A Very Royal Narcissist – Part 10


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The “Sandringham Summit” took place today when Prince Harry met with the Queen, his father the Prince of Wales and his brother the Duke of Cambridge to discuss the recently announced decision by Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle to “step back” from royal duties as discussed and analysed in A Very Royal Narcissist – Part 6 .

BBC News has reported that the Queen has agreed a “period of transition” in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will spend time in Canada and the UK.

The Queen issued a statement as follows

“Today my family had very constructive discussions on the future of my grandson and his family.

“My family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family. Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of my family.

“Harry and Meghan have made clear that they do not want to be reliant on public funds in their new lives.

“It has therefore been agreed that there will be a period of transition in which the Sussexes will spend time in Canada and the UK.

“These are complex matters for my family to resolve, and there is some more work to be done, but I have asked for final decisions to be reached in the coming days.”

What does this latest development demonstrate?

  • An empathic response on the part of the Queen, who has recognised, contrary to her own wishes, that her grandson and his wife, wish to live a more independent life and therefore rather than fail to recognise that this is the case and seek to stop that happening or impose some form of control over Prince Harry to seek to prevent it from happening, the Queen has avoided intervening in such a manner.
  • A clear recognition that seeking to prevent the departure or make it difficult would have adverse consequences for her grandson. The Queen is unlikely to recognise what Prince Harry is dealing with explicitly, but she and most likely the Duke of Cambridge will see that Prince Harry is under considerable strain and the emotional empathy they both have is evidenced by not getting in the way of the Sussexes plans.
  • That Prince Harry has remained in the thrall of Miss Markle´s control over him, by maintaining a course for departure from the United Kingdom on the basis as stated. Governed by this Emotional Thinking, he remains unable to recognise the manipulations that have been used to bring about this state of affairs. He may have been subjected to Promised Gain and Threatened Loss and feels that he has little choice but to implement what Miss Markle wants because as an empathic individual he is governed by his desire to be fair and treat the person he loves in a manner which brings her happiness (although what he is really granting her is control which is what a narcissist unconsciously wants and needs). Promised Gain will be the most likely manipulation, based on showing Prince Harry the better life that will be achieved in North America and also by granting want Miss Markle wants, she will reward him with a Respite Period from his ongoing devaluation.
  • That Miss Markle has achieved her aim of continuing the Salami Slicing manipulation of Isolating Prince Harry from any external influence which Miss Markle perceives as a threat to her control. This commenced with the suggestion of living outside of the United Kingdom arising from the Africa interview as described in A Very Royal Narcissist Part 3, then continued with the six week stay in Canada as analysed in A Very Royal Narcissist – Part 7 and now progresses to the split between the UK and Canada on a far more extensive basis. Want to know where this will lead, then learn more here A Very Royal Narcissist – The Inside Track.
  • There was never going to be a successful outcome for the Royal Family in terms of preventing the departure of the Sussexes, such is the extent of the control being exert over Prince Harry and the fact that the Royal Family, especially Prince William and the Queen can see the position that Prince Harry finds himself in and they have no desire to make that situation worse for him. It is common that family members end up backing down in any familial conflict. They often do not realise that they are dealing with narcissist and ensnared victim, but they do realise that the situation is having an adverse affect on grandson and brother and they effect the compromise for his sake.
  • This outcome will bolster Miss Markle´s sense of control over Prince Harry and to an extent the Royal Family, it will cause her to believe through Grandiosity that she is embarking on a Just Cause and the response will fuel her. The declarations from supporters that she is exhibiting independence (although they are blinded to what is actually occurring owing to a lack of understanding of narcissism and/or an unwillingness to contemplate it in an objective manner) will amount to Positive Fuel. The protests from her detractors will be Negative Fuel and be a challenge to her sense of control but this will be asserted by ignoring those detractors and focussing that she has got her way. She will be cock-a-hoop, buoyed by the sense of control and the empowering effect of the received fuel. Prince Harry will at least receive a Respite Period as a consequence of this victory. Of course, it is far from over….

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  1. Witch: Feel free to disbelieve my statement, that race does come from the Males: I keep repeating this. You are definitely not alone in your disbelief, as you see for yourself. As Hillary Clinton is famous for saying: `What difference, at this point, does it make!! ` hahahaha.

    Anyway, on another note, I do wonder now if I should have said anything at all. I enjoyed some of the discussions, and actually, I just felt like making a clarification on how race is actually determined, with one reader in particular, after I saw some alarming statements, etc. And I had no need to stay on it, for myself. And the person never replied, even though she may have read my comment to her. Many people read and do not comment. Which is fine.

    In the future I will consider being more discreet regarding various matters that grab my attention, that are hot buttons, as I have noticed many readers on here do remain silent over many matters. They mostly just observe. I am going to put some more thought into this going forward, to do what is best for me. Especially if I start to face ad hominem attacks, like I have faced, from some, regarding my statement that race comes from the males. Perhaps, I should have ignored the entire topic at that point of the first ad hominem, earlier.

    But I notice that HG Tudor faces many ad hominems and even other types of attacks, and even many forms of aggression towards him, and rudeness, etc., yet he stays around. And, he stays calm. He is my role model. I marvel about it. So, I gave it try, to keep answering questions despite the hostile environment, from some. Was I wrong? Should I just have ignored some people? I do not know. I am still thinking about it. Free speech is also the right to NOT say anything, as well. Even if a few others have the desire to place one in a hamster wheel, so to speak. lol.

    And I am interested in many areas of life, and not stuck on this one, although I keep getting pulled back to this topic, and oddly by people that do not believe me, yet, ironically, want to keep discussing it with me, that I say that race is from the male line, and I keep repeating, to believe it or not. lol. And some are more interested in the matter of my statement, than I am, although they say they do not believe it. Oh my goodness.

    For me, it is like a continual discussion over my saying: two plus two equals four. Race is from the males. I do not find it particularly interesting for me to keep being questioned about it, and for me to keep stating the same thing over and over, that race is from the males, by those that tell me they do not believe it, while I constantly keep adding for anyone to feel free to disbelieve this.

    But, for some mysterious to myself reason, I also find it so very incredibly difficult to ignore someone, when they speak to me, even in an aggressive manner. And, this is something that I may have to consult with HG Tudor about. I have some weakness in that area. Some sort of misunderstanding. Some twisted notion of politeness, or something. Some feeling that I should not quit answering questions or something, even from those that say that do not believe what I am stating, yet they want to discuss it with me. Over and Over and Over.

    Nevertheless, I did answer so many questions asked of me, and asked of me both politely, and impolitely by some, on this topic, of my statement: of race coming from the males, over and over. While the `Elite` liars, that have steadily and with pre-mediation have created all the confusion and mess and chaos regarding this issue of race, for the general populace to consume, are all comfy and cozy while admiring their `work.` Mission Accomplished, they see. lol. Still, their day will come, and they will have to pay for causing so many people to inherit lies, and not only regarding race. And I will CLAP! And, there are plenty of lies that have been pushed on the populace regarding many matters. Race is just one matter of mass confusion.

    In an era of entrenched and solidified lies, the truth is smothered by lies, and to many people, the truth sounds absurd and outlandish, and unhinged and biased and impossible. So be it. There is a War going on between Truth and Lies on this planet Earth. And like Winston Churchill says regarding war: “In war-time, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

  2. So PSE you’re really going to claim being biracial doesn’t exist and imply that it was designed to confuse people, but not tell us the source of your information which you say is the truth and anything outside of that perspective is a lie.
    As I suspected the source is probably god appearing in a dream or something zzz

  3. NA: Shhhh… That’s a secret.
    As they say in the movies: `If I told you, I’d have to kill you. ` Hahahaha.

    Anyway, we all are learning various info. on this planet earth. Some info is the truth and some info is a lie. One person learns this, and another learns that. One believes this and another believes that. That is part of the fun and interest in life.

    And, as for disclosing some of the fountainheads of our knowledge, it is sometimes wise and essential and necessary for some of us to maintain the confidentiality of some of our sources, regarding various matters, for their protection, out of thankfulness for what they will show one and teach one even in private, and out of great respect for them, etc., as well.

    And, I am highly attracted to geniuses, and very knowledgeable people, etc., since I was a little girl, and that I can say. And I learn a lot of truth from them, even truth that is controversial to most people, at any given time, and I am very thankful and grateful. And these-days, I am even more appreciative of the truth than ever before. Because, Truth hides out a lot these days: Silent Treatment? lol

  4. Kaila. As absurd as you` say` the Truth is, about race coming from the males, you have answered almost all of your own questions, that you have just tossed at me, using the key that I gave you, that you boldly call: absurd. You just can not see your own answers. And you definitely do not like the results. Nothing you said ensnared the key that I gave you. Some lies are ensnared. lol. You just do not like the results of using the key. The truth goes against your desires regarding how you wish race were determined.

    And you mix: color and custom and even language and such things, with race, to confuse yourself. Those are all different things. But, what people like is another topic all together. Another topic altogether is: what people do and do not like. You may put the truth about race coming from the males in your box of the absurd, as you call it. But, one day that truth is going to break out. Race comes from the males. And you may search for it in that box where you have placed it. But, it will not be in there. You are the race of your father. There is no chaos. Your father is the race of his father. And on and on. There is no confusion.

    There is no such thing as biracial, like your example that you are tossing at me, hoping to escape the key. I NEVER call anyone biracial. Also, I never say: `People of Color.` Hahahaha. That is another phrase that is confusing people about race: `People of Color`. Lol. What year did that phrase get it`s foot into the already growing confusion? Social engineers meet and come up with this stuff such as biracial and poly-racial and non-racial and post-racial and `people of color` and the race-that-one-identifies-with, etc,: and then these `engineers` sign off on these words, lol, and then they push all of this confusion onto the people. When someone tells me, for some reason, that they are biracial, or poly-racial, etc. I immediately ask them about their father. Why? Because the person is the race of their father, from the seed that is in the sperm that travels out of his body into an egg of a female, and nourished itself there. Your Grandfather, your father`s father, as in your example to me, is the race of his father. There is no chaos in the truth. People cause chaos.

    And just because almost everyone says the same thing about any given topic, do not believe that the multitude can not be wrong. And do not believe that, when you believe a lie, that others will always inform you otherwise. Many people just observe and stay quiet. And some people enjoy watching others believe in lies. I am going through all of this in reply to your post to me and your questions. Many people will not spend this much time on you, when they see you believe a lie. Plus, I stumble through the English language, so this is work for me, whether or not it is appreciated. Hahaha. But, I accidentally saw your post to me. I do not receive notifications. So, I am dignifying you with a reply.

    You may hope that the multitude is right, but it is not always the case, at all. Do not always follow the multitude. Sometimes, the remnant know more than the multitude. And sometimes people will teach you lies, even people that you respect such as `scholars` and `scientists,` and various other `professionals`, including ones own family, even when they know the truth for themselves. Truth is for them, and lies are for you, with many of these highly respected people.

    1. PSE
      In case I missed it in your posts, where did your idea/opinion that race is determined by the father originate? Did you read it somewhere or is it a personal theory or interpretation?

  5. MommyPino: I am speaking of race alone. A child is the race of the father. The truth is clean cut, and direct and without chaos. People create chaos in many ways. People can not change truth. And it is your decision and right to do and believe and say to others what you decide, in this matter. I am making a statement and not making an argument. And, I am not speaking of what people say and do and how it will be either tolerated or believed or whether or not it is beneficial to people to handle this fact in any manner. Those are different topics.

    Race is from the Father only. All the various extra scenarios of health, appearance, recognition, DNA, etc. that all may, at times, indicate race, are not determinative of race. In fact many bad things including murder has happened to children and mothers, because others were swayed by the child`s appearance, and diseases, and body type, and head shape and skin color, and hair texture, and so many other factors that appeared to be contradictory to the father, when that child was actually the seed from the sperm of that father that swam out of his very body and that nourished itself in the egg of the womb of the mother.

    For example, a man is a Grape Grower. And this man may plant his grape seeds in Japan, and in Arabia and in Italy and the Philippines and in Finland,etc. Yes, he is having fun. The resultant grapes may grow and appear differently from him, at times, because of the soil, but they are still his grapes, from the fruit of his loins. From his own seeds, from his sperm, that swam out of his body and into the eggs of the differing soils, and nourished themselves there. Whether they look like him or not: He begat them. Whether they pick up diseases and health issues that you speak of, from the various soils from whence his sperm were planted and fed themselves, or not. And even from the same mother, his seeds can look different from him and from her and even twins can look different from each other. They all are still his seed, and are of his race. He begat them. Whether modern social and political engineers and the powers in the women’s movement like this fact, or not.

    No one can change the fact that race is from the males. They can only choose to believe this or not believe this. Or, say that they do not believe it, to their followers, and to mislead their followers. And just because someone says they do not believe something, it is not always the case, either: Many often believe certain facts, but dislike a fact, or wish a fact were not the case, and even hope to overturn a fact, or even hate a fact, or find a fact inconvenient or disturbing, or different than from what their parents teach them, or their school, or their teachers, or their religion,etc. etc. etc. They also may not want the truth of the fact to overcome the entrenched lies. And thus some say: I do not believe that! lol.

    I do not really worry too much about this, either way. I am just glad, for the record, to say that: Race is from the Father. I did my part, for those that may not know, and no one ever told them, in their entire life, until now, the truth in this matter, especially these days of weaponized identity politics that `elite` social engineers are inflicting upon the populace to keep the populace in a heightened state of confusion. I would give these `Elite` social and political engineers, that are deliberately confusing people about race, pretty much a status of: `Mission Accomplished.` And all their lies are going to chase these deceiving `engineers` in the end. These lies about race, that they have been pushing, are starting to blow up in their own faces. lol.

  6. Hi PSE,

    I’m sorry I forgot to subscribe to this thread so I didn’t see your reply until now.

    I can understand your perspective that the male carrying the sperm carries the race just like a seed of a turnip produces a turnip regardless of the soil where it grew. But the analogy is flawed. A turnip doesn’t get any DNA from the soil whereas the sperm only carries half of the baby’s DNA and the egg which you likened to a soil carries the rest of the baby’s DNA. I got the same number of chromosomes from my father and mother and it feels unfair to pick one over the other. It doesn’t just feel unfair but it also make it inaccurate. In my home country I told people that I’m half American and here in the US I tell people that I’m half Filipino. I consider my kids Caucasian with 1/4 Filipino. They are still mixed race because they have a mix of two races. My father was pure Caucasian (1/2 German and 1/2 Scotts-Irish). My mom was pure Asian (mostly Filipino with a sprinkle of Chinese). Neither of my parents were mixed race.

    I also see a lot of problems with what you said. If for example I go to a doctor for some symptoms and I tell him that I am Caucasian (following the rule that you are citing), what if the health issue that I have is coming from a disease that Caucasians do not get but Asians do. Then the doctor wouldn’t even look up the symptoms with respect to the diseases that Asians get because he isn’t aware that I am half Asian. And also there would be much less people recognized as American Indians if their race from their mothers are not recognized as passed on to them.

  7. Violetta: What is confusing you? The child is the race of the Father. For example. If a japanese woman marries an Arab man, their children are Arab. For example, If a black woman marries a man with a white father, where does your confusion lie? Their children will be white. You are mixing: appearance and some corporation`s DNA test that you have now thrown into the mix, with race. 3 different things.

    And just because someone does not tell you what is the race of their male line, it does not mean that they do not actually know their paternal racial line. People, in general, are trying to survive out here, and many may not be confident that the person that is questioning them about their race has good intentions for them, and so many people sometimes attempt to maintain racial privacy and they sometimes attempt to answer racial paternal questions in an ambiguous manner, for what they feel is for their own protection. I know many people like this. And many people have been raised and told by their parents to not mention certain things, and many comply.

    And many people are secretly passing for a race that they know that is not their race, to have better opportunities for themselves. Whether it is a caucasian person passing for black, or a black person passing for white, or an arab person passing for hispanic, for example. I have known and I know people that are doing all of this. Many people are passing. And most do it by presenting their mothers and hiding their fathers, visually and in their conversations. Speaking one language and hiding the other. Dressing one way, and not the other. And assimilating to an intense degree. Or by avoiding various questions and conversations in one way or another, in the first place, etc. And some people are raised to believe they are a race that they are not a member of, both intentionally and unintentionally. It still does not alter their actual heredity/race. They just are misled about their own personal race. And, remember, people do lie, if they think that the lie will benefit them.

    And even if a person does not know the race of their male line, for whatever reason, this does not mean that the person does not have a race at all, but rather, it means, that the person does not know what is their race: 2 different things altogether, once again. I am not confused about what race is. And anyone is free to believe that they can not understand what race is, if they so please. And, a person is free to believe that race is not composed of the race of the male line, as I am stating, if they so please.

    I am not confused in any of this, and I am not teaching this. I am stating this. I am not part of the confused concerning race. I think that I can not state this any more clearly. And there is much going on with all of this, beyond the point that we are discussing. And I know about it. But, for now, since currently, this is too much for many people to even accept, that the male carries the racial line, there is absolutely no point for me to discuss even more aspects of race, that I do know about.

    Like when HG tells us about Narcissism, and he knows so much, but still some people can not understand and can not get past the fact that a discard is not permanent in the mind of the Narcissist, when HG tells them this. And they keep throwing various scenarios at him (not because they are trying to learn–because that is fine, but some are deluging him in questions and are actually trying to entrap him, because they secretly believe he is not correct). And if he takes time to explain to this type of questioner, (the disbeliever of his understanding), over and over, what the discard is in the mind of the Narcissist, it takes time away from him into going into even the more esoteric aspects of the topic of the discard. If people can not understand what No Contact really means, when he tells them, and he has to spend time and time and more time to keep going over with them all the ways they are violating basic No Contact, over and over, it takes time away from him into going into the deeper aspects of No Contact.

    So, in short, once again, as I stated, race is from the father. This is about as far as I can go, and even this is too much for most people to believe is true, for whatever reason. But, I gave a key, a cypher, to cut through all this chaos these days about what race is. Anyone is free to keep this key or to discard it. To believe this key, or not. But, they can not say that no one ever gave them a key/cypher regarding race. I gave it. And, yes, there are levels I could go into about race beyond this starting point, but I see that I can not do it, at this time. It is just too unbelievable for most people to believe, even to believe that race is from the father, especially in certain social and political spheres, because the lies and confusion about race are now so entrenched and seared in this current era, that the Truth has practically no room to fit in. But, the Truth about race and the male line is not dead. Truth never dies, but Truth can be captured, bound, handcuffed, muzzled, shackled, incarcerated, banned, and put into solitary confinement, and so forth, at any given time, until it is time for Truth to break free, and flex itself. And I have enjoyed these conversations on this topic of race. lol. But, now I kindly would like to investigate and read and discuss some more of the other interesting articles, on here, as well, if I may be permitted to do so.

    1. Descent is culturally determined. The only thing I know for sure is that Jewishness is matrilineal.

      Seems like when you’re made up of a mix of cultures, it’s a grab bag, so might as well be self-determined.

  8. Witch: If it were a problem for whom? The problem is not mine. It is a point of accuracy. And it is a question of, does one believe that inaccuracy could cause problems? I do believe that inaccuracy can cause problems, at times. Even when the inaccuracy is deliberately implemented and hopefully profited from. So, Witch, according to your hypothetical question: if Meghan`s Father were Black, hypothetically, then she would be Black, and all women of black heritage that racially empathize with her as also being a Black woman that married Henry, would be correct. Likewise, if Meghan`s father were hypothetically black, Caucasian women that feel that she racially usurped them, because she is therefore also Black if her father were hypothetically black, when she married Henry, would be correct. And still, little A.H. would still be caucasian, either way, no matter what race is Meghan`s own father, because little Archie Harrison, styled as MountBatten-Windor, is the seed , the lineage, the heritage, the sperm, of his own father, Henry, who is caucasian. The `problem` that the RF was facing was with Diana, who was rumored to be carrying the seed from the sperm of the man that was in that car wreck. He was a male of another race, so she would have brought the seed of another race to be the sibling of Wills and Henry. I do not remember the race that he belonged to, but he was not Caucasian, I do remember that. That was going to be a problem. But, it never came to be. The possible situation ended with the car wreck.

    1. PSE: I don’t see how your patrinlinear theory can work.

      Suppose a black woman and a black man marry and have a daughter. There’s no question by any method, she is black. However, that daughter grows up to marry a man with a white father and a black mother–a white man, by your system. Again by your system, any child this couple has would be white, but both appearance and DNA would indicate three black grandparents and one white.

      This is only theoretical, because at least in the U.S., there has been so much race mixing that when a student said, “I’m part Lakota, part black, part Hispanic, and part Caucasian, so what does that make?” I answered, “Um… typical American?”

    2. I’ve heard some pretty outlandish ridiculous things from people denouncing my background as a biracial woman but this really takes the cake.

      My mother is white (Irish Canadian). My father is kanaka maoli, aka. Native Hawai’ian/Polynesisan. I am not full kanaka. When I was young I was very dark, but as I’ve grown older I’ve become lighter complexioned and benefit greatly from white priviledge, something my full kanaka cousins and ohana (family) do not.

      In Hawai’i we have a word for mixed, hapa. I’m a hapa haole (the Hawai’Ian word for white). I’m close culturally and linguistically with my mum’s family in Canada and my dad’s ohana in Hawai’I

      Because of colonization and then the importation of various ethnicities by haole landowners to work their plantations, almost no full blooded kanaka are left. Almost all kanaka are hapa, often mixed with 3-4 different ethnicities. By your logic then there’s barely any kanaka left unless someone has a full blooded kanaka dad.

      Many kanaka have hapa mothers and fathers. If your father is biracial does that mean your race is your grandfather’s? Or even great grandfather’s? What if they were Asian and all your mother, grandmothers on both sides, etc
      were black. Does that mean you’re Asian even though you have no connection to the culture and your culture is African American and you look black.

      What then? And where did you learn this absurdity?

  9. K: Thank you. I just gave a look at the link, and I think it is the reply over there to Violetta, that I am thinking about, but I think there may be another one, as well. BUT, K, I am shocked at how many posts are here on Narcsite now, more than ever, than I have ever seen in this past year, on here. Oh my goodness. I sort of realized it, but just searching that article for my reply to Violetta was eye opening. You are going to have your work cut out for you, K! hahahaha. Good luck, Narchivist! Please. Stay. Strong!

    1. My pleasure PrincessSuperEmpath
      I will keep an eye out for the other one. The increase in comments is amazing and a very good sign; people are coming here and accessing the very best information re: NPD on the net.

      When you search for a comment on a thread, you can always use the Shortcut: control/command (mac) F and type a key word in the search bar that appears on the upper right. On the Silk Thread I used keyword: silk and I use blog names, as well.

  10. Violetta: I just heard a new one today. A meteorologist in NYC just said that : `there may be some clouds later tonight, along with some possible wet weather.` Wet weather, now. Hahahahaha: It may rain, tonight, Violetta: RAIN. But they did not want to use the word, rain, again, with all this rain these days in NYC. lol.

    1. PSE: At least they didn’t give the rain a stupid name like “Storm Hubert” or “Freezing Rain Rhonda.”

      1. Violetta: Careful, if your post is seen in the silly Twitter NYC part of the social media Universe, you may be banned for saying the word: Rain. And I do like your posts….so…..Easy does it…please…. And Desiree may be in danger, and put on a watch list on silly Twitter, because of the umbrella in her Avatar. My goodness. What is this world coming to. And this is all happening in the `Free World.`

  11. PSE: no worries, WP isn’t putting at least half of my posts under the proper thread. I can’t always tell if others’ posts are replies or an independent comment. When people reply with my name at the top, I know it’s meant for me, but I’m not sure which comment they’re replying to.
    It is really annoying. I think the Meghan-Gremlin IS trying to sabotage us.

  12. Violetta: Race and appearance are 2 different things, that are often confused. Appearance CAN be an indicator, but it is NOT sufficient, in itself. This is the key: A person is the RACE of their father. Whether or not the person`s appearance, does or does not indicate this fact. Children do not necessarily have to look like their father. Also, before the tests were available to establish paternity more, many awful things have happened to some children and to some of their mothers, because of the appearance of the child, because of this confusion, when the appearance of the child was contradictory to the appearance of the father. Although the child was the seed the of the father. Violetta, very tragic things have happened, because of this confusion of race and appearance: Even the murder of children and mothers.

  13. PSE: guys carry the x or y chromosome for gender (something Henry VIII obviously didn’t know) but if someone has one white grandparent, one black, one Hispanic, and one Cherokee, it doesn’t matter which gender the grandparents were. The racial mix will reflect the combination. I knew someone who had Japanese in her ancestry, and she had the Asian eye shape, but with stunning blue irises (before colored contacts were available to the masses).

    The presentation of characteristics will have more to do with dominant and recessive genes than gender. Obviously, this woman had blue-eyed ancestors on both sides, or she would not have blue eyes.

  14. Violetta: I did post back to yesterday or before that I would follow your suggestions, and look up silk raincoats, linen linings and I would consider removing bad linings, that are in good outers, in some purchases going forward. And some other things, but I can not remember right now. Thank you. I will ask the dry cleaners as well the cost for removing and the cost of replacing a lining with a fabric of my choice. Very good ideas. Also, I do not receive notifications, and so I am sure I do miss some posts, and sometimes run into them much later. Rain is predicted for this weekend, as well, and if this all keeps up in NYC, soon I may have to ponder buying. hunters vs le chameau, rain boots. lol.

  15. MommyPino: You are caucasian if your father is caucasian. If your husband is caucasian, your children are caucasian, whether they know it or not, depending upon what you are telling them, and what social engineers are telling them. Regarding how you feel, and how many of us feel about many things, feelings are often overrated. And feelings are easy to be hijacked and manipulated. And we can all `Imagine` things, and create false categories that we feel we can identify with if we try, as John Lennon, says, but he is dead, and even he can not change facts and Truth, by `imagining` them away. Thank you for telling me about yourself. I appreciate it very much.

    A seed is a seed, no matter where it is planted. An orange seed will not produce a turnip. An apple seed will not produce a cauliflower. The male carries the sperm, the seed, that swims out of his body and finds a nice cozy egg inside a womb, and then feeds there, until it reaches the point that it is strong enough to break out, usually after nine or ten months. (P.S. This is one of those facts, that the males carry the race, that I will forewarn you to keep to yourself, as much as possible, and to keep close to your chest, to stay out of trouble for yourself.) But, now you know, despite all the marching and shouting and hysterical and modern various theories regarding race that is all over the place, and coming and going, and creating great chaos, especially these days. lol.

    Every person has only ONE race, and this KEY, this CYPER, that I am stating to you, regarding the father carrying the race, the males, can be used in any millennium, any century, any country, any decade and any day, no matter what is the popular or even enforced mode of teachings concerning race, that social and political engineers, for their own reasons, are presenting to the populace and that are purposefully confusing the populace, at any given time. I say the populace, because the very `Elite` know that race is heralded from the father, although these Elites are smothering this fact away from the knowledge that is presented and taught in many ways, to the populace in general. And, they, these `Elites` are the very Mentors over all the chaos regarding what is race, that is being sprinkled all about the populace to this very day. I am stating this, meaning, I am not arguing this. Any arguments that someone has regarding what I am stating should be taken up, or not taken up, with whomever, in their own sphere in their life, that is telling them otherwise. Good luck. lol.

  16. Witch: Empaths often have an affinity with Narcissists. Even lower Narcissists may have an attraction to higher Narcissists, and Greaters with Greaters, etc., all depending on their Primary Aims, etc., I understand from HG`s writings. But, unless HG Tudor himself sets up a Narcississt Chart on that Family, including Schools and Cadres and Characteristics and Residual Benefits, of each individual, for me to study, I (personally) can not tell you the School and Cadre of all the members in that Royal Family. And, I prefer not to guess over much at this point of my understanding of Narcissism. And, also, just because someone may happen to be an empath, it does not mean that they are automatically likable, to anyone at all. So, I can not go into an analysis of whom should be close to whom, either, in that Royal Family, as you propose, for all these reasons, at the very least.

  17. Violetta: HG Tudor would probably discuss with her some possible scenarios, and show her a few striking photos of something or the other, and maybe this and that, and all will be clear to her. She would be in complete understanding. And her Narcissism will also comprehend and then will also tell her to comply with his proposals and directions. He may also be kind enough to tell her to be sure to contact him if she needed further clarifications, at any time.

  18. Violetta, regarding Prince Philip: He says he is just used as a `bloody amoeba` in the Royal Family, it is reported that he has said about himself, regarding his influence in that House. He was just used for his male heritage, he says. Like a stud horse. Even his real last name on his father`s side, is smothered, and his name is not permitted for his own children, and they all, including him, have even been styled away from their real last name by Queen E., which is the last name of (Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (German: Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha), or Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)., which has been smothered and is currently styled as Windsor, etc. I am pretty sure he is not the Alpha of that RF. But, who knows. It seems that Queen E. is the Alpha, perhaps alongside some very smart and select long-term advisors and councilors, for sure.

  19. Hi, it strikes me that Markle will have viewed the Sandringham event as something of a failure. A harsher tone by the Queen would have given Markle what she craves, greater control over the Prince. As a result of this meeting Harry will be better disposed towards the Queen.
    She also lost some control by not being permitted to eavesdrop/record/participate in the discussion and will have to rely on Harry to relay exactly what was said. She may well have found out rather late that this plan had failed and have wound up sitting expectantly by the phone for a call which never came.

    1. Hello Nemeth and thanks for your observations. What for the update for additional analysis of the Sandringham summit.

  20. It does contradict biology and is bias.

    But regarding fergie and Diana, they were both married to narcissists which is why I think it was significantly harder for them to make it work.
    If Megan and Harry were both empaths this situation would be very different. Even if both of them wanted to step down from a senior position they would have approached it very differently. The queen is not a narc, neither is Kate and William. An empath would remain close with the empath/normal family members and then keep themselves to themselves with the others.

  21. kel: I’m finding the same thing with ‘loading’. Glad I’m not the only one, and I agree, probably because of so much traffic since the MM situation, and so many people recommending HG and his blog on as many venues as possible to get the word out.

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