dislike for Ms Meghan or not, when many Narcissists are involved in a scenario, including top Narcissists, even in the Media ,that will actually go into a Now Moment and run stories without informing the Monarchy first, as is the custom, Including the Leaders of other Countries? Boom!

    The entire family needs to work with HG Tudor, so that he can clarify with them ALL what are the overall Prime Aims, because Meghan does bring a few residual benefits, and then HG can give them ALL directions on how to proceed going forward, (in fact, I can think of No One other than HG Tudor that can do this for them all) before they ALL wreck themselves before they check themselves. Magical, Thinking, Blind Sports, Control Battles, Now Moments, Silent Treatments, Blame Shifting, Triangulations, (need I go on? because I can…) and a lot of other ingredients are in this explosive Monarchial Narcissistic pie. Not good. Not good at all. For any of them.

  14. Violetta says:

    Princess: Good actors research their roles. You don’t just research for the audition: the whole time you’re in rehearsal, you look up what your character would have worn or eaten, if it’s a historical piece; you look at what other characters say to or even about yours, including scenes in which yours doesn’t appear; you know what the expectations were for your class or gender in that place or time.

    MM put great effort into snaring PH. She seems to have put no effort at all into learning about the world she was entering when she got him. She posted pictures of her avocado toast at some fancy tea she was hosting: a shot of some scones and Devonshire cream would have won her some friends (and tasted really awesome). She wanted to go to high profile events, but wasn’t interested in regional events. You’d think she’d at least want to visit Cornwall (Poldark), Platform 9-3/4, the Lake District (Pandemonium, Tale of Beatrix Potter), Highclere (Downton Abbey), Oakley Court Hotel (Rocky Horror)–and that’s just the camera stuff. Think about all the Shakespeare sites or historic theatres like Drury Lane. The UK is a candy store for theatre majors as well as literature majors, but she couldn’t be bothered.

    Her lack of curiosity astonishes me.

    1. lisk says:

      But now she’s visiting the Downtown Women’s Centre in Vancouver. Ugh. (Do you hear the Facade Management siren going off?! 🚨)

      Was she not permitted to do such things in the UK?

      My guess is she would have been permitted but lacks forethought and negotiation skills (due to her narcissism). She’s all impulse and demand.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        See the Bananas of Empowerment Incident described here https://narcsite.com/2019/07/19/a-very-royal-narcissist-2-3/

        1. lisk says:

          Got it. Thanks, HG.

          🍌You are loved🍌

          1. HG Tudor says:

            You are very welcome.

  15. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Meghan is a Narcissist. However, that does not mean that she is absolutely wrong about every concern that she has. And she has moved into a nest of Narcissists. Do not Narcissists collide? Do we throw them all out of the Royal Family?

    First of all. Meghan worked and she literally earned more money than the majority of the women on this planet have had at their disposal (and many men as well), despite all the bold claims and pride of the women`s movement, and she has earned that amount of money for quite a while. When she married, did Megan have the wherewithal to have a marriage contract for herself? Does any one know? Did she walk in just riding on love? Was it spelled out to her exactly what her duties would be and was it all shown to her on a calendar. The real facts? Many women are projecting their own fantasies on Meghan. She is not these other women. She is herself, number one. And, she is a Narcississt.

    Was she able to have any say and negotiation for herself before the marriage was consummated? Was she told outright what her pocket money would be, since the RF did not want her to earn her own money. Was she compensated accordingly, by the RF, or do they not talk about money, because they personally have so much of it. Did the RF including the Narcissists within that family have a blind spot, and did not recognized that they were bringing in another Narcissist to add to their number in their household?

    So many people feel that being in the RF is an upgrade for her lifestyle. Socially it is. Is being social her only concern? Is it the only concern for many or most people? Is her lifestyle now an upgrade, beyond being socially on a higher scale? Is she being kept in at least the style she was accustomed, as most people would want for their own daughters? Even Melania Trump in the U.S. refused to move into the white house until it was spruced up and many additions brought in. Although many women would feel that the white house would be an upgrade from their own homes. They are not Melania. Was it an upgrade for Melania?

    Meghan was self supporting, but she does not seem to have sufficient residual income that just pours in whether or not she works. How much money did Katey make on that job, before she married. I am sure Katy`s budget or allowance from the Royal Family is a definite upgrade from her single days, post marriage. Is it for Meghan? I have seen Katy`s before and after lifestyle. It was an upgrade for Katy. Meghan is a different case. And her husband, Henry, can pretend to be a working guy now, but he will not be allowed to rot in this economy, unless his family members, perhaps the wealthiest family on this planet, REAL wealth wise, will allow this.

    I want to look at all sides of this equation, even though Meghan is a Narcissist. Is this permissible to look at all sides? Or, are all the other members of this household suddenly saints? And even though looking at all sides may not be popular, there are plenty in that household, that fingers can be pointed at, regarding this marriage of the Narcissist, Ms. Meghan. I think a LOT of Magical Thinking is going on up in that place, that Narcissistic Royal household, causing her own Narcissism to escalate. Just my thoughts.

  16. kel says:

    Thought you’d have seen it. Would have just ‘liked’ your reply but the little star thingies are just saying loading so I’m unable to click on it! I can imagine you’ve been getting a lot more traffic here the last few days so maybe that’s why.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Kel.

  17. FYC says:

    HG, I would be curious to read your view of MM’s supporters. Who are they by group? Are they merely deluded by the ‘fairy tale’ notion of the couple or something more? Were they fans of MM prior to her marriage to PH (e.g. Suits fans perhaps)? Will they remain die-hard supporters over time or will they begin to see MM for what she is?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hi FYC,

      There is an interesting mix.

      1. She has her fans who have an entrenched position and hold to the view that she is not from the Establishment, she has been ostracised and is being a strong woman standing up to the Evil Empire. They like the fairy tale element of that.
      2. She also has her fans who see her treatment as related to her colour and that is seen as the sole factor to which they base all arguments.
      These individuals are unlikely to have ever experienced narcissism or if they have, they do not recognise it and rather than approach the commentary in a logical and intellectual manner (I am not saying they are think) their judgement is clouded by their obvious like for Miss Markle. Many of these groups are not open to logical persuasion.
      3. There is a third group who like Harry and also, by extension, her. They want the two of them to succeed. However, this group, as they start to see what is happening and will happen to Harry, the lightbulbs will come on and she will lose their support.

      1. FYC says:

        Thank you for that valuable insight, HG. Since I was never a fan of MM I really had no idea who her supporters were and I have been surprised by the venom put forth by some of her supporters. Your insight explains a great deal in terms of motivations and filters. I absolutely agree the third group will fall away. Not so sure the first two groups will ever see the light of day and I doubt if they care too. For some, what they want to believe supersedes what actually exists.

        1. HG Tudor says:


  18. schonausprinzip says:

    Oh H.G., I am going through sleepless nights. It is all so sad. Writing you a short text helps me to feel not so alone with all this, – apart from Piers Morgan and Alexander Graf von Schönburg-Glauchau here in Germany (Royal expert of most read yellow press). It‘s maddening. B.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello SPZ and welcome. Here you will find the enlightened.

  19. PMFFae says:

    Violetta: I hate myself for the fact that I remember the show you mentioned. What killed me is the dude they picked didn’t really look anything like PH…

    1. Violetta says:

      I never watched it, but wouldn’t it have been so much better if Meghan had been on that show? The constant attention of reality TV without doing the real RF any harm. And she’d never know the difference unless someone told her, since her focus is entirely on herself.

  20. Renarde says:

    To add to my earlier comment; would a G bet on Sparkles? An intrestimg notion, dont you think?

  21. Renarde says:

    Oh I quite agree, HG. Sparkles is almost the very definition of a ‘loose cannon’.

    To NS.

    Never fear. The eminence grises have always surrounded HM. She listens to them because with very few exceptions in her long reign, they always have served her well. A uttely symbiotic arrangement. A stable monarchy serves us all well. Even them.

    Does she know EXACTLY how some of her advisors are aware? Not a chance. She knows it works and that is enough.

    Speculation now on my part but there might be at least two who are advising. Certainly one. Could be three but I’m not sure that dynamic is sustainable. Long term. Too many foxes in the chicken coop.

    Their grasp of cognitive empathy, like HGs, is beyond reproach. Its fascinating when you consider the Gs and how expert they are at this. Considering they do not posses affective empathy. How can they do this, I ask myself?

    What is reflexive for us is not for them.

    Had a HORRID night, NS. Turns out there was a MRN in my own personal legal ‘chicken coop’. I don’t know her and I probably never will. She has ”disappeared’. No idea what happened. But I can imagine. All sorts.

    So after getting a couple of hours sleep, I did manage to get good news; that I hadn’t been compromised. Cant go into details for obvious reasons.

    So despite it all, I did give a wry grin when Sparkles was barred from the from the Sandringham party call.

    Well advised. I guarantee she would have had a phalanx of legal advisors plus a few of her ‘besties’ to eavesdrop onto private conversations.

    Well played Greaters, well played.

  22. Deej says:

    Is it possible that the Royal Family are actually being advised by people very knowledgeable about narcissism? Prince William seems to have made extremely carefully worded statements to the media and to his brother for months now. For instance, referencing that they might one day sing from the same songbook again (definately a phrase I remember from Walking on Eggshells, in reference to how narcissists all play the same game). And again, when he stated ‘welcome to the world of sleep deprivation’, on the arrival of Archie. Maybe he is being given these phrases to drop in in the hope that Harry will ‘awaken’. Kate seems like someone who would be right on top of this. They may be learning as they go along, as we did. They may not be learning through the lived experience of narcissistic abuse as the prime target, but as his closest kin, they will still be learning, surely. They have lots of people to point it out, and the Royals can Google, I’m sure.

    In terms of why the papers and the RF are not more vocally explicit about what is going on – most people wont get it, and those that would already do. As people who have lived this life changing/threatening experience, there is no point shouting and pointing ‘this is abuse’, because the more you wriggle, the more entangled you become. For the RF the only choice is to assert quiet authority with the dignity that comes from knowing you have the upper moral ground and do not need to argue your point. And try to not worry too much about the imminent threat/blackmail of Harry (Meghan) pressing the nuke button on his brother & co by being brainwashed into splitting them entirely to Black (on the Oprah Winfrey Show).

    Oprah is perhaps colour blind sided on this issue, though may be more astute after the Lance Armstrong/Tom Cruise interviews. She seems to know what a Narcissist is, has Meghan got her fooled?

    The RF can now only hope that Harry will see the light, though in truth he must be released from his torment. And that will only happen after alot of mental bombardment. MM will fight to stay the victim for sure, so I dont think she would risk an affair. More likely insinuate madness, as the RF may do if push comes to push. PH is already set up for the ‘Madness Card’ from all sides, poor fook. A life time of meds it is then, and the pitying stares of strangers. This of a man who rose to the rank of Captain and flew the Apache helicopter for a living.

    MM POA: Establish fame in LA, assert victim status and maintain fame. People will be split, however fame is fame is fame.

    Harry can come back to England and retire to a small holding. Archie and sibling will follow the love… Harry… to the UK. Echoes of Paul Mcartney and Heather Mills.

    So anyway, maybe preparations were already in place for this scenario a long time ago. I mean, there will be people already working on what will happen if PH has a complete breakdown. Or in the case of a divorce and custody battle. Or interviews of any kind. I mean, they have already headed off one potential disaster – the prospect of the future King being branded a ‘bully’ on Oprah Winfrey, by ensuring a joint statement was given. I bet if MM had been giving advice Harry would not have agreed to that. William at least managed to appeal to his better nature (which is still there when she is not around) on this time bomb. A little thing dropped now that would explode later – evidence that a very watchful eyes are analysing everything, and most likely have for a long time?

    Anyway….just a thought…:). Who cares really, lol. I know that if we take our attention away then it goes away. Are they feeding us or are we feeding them? Both perhaps.

    Most interesting articles

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Interesting observations Deej. I suspect there are some individuals advising who recognise the type, even though they may not know that the individuals are narcissists and there will also be a couple of Greaters providing insight and know exactly what is happening.

  23. MommyPino says:

    Caity, thanks for that lovely info. I think that would have caused wounding for MM. Not being allowed to participate means lack of control for her and the reason for it being security or practicality provides zero fuel to her.

  24. MommyPino says:

    Violetta, I can’t see a wealthy prince having any possible trouble staying in the US whenever he wants to. If he’s not stripped of his title he most likely doesn’t even need a visa. Worst case scenario is he will have to get a visa and keep renewing it or find a company here in the US to work for which will sponsor his green card.

  25. Lorelei says:

    Piers is boring.

  26. Michelle says:

    I had to laugh at this comment, Violetta. I can understand Harry’s reluctance to raise his family in the eyes of the press, but where they’ve crossed a line in my view is using their royal titles to sell merchandise. I’m an American of British descent, close enough to still have family in the UK that I have visited several times. I have always really respected the Queen and the BRF in spite of their personal issues, but quite honestly, using their titles to their financial benefit is absolutely crass. The Queen, I think, must know this, and I am waiting to see if she allows such a thing.

  27. lisk says:

    HG, I believe you about MM being a narcissist.

    However, I cannot help but think that MM is a mole, being used to destroy the RF.

    Can MM be both narcissist and mole?

    (I actually hope I am wrong.)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      As in another power is using her?

      1. lisk says:


        1. HG Tudor says:


          1. lisk says:

            Thank you.

  28. Brombles says:

    I found the Queen’s statement interesting, particularly where she keeps repeating the words “my family”, e.g. “we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of MY FAMILY.”

    It seems to me that the Queen knows that MM creating division in the family and trying to take clear that family ties with Harry cannot be severed, even as she takes him away to Canada and persuades him to give up his royal duties.

  29. Violetta says:

    Comment on DM from someone calling himself “NP1 from Yorkshire:

    Phone rings….. – and? – It went very well Megs. Granny has agreed for me to stop work for a while to be able to transition to something else. Dad has said he loves us both so much hes going to pay for everything, Frogmore, security, travel, expenses – everything and out of his own pocket too. Plus even Wills has agreed that I can work all over the world and split my time up and he will cover all my duties in the UK for me as he understands my problems. So Ill be able to spend lots of time with you and Archie when I get back on Thursday. All Ive had to do to get all of that is go back to being Harry Windsor which is great so we might have a chance at leading the life we both want. What do you think………? – Click – Megs…….Megs……..Megs……are you still there……..?

  30. Violetta says:

    At least one news site reader suggested that the real reason they’re in Canada is MM doesn’t want Harry to get his US green card, because if she divorces him before moving back to the US, he can’t stay here with her and Archie. Is that possible? Would PH try to claim political refugee status? Could either one use the Obamas or a future Democratic president to pull some strings? (One reader said she doesn’t want to return return until Trump is out of office, but another said that means Canada will be stuck with her until 2025… It’s a sad thing when your country has to choose between narcs.)

    1. lisk says:

      You can pretty much buy your own green card if you have money and value to offer a country. It’s the little people who struggle crossing and staying within the borders.

  31. Violetta says:

    Someone on a news site commented, “That must be some poon.”

    I suspect that, like the thrashing, moaning, back-clawing vixens Florence King described in Southern Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s all faked, but the performance was convincing enough for someone as desperate to find Twue Wuv as Harry.

    Let’s not snicker too much. We wanted to believe our narcs too, didn’t we?

    1. lisk says:

      I wonder if he’s been getting any at all lately. Maybe she’s dangling the Promise of Poon . . .

  32. Violetta says:

    Lorelei: That’s weaker praise than my saying people would rather look at HG than Piers Morgan.

  33. Violetta says:

    HG: “The Queen is unlikely to recognise what Prince Harry is dealing with explicitly”

    No, but she has dealt with it many times before, and saw her mother deal with it, specifically in the case of Wallis (who at least had genuine fashion sense).

    OTOH, the higher-functionng narcs HM has undoubtedly encountered in government will not necessarily have prepared her for a mid-ranger like MM, who will continue to stick her head up her own porthole until it eventually bursts out of her epiglottis like the creature in Alien.

    However, HM is probably familiar with the principle of “giving someone enough rope….” I think her main concern is that MM not hang Harry along with herself.

    Should we chip in for a Royal Consult so the BRF will not only know exactly what they’re dealing with and what to expect, but can be relieved from some of the stress and anxiety of wondering what in God’s name MM is going to pull next?

    1. lisk says:

      Yes, let’s chip in!

    2. MB says:

      Violetta, you have such a way with words! 🤣

  34. Violetta says:

    NarcAngel; There was a reality show called I Wanna Marry “Harry,” in which a bunch of women competed for some guy who vaguely resembled PH.

    He might have done better to choose his actual bride from among them. He could scarcely have done worse.

  35. MB says:

    Cock-a-hoop! I learn something new everyday here

  36. Caity says:

    I read that Meghan was *not* allowed to participate in the negotiations via phone; it was rather tersely explained that the principals would have no idea who might be listening in, and that this was a family meeting, “not a conference call’. That made me laugh. Not sure how Meghan liked being told in no uncertain terms she was not going to run the meeting like she runs Harry. Side note, I’m guessing this challenge to her superiority will not bode well for Harry no matter what he manages to achieve with the royals. It will be interesting to see how she reacts…and I’m certain it will be a very public, and probably passive aggressive reaction.

  37. Kathleen says:

    I imagine Harry returns to Canada- a bit frazzled and like…”ok, I did what you wanted” … but now what?? Long cold nights rambling around with no clear direction…. (maybe I’ll call Disney up again?)
    Maybe Obama can help me? Or Trudeau? Oh golly… Pour me another tea dammit.

    Surrounded by strangers. I imagine a very short period like a couple months at most…& Megan will be bored -especially if his title is suspended.
    She’ll rapidly devalue him.
    they will begin spending less time together she will travel off somewhere with Archie… H will do some good charity work in Australia. Does he have any good friends that are normal blokes? Maybe some football matches to watch in UK..
    Definitely isn’t over.

  38. Susan says:

    I have no idea but it seemed like the Queen was possibly showing that she needed to put on the game face and appear to give them space as any other choice would create criticism that the monarchy was out of date, and did not value Harry as an individual with very real personal struggles. After stating he saw the same thing happening to his wife (that happened with media and Diana), what kind of insensitive cad would the queen have appeared to be if she denied them their request.

    But the message seemed to be styled in a way that acknowledged H and family are important to her, but in the whole scheme of the things, and considering the long game for the monarchy, not as important as others. She could have said it so many different ways but she chose to word it as she did.

    What she didn’t say in the public statement is what I want to know.

  39. NarcAngel says:

    Well it’s all good for now. He’ll get a little celebratory respite in the form of some golden vag for facing the S. Summit and to keep him hooked. Then it’s back to the cold shoulder of deval. The head and back door action will be kept in the can (HA!) for phase 2 manipulation. He is suffering from ET (erectile thinking) at present.

    1. MB says:

      “Golden vag” Only NA!

    2. WiserNow says:

      “Golden vag” hahahahahaha It never ceases to amaze me how men will risk everything for some sexy time. Even their cushy, birth-right position in the royal family.

      I think an assistance package on how to reduce the “other” ET (erectile thinking) would be quite popular.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Ha ha.

  40. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Michelle: Titles are the prerogative of the title giver. Historically speaking, they can be awarded and removed and given back and changed at the pleasure of the title giver. ` (also royal prerogative) the right of the sovereign, which in British law is theoretically subject to no restriction.` ~~Google Dictionary. Michelle, this is why Mount-Batten Windsor is now the newly styled surname, of Charles and Andrew and William and Henry and Archie. I am sure many know the story of all their surnames. So,the Queen can also style their names as she pleases. That is why right after his birth, although his formal name is formally Henry, The Queen said he will be called Harry. In short: The Queen can do whatever she wants, when it comes to titles and name styling. So, if she feels it prudent, etc., she could actually suspend titles, and then reinstate them, etc. if she deems it prudent, as well, at a later date. So, I (personally) do not take much stock in such, meaning wise. Some moves could just be temporary appeasement’ for the populace, and just plain old good politics. And such moves are part of the wisdom of this long standing Monarchy.

  41. michellegedwards says:

    The Queen showing the world why she is Queen. I hope Meghan and Harry will keep a low profile for a while although I fear it will be the opposite. Interesting insight in your series. I wish you’d give us a little teaser of what likely comes next.

  42. Michelle says:

    Many observant people have pointed out that the Queen referred to them as “Harry and Meghan” rather than by their titles. Perhaps very telling . . .

    If Harry gives up his title, is there any going back?

  43. WiserNow says:

    This outcome is a compromise on behalf of the Queen and the RF and leaves the door open for Harry to return to the UK full-time and resume his previous duties if the marriage sours and/or Harry becomes aware of Meghan’s machinations.

    It also signifies that Harry’s place in line to be king is not a crucial factor in the decision.

    To me, it shows the Queen’s seasoned wisdom and William’s empathy and understanding towards his brother too. They probably see what Harry is dealing with, however, they don’t want to push him away from his UK family’s support.

    I find it interesting that the announcement used the word ‘family’ several times and made the distinction between the Queen’s family and Harry’s new family. It sounds to me like the Palace wants to reinforce the fact that the Queen’s ‘family’ will not be so easily pushed out of Harry’s life and that he is definitely still part of the UK royal family. It’s also a clever way to reassure the public that, as a ‘family’, the royals are still solid and aren’t going anywhere.

  44. Kim e says:

    Do you think the Queen would have been so accomadating if Harry was next in line.?

    1. HG Tudor says:


    2. Dolores Haze says:

      Good question, Kim e! Ironically, next in line is himself a narcissist, as previously mentioned by HG.

      1. Kim e says:

        Dolores…..I always forget about Charles and my brain auto thinks of Will as next in line. Good Point……….

    3. lisk says:

      Harry is dispensable.

  45. Em says:

    I saw the clip of PH at a function touting for voice over work for MM who was right next to him pretending she couldn’t hear. It was cringy. Is that all he is good for now. She has her title her prince her baby (to secure the deal) and her step up in society particularly in USA. She couldn’t carry on her career but now she can.
    Then the big photo shoot with MM Archie and tutu – Harry has to swap sides in front of the camera because he is out of shot and everyone has their back to him. All attention on MM and Archie. He had better toe the line. What Megan wants Megan gets. What will she want next HG?
    Ps I love these articles – I’ve learnt so much.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Good to read.

  46. Menke de Groot says:

    I am fascinated by your series, although I am from the Netherlands. I used to wish we had a prince like Harry, but unfollowed him on Facebook when he became increasingly boring because of his postings about environmental issues and how I should live….It was like following a totally different person. My parents and sister are (confirmed) narcissists. That’s why I already knew something about their treatment of others, their inside (towards their family) and outside (towards people that can be of use to them). My parents killed my brother by the way they have treated him.

    Do you think that Harry is potentially in danger (suicide, overdose), when she dumps him? That’s what I thought may happen with a not so stable person like Harry. I keep following your website. I am myself still reovering from narcissistic abuse. That is another reason for me to read your articles and follow your website. I shared the part you wrote about Harry on my facebook because he was in de military and I write about the (Dutch) military.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello and welcome, thank you for your observations. With regard to what will happen to Harry, the answer lies here

  47. Lorelei says:

    This continues to be a fabulous example of behavior HG! Just think of all the often perplexed, only occasionally enlightened practitioners of health/mental health services (whatever flavor they choose in their course of study) just meandering about while you hold the key to the castle. Truly. Hats off. All the worthless books on shelves of the well meaning trying to understand and explain behavior.. Take the Lundy Bancroft book I mentioned. It was well meaning when written, it’s highly regarded but it only scratches the surface. Think of how proud he likely was to have it published and it’s mostly useless. How about self proclaimed forensic experts.. They get it wrong because they never had it right in the first place! You never get it wrong HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Correct and thank you Lorelei, that is appreciated.

      1. Lorelei says:

        You are welcome. Whoever, whatever or wherever you are—you are not an idiot!

  48. kel says:

    Let’s hope this provides the rope MM needs to hang herself. She’s got control now but I expect it won’t be long until she pushes Liz’s buttons again. She won’t be able to resist pushing her luck now she thinks she’s got the upper hand, possibly over the details of the arrangement.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Link had been provided previously Kel.

  49. Witch says:

    I’m so glad that the queen let her grandson go with respect and dignity even though I imagine it would have been painful for her to do so.
    Especially, that meghan’s supporters have been unnecessarily bias and prejudice towards the queen. This is evidence that Harry was never controlled by the queen and I will be using quotes from her announcement when I’m ready to argue.

    1. Michelle says:

      I think the Queen knows from the drama surrounding Diana that it’s not in her best interest to make enemies. There are enough people who see Meghan as the victim here, especially of the racist tabloids, that the Queen had to choose her next move carefully. It also isn’t in her best interest to expose the fractures in the House of Windsor to the outside world. Fighting in public is very much not royal. The Queen cannot lower herself to creating the kind of tabloid drama that Meghan and her family have created.

      This doesn’t mean that everything is great or that the Queen likes what is happening. Did you notice that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now “Harry and Meghan” in official statements, unlike yesterday?

  50. Stella SHELF Unmaskers says:

    Very interesting these articles about The Sussexs, HG; I also noted new assistance packages, but what about the other articles you used to reintroduce everyday? I miss them…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They will appear, but for the moment the focus is on the AVRN Series and APs to assist people. Plus, people can of course discuss other matters concerning narcissism on ongoing posts and the existing articles.

      1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

        Dearest HG: I am awaiting an announcement about M & H on the news, on a particular station here in the U.S. in the next half hour or so. It will probably be what you just posted. HG, here is the Announcement regarding Meghan and Henry: `The Queen would have preferred they they had maintained their royal schedule. And this is the first face to face meeting that they had since the stunning announcement that the couple desired to stand back from Royal Duties. Several options were put on the table, by the Royal House, and the matter was not been completely closed….but the couple have dug in their heels it seems, and will live partly in Canada.`

        Well, I, for one, as a reader of HG Tudor on Narcsite.com, am not blind-sided in the least by this formal breaking news announcement today, in NYC: Yawn. BECAUSE, we were already forewarned of this highly probable possibility though his accurately predictive assessment of this matter. HG: Bravo!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you PSE.

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