A Not So Royal Narcissist Part 15


With the narcissist formerly known as HRH now firmly ensconced in Los Angeles, what more can you understand from her behaviour?

What was the impact of the latest failure in the court action against the press?

What was really going on in Archie´s first birthday video?

What does the proposed publication “Finding Freedom” tell us?

What motivated the letter to the newspaper editors of four of the UK´s largest newspapers?

What does the involvement in Project Angel Food demonstrate?

Understand more about the narcissistic dynamic with regard to this high profile situation and utilise the information garnered to understand more about your own situation.

Utilise the analysis to assist someone you know who is ensnared by a narcissist but does not realise they are.

Unrivalled analysis coming soon!

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212 thoughts on “A Not So Royal Narcissist Part 15

  1. Strawberry says:

    I have an observation and am interested if anyone has insight into this. When looking at photos of Meghan Markle I am struck that she often looks like a completely different person from one photo to the next. Almost like there is no core identity to give continuity to her photos. I wonder if this is an identity issue or just that there is really no real person inside her that can be captured and so photos capture whaTever image she wanTs to project or trait she needs to be perceived as possessing at that moment or sometimes just her empty shell. is she empty inside and just adopts a persona as needed? Is this in keeping with NPD or other overlapping personality disorders like BPD or Histrionic PD that are essentially empty? Am I the only person who,sees this? To me it is a shifty identity that is more untrustworthy than beautiful

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